Friday, March 28, 2008

I Could Not Be Happier

Do you know what this means!? Can you imagine how it makes me feel!?

This has been a five month project. We usually try to get our home projects done pretty quickly and efficiently, but this was ridiculous. So for it all to get put in this weekend is amazing. Finally.

We have friends in town from New York this weekend and he so very graciously brought his tools and extensive skills to help us out. He even gave up March Madness time to devote to this job!

Andy was super excited to learn a new skill. We've always had someone else install tile but I think if he had to, he could do it next time so long as he got the saw.

I didn't do much of the work...just picking out the tile and sticking up this last tiny piece. Even without the grout, it looks so beautiful. It's like we have a whole new kitchen.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Family Fotos

Just a few sweet Easter pictures from this past Sunday. Baby in her cute yellow outfit with yellow bloomers and tights.

If her feet look strangely huge, it's because they're not. I had to stuff the "new shoe" tissue paper into the toe for them to stay on her tiny little feet! She still mostly fits into newborn size shoes. I think she might have inherited her Aunt Amy's tiny toesies!

She sure is kissable...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I Found Something Better

I have always said there is nothing better than a spring Sunday afternoon nap on the hammock with a kitty on your belly. But now I know that to be untrue.

There is nothing better than a spring Sunday afternoon nap on the hammock with a kitty and a baby on your belly.

The hammock is up, the birds are singing, my tulips and daffodils are peeking their greens out of the ground and I just saw someone drive by with the top down on their convertible. I declare it to be spring. Sure, there's still snow on the ground and it's likely there will be more, but the sun is shining brightly and I'm ready to start my spring seeds!


Getting Ready

I've been pretty good about getting places on time lately. On a usual Sunday morning, we have to be in to work at church by 8 at the latest. Andy enjoyed his few weeks of going in by himself during my maternity leave because that meant he only had to get up 20 minutes before he left and didn't have to wait for anyone.

BB (before baby) we usually could be ready to go in half an hour. And somehow I thought that adding 15 minutes to our routine would be enough. We only left 15 minutes late today. Which really isn't too bad, but I hate feeling rushed so early on a Sunday. Especially Easter Sunday.

Next week I'll try to add a half hour. I do hate to have to wake the baby up though. She's sleeping so happily and sweetly.

Most of the time I'll take her to church in her jammies and then change her into "real" clothes after we get there. But she was so awake this morning that I figured I'd just get it done. Amazingly, she did not barf all over herself.

I'm at the church right now and it's time to take her to the nursery. It's amazing to listen to all the bands around the building rehearsing. Five different versions of the same songs, sometimes all going at the same time. I'm excited to lead the kids this morning. There were so many people even last night that there was such a great energy in the room and there will only be more today.
May you have an Easter filled with chocolate bunnies, singing, family, beauty, thankfulness and love for your Savior. I think He finds joy in all of those things.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sewing Night 08 #1

I have been lax in posting, as this happened almost a month ago now. It's amazing how fast the time goes by nowadays! I work less at my job, but I feel like I'm just as busy, even when the baby sleeps most of the day.

I need to schedule another sewing night as there were a few friends who weren't able to make it. Hmmm, when's a good night for you?

Everyone went home with a brand new, gorgeous shopping bag and a little more sewing knowledge. One of the girls even came with having never sewn before in her life and she did a fabulous job!

(She also discovered that her baby fit perfectly in her bag...why didn't I think of that!?)

We also got a quick tutorial on how to make Baby Legs--which we were super excited about! I've been keeping a lookout for inexpensive knee-high socks. It's a very easy, 10 minute project and keeps your baby's legs nice and toasty.

(Come to think of it, I have a pair that I was just about to throw away because they have holes in the toes...Baby Legs!)

It was a great night of food, friends, fun & sewing! I love setting up a couple extra tables in my dining room, pulling out the extension cords, my boxes of thread and accessories, piling snacks, wine and juice on the buffet table and enjoying a project with friends.

It made me think I would really enjoy teaching a sewing class. I wonder how I would set something like that up?

Thanks to everyone who came and participated! I had a blast and I hope you did too!

How's next month looking for you? I could have some working on a grocery bag and come up with another project as well...

Just a quick note to keep on the look out. I know you all are wanting one of these great bags--they are amazing to use for shopping as you can fit tons in them and they will last a very long time without breaking.

I'm going to be making a bunch of them next week and hosting a giveaway so be sure to stay tuned!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Month Two

I know they say how fast and furious everything changes, but when I actually see it happening before my eyes, it is still unbelievable.

We like to talk about all of your little "tricks" and revel in the amazing ways you are developing. No, it's probably not interesting to anyone else, but we are highly entertained by you.

You can roll onto your left side now though it seems difficult to get back to where you started. You can grab and hold onto toys and are attempting to coordinate your eyes with your hands...though that doesn't always pan out as you probably wish it would.

Everywhere we go, people tell you that you are adorable, and we can't help but agree. When you stick our your lower lip so far it curls under, or suck it back in to your gums, you are adorable. When you snort and your chin quivers while crying, you are adorable. Wiggling your arms and legs in the air, you are adorable. When we unswaddle you in the morning and the first thing you do is stretch your arms up in the air, you are adorable. When you give us your biggest gummy smiles, you are at your most adorable.

This month, you went on your first plane ride to Great Grandma's house and got to see the ocean. You dug your tiny toes into the sand and felt the cold waves splash on your short little legs. We covered you in sunscreen then put you in flip flops, sundresses and the smallest pair of sunglasses available.

You got to ride around in your stroller and we discovered not only how much you love it and will sleep in there for hours, but also how handy that thing really is. I mean, really, in the airport one can pile it high with all kinds of luggage and still have cup holders for coffee!

You've discovered that if you open your mouth, your binkie goes in so much easier. You also seem to be able to sleep pretty much anywhere. Car seat, baby carrier, a warm cozy lap or the crib and now especially in your swing.

You'll watch our every move and can sit and stare for hours, happily cooing away. But if a messy diaper comes along, you have absolutely zero patience--it must be changed immediately! No ifs, ands or butts. You rule in your leopard print diapers and only get grouchy when they're wet.

It seems as though you have one fussy eating time a day. I'm not sure if you just become over-tired, but sometimes eating is just so very strenuous on you and you have to let the entire universe know how unhappy you are. The rest of the time, you're fine, but catch you at a bad moment and I'm sure to be sorry!

When it comes to sleeping? You've got that down pat. You are up to a ten hour stretch at a time with an additional two to three hours after you eat. We usually get about 8 hours if we're good enough to get to bed by midnight. Sometimes you go to bed with nary a peep and other nights it takes a bit more soothing, but once you are asleep, you do it well.

There is nothing we love more than making you smile. You haven't started giggling yet, but you can smile with the best of them. Every morning when you wake up, you greet us with a huge grin and whenever your daddy makes his ridiculous faces at you, you think it's hysterical.

You're getting so big so fast and we love you so much!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Florida, oh warm sunnyness, how I love thee!

We went to the beach. Breakfast at the beach side cafe, (Ok, let's be honest, it was brunch. Who gets up early on vacation? If you do, please don't tell me.)

Could she be any more of a teeny tiny rock star!?

We sat by the pool.

True, this picture doesn't have a pool in it, but this is the "getting ready for the pool" picture, so it works.

Baby met Great Gramma. We discovered that GG was great at burping the baby!

It was a perfect three days. We also went to the orange farm (and of course brought some home!) and just generally relaxed. I totally could have stayed for a month.

Alas, we had to return home. Back to the snow and the ice and going to work. Let's just move to Hawaii.