Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow Day

It's a well-known unwritten rule that after playing outside in the snow, making a snow man and shoveling, a daddy and his girl have to have some cocoa.

Is there anything cuter than these two? I mean, really.

Monday, February 22, 2010


I love to find new ways to use something. This weekend, we moved the girlie into a twin bed. The crib is shortly going to be used for a new resident so we figured it would be best to have her happily settled into a new bed so as to hopefully minimize any angst regarding said resident.

The mattress is an extra-long so I had to order a waterproof pad but didn't remember to order a bedskirt. So I tried my hand at remaking the crib skirt into a twin skirt. A little cutting and stitching later and there it is!

Matching little polka dots to the sheets as well.

Then I was looking at the little bit of fabric left over. (I didn't feel the need to go ALL the way around the bed, two sides seemed sufficient..) The easiest thing to do was sew a little ribbon along the top and make a twirly wrap-around skirt for the girlie. She seems to like it and hopefully it will fit easily for quite some time!

Here's the dilemma I am currently in. I want to make a headboard (something like this) for her bed as it feels as though it is missing something. Should I use the same fabric as her curtains or find something to go along with the polka dot theme? I already have more of the curtain fabric and it is a nice, heavy material, but I don't know if it would be too much of the same in the room. Opinions?

Sunday, February 21, 2010


It may be freezing and gray out today, but it smelled like spring to me when I walked outside this morning. Every year we all wait anxiously for it. While it may be at least another month before any buds arrive, it's the smell that gives me hope.

After at least three years, my blog has finally been freshened up a bit. Thanks to Abi, it looks new. She designed three different headers for me so I'll be able to keep it a little fresher around here and hopefully keep from being so stale. It doesn't smell different, but spring is still on its way.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sad Little Sickie

There isn't anything harder for a parent than when your kid is sick or hurt. Last night while out with some friends we got the call from the sitter  than the babe had gotten sick. Poor little bug and I spent the day today snuggled on the couch and watching some tv. She hardly ate anything all day, which isn't surprising but didn't have any trouble keeping down what she did eat.

I have to be honest though. I am such a paranoid when it comes to other people being barfy. Not only did I not sleep all night last night, listening for her to wake up or for Andy to be sick too, but I get myself all worried and worked up. Isn't a mom supposed to be able to take care of her sick kid? When she spit up a bit after we got home last night, I handled it just fine and then helped her get cleaned up and everything, but I just freak out in the meanwhile.

She went to bed early tonight and hopefully I'll be able to sleep tonight as well. Every little noise on the monitor gives me the chills. I might have to take a unisom to get to sleep.