Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sad Little Sickie

There isn't anything harder for a parent than when your kid is sick or hurt. Last night while out with some friends we got the call from the sitter  than the babe had gotten sick. Poor little bug and I spent the day today snuggled on the couch and watching some tv. She hardly ate anything all day, which isn't surprising but didn't have any trouble keeping down what she did eat.

I have to be honest though. I am such a paranoid when it comes to other people being barfy. Not only did I not sleep all night last night, listening for her to wake up or for Andy to be sick too, but I get myself all worried and worked up. Isn't a mom supposed to be able to take care of her sick kid? When she spit up a bit after we got home last night, I handled it just fine and then helped her get cleaned up and everything, but I just freak out in the meanwhile.

She went to bed early tonight and hopefully I'll be able to sleep tonight as well. Every little noise on the monitor gives me the chills. I might have to take a unisom to get to sleep.

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Jean said...

:( hope she feels better soon. Sometimes I think the snuggle time and hugs are the best medicine.

and i love your new look!