Friday, May 29, 2009

More Waiting

Many thanks to all of you who I know were thinking and praying for me this past Tuesday. It meant so much to know you were behind me and I had no anxiety going into the test. 

Plus, I was highly impressed with the hospital that I went to as they were extremely busy, it being the day after a holiday. However, rather than being called like a number from the door across the waiting room, the ultrasound tech walked all the way over to me, right up to my chair and asked if I was her next patient. Impressive. 

I'm sure they have a clothing identification system entered by the registration person,
 but it was very friendly and very professional. I was impressed to say the least of being set at ease. 

She took a half hour and carefully got all the pictures of my abdomen that she needed and said they would call after the radiologist had read the report and given it to my doctor. Hopefully by Friday or Monday, she said. Argh. We had been planning on going to New York this coming week and I would have liked to know something before we left. 

Fortunately, I got a call Wednesday (another yucky-feeling day) from the nurse at my regular office that the radiologist had seen a polyp on my gallbladder. Also that they would be referring me to a gastro-intestinal specialist and would call me soon with an appointment. Yesterday they called to offer July 1st. I immediately said that that wouldn't work as I was having problems right NOW and need to see someone sooner! She was going to try another office and I haven't heard yet what the plan is. Sigh. 

From a bit of online research, I discovered that this seems to mean that it will be pretty likely that they will take my lovely little gb out. It's outpatient surgery and I'll need to be careful about what I eat afterwards to digest more easily. I'm ok with this. I'm ready for it to get taken care of NOW. It's just irritating to feel sick after every single meal. 

In the meanwhile, here's a cute picture of my kid in her jammies and jellies. It makes me feel better. 

Monday, May 25, 2009


This is baby bug's favorite stance. It's partly a "pick-me-up-now," partly "look-how-big-I-am!" This little stinker keeps growing. 

Blood work confirms that there is definitely no baby swimming in my belly, but I'm going in Tuesday for an ultrasound of the rest of my guts. I'm ready to not be sick anymore. There was more nastiness last week and it seriously wipes me out for several days. It's especially frustrating as I feel like I have the summer itch to get things done around here. 

So, if you think about it tomorrow, please pray that they will find something usefully and fixable round about 10 am. Thanks. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

OK, So Maybe a Little Spoiled

Garage sale season is upon us. Not only am I a pro at sale-ing, but it is simply one of my favorite summertime activities. I save my singles and change for weeks and get my best bargain-hunting, price-haggling game ready. 

I keep my eyes open for books I'm missing in a series or a favorite author. In past years, I've found the exact ceiling fan I had wanted from the local home store. I can spot a good sale from the street and conversely try to avoid the sparse ones with a slow drive-by. 

This Friday baby girl and I are heading out with a friend to take advantage of a few prime neighborhood sales. 

In chatting with a coworker last week, I discovered that she was participating in one of these upcoming sales. She mentioned she was getting rid of her kids' old play kitchen. 

My ears immediately perked up as my kiddo has loved playing with kitchens when she's been around them. Without hesitation, I told her we would buy it and pick it up before her sale so it would already be out of the way. Andy stopped by and got it tonight on his way home from work. Randall's face when she saw this thing come through the door was ecstatic. Here, she's making her motion for "love" after I asked her if she loved her new kitchen. She hugged her arms to herself and rocked back and forth like she would if she were holding her baby doll. 

Kiddo almost forgot to eat dinner she had so much fun with her new toy. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


We spent at least half an hour this evening sitting and lying on the floor laughing at our daughter. She ran in circles around me, crawled over my legs, performed her first somersault and fell down frequently. She pulled out my phone and proceeded to talk in "phone voice" to someone on the other end. She carried around a little basket and laughed uproariously as she swung it to and fro. She scrambled about on the living room rug in just a diaper while we filled in her squeaks and squawks with ridiculous commentary. She ran away with some toy and then ran back to give her daddy a kiss. Without prompting. She gave some solid high-five slaps. She giggled away as we tried to tickle her belly. 

The joys of parenting. 

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Essence of Random

Last week we went on the Mayor's Bike ride around the park. Randall got a brand new bike helmet and climbed immediately into her little bike trailer. She settled in comfortably, holding onto the straps and eating from her bag of snacks. After riding only two miles, she was ready for dinner and my legs were burning. It's definitely the beginning of the season. I have got to get myself in shape.

She is her mama's daughter and loves to play in the dirt. I give her a tub of dirt and a little shovel and she's happy to dig and carry rocks around the yard while I hang clothes on the line or pull weeds in attempts to get the garden ready. 

My clothes line has been wearing out and I decided to replace the braided rope with plastic for hopefully better longevity. The best part about getting new line hung is that Andy did it in such a way that I now have four rows instead of just two. I can potentially get several loads of laundry hung as opposed to a single one. Plus, I have a drying rack that I put out for small things like towels and bibs. There always seem to be a lot of those in the wash. 

I've been sick a lot lately. Nauseated so often a day that I would swear I'm pregnant, except that I'm not. There are no flu symptoms except that I've been exceedingly sick two times in as many weeks. I'm pretty sure I've lost a couple pounds in the process. Something has got to be wrong with me. If it were the flu, the rest of my family would have caught it as well. Ugh. 

This week I have plenty of work to do, gardening to get done and bike rides to go on. Hopefully I can hold onto my lunch in the meanwhile.