Friday, December 28, 2007


Every few days I have a really weird birthing dream. Once I was supposed to lie on my stomach for it, last night I was sitting on the side of the road having contractions.

And of course, I always wake up thinking I'm in labor. No such luck.

It's not that I'm horribly anxious to be done with being pregnant. I think I've actually had it pretty easy.

Of course, the rest of our baby furniture is arriving next Wednesday so the room (where she won't even be sleeping for a while) won't be really ready until then.

Though ideally, I'll go into labor tonight or tomorrow so we have the tax break as well as only one insurance deductible.

So. Pray for labor now. Right now. Please?

Thursday, December 27, 2007

At the Zoo...

Yesterday was the perfect day to go to the zoo! The sun was shining, the weather wasn't too cold and all of the animals were out and about. Plus, did I mention that the zoo is free in December?

Note that it may not be free next month.

We trudged through the snow in the park over to the zoo and I was surprised to see that there were actually a bunch of people there. Plus, the snack and gift shops were open.

Our zoo is quite small. I think we were really only there for about an hour max and that's with taking time to wander through the indoor exhibits as well. Granted, there were a bunch of outdoor animals that were somewhere inside. Prairie dogs don't really like the snow.

But all of the big cats and the bears were outside. And isn't that really who you go to the zoo to see anyway? We decided that it must have been almost lunchtime because they were all pacing anxiously. The mountain lions were growling and one of the bears was banging on the door to their enclosure.

There is, however, a lot of construction going on at our zoo. This summer they are opening a huge lion exhibit which looks to be pretty sweet. This lion they just purchased from San Diego and he's only two years old. Still looked pretty huge and menacing to me for being so young. Frankly, they all looked like they wanted to eat me.

Next year we are probably going to get a zoo membership. Since it is so close, it will be perfect for getting out of the house with the baby and getting some exercise and sunshine at the park.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Merry Rest

It's bright and sunny in a usually gloomy Michigan. The temperature is over 40 and today we're going to the zoo. Admission is free in the winter and we can walk to the front gate in about 5 minutes.

Christmas yesterday was peaceful. This year we decided not to do many presents for each other due to the expense of the kitchen reno and the upcoming (10 days!!!) baby.

We slept in, then made cinnamon rolls and opened small gifts over breakfast and coffee with my brother. Just the three of us. One last quiet family Christmas. Next year will surely be different!

As per tradition, we watched Elf and then made bread for gifts for the neighbors and Christmas cookies for us.

Dinner was steaks. I marinated them for two days and they couldn't have been more tender and tasty. Brother made macaroni salad and I made a cheesy potato dish. We all ate way too much and then sat around some more and watched a few new movies.

The best part? We have three more days off of work. We'll both do chores and various tasks, but there is very little agenda. A little bit of quiet before our baby storm.

Tomorrow we're getting the car cleaned out, installing & getting the carseat checked and then going out for dinner & a movie. I want to be sure we get in as much date-time as possible while we still can.

Pictures of the kitchen and my belly and other various things will be forthcoming.

In the meanwhile, what was your favorite gift this year? Mine was a fabulous acoustic recording of the Christmas song Andy wrote for me. It made me cry...

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Time, It Draweth Nigh

Last week I started having quite a few more noticeable contractions (not that it has actually gotten me anywhere) and I realized why pregnant women begin nesting.

Who knows how much time I actually have!?

Christmas presents to finish and wrap, the house to clean, the baby's room to finish, work to prepare ahead for my maternity leave, my hospital bag to pack, life insurance to purchase, the car seat to install, the kitchen project to complete, parties to have...

And my diaper bag to make! I started it Sunday and just finished tonight.

Mine is the third one I have made and it's really my favorite so far. (which is probably good, since I'm the one who has to carry it)

I added a few things here and there, but I think I still got it done in pretty good time with having to work and do a million other things this week. However, it is finished and full of all the necessary items.

Now I just need to finish all those other things on my list...

Monday, December 10, 2007's Cold?


Deep, cleansing, refreshing sigh.

This weekend was our annual huge family event at the church. Months of preparation, planning, rehearsals, and hard work to pull off a fantastic afternoon for tons of families.

Even though I know there is still a lot of work to be done at work the next couple weeks, it feels like I can breathe a little easier.

Our office is finally moving...and for me that means a window. A window, I tell you! Granted, I only get to use the office for four weeks or so until I lock myself away in my home with my new baby, but they will be four weeks at a window. That makes it easier to breathe as well.

The kitchen is progressing slowly. We're still in the waiting stage although heating vents are getting put in tonight, everything else is still on order or in the mail.

And finally, a recent baby-belly picture. I don't really feel all that huge yet. I'm still sleeping through the night, still walking pretty normally in spite of the stretching & often painful ligaments and there are still a few items of my 'normal' clothes that I can wear. No swelling just yet either. I'm trying to be super good and drinking buckets of water every day, so I think that helps.

Four weeks? Seriously? Four more weeks before my life changes inexplicably. I don't think I'm scared or nervous or whatever, but maybe overwhelmed? People keep asking how much longer and Andy keeps joking, "Oh we still have until next year! Plenty of time!"

It's all fine until I actually look at that calendar...