Friday, August 07, 2009

Pretend Money

I discovered tonight that I think cash is pretend. 

It's only the money that I put on my debit card that is real. The money in my checking account is what I have to budget from, subtract from and monitor. The green stuff in my wallet is more like a coupon. 

At least that was the realization I came to this evening. 

It all began as an innocent shopping excursion to CVS. My coupons were stacked on top of great sales and deals and more coupons. I saved at least twenty-three dollars with coupons. 

Then I handed over my cash. When I saw the final total I thought, "Sweet! All this for only twelve bucks!"

Apparently, the twenty was just another coupon. 


Luanne said...

I think I think about money the same way you do!

Jenn said...

Yeah, I figured that out right after I got married. So our policy in this household is to not use cash. That way I spend less money. I have this aversion to using "plastic" even if it's a debit card and so I will think about it before I buy it. If it's cash I don't even stop to think.

Mom said...

The way the money disappears around here, I am starting to believe it's just a mythical creature...