Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Home Office

You've seen my cozy office at church. You've seen my cozy office at my job where I no longer work. (It was cozy too. Just no windows. Ugh.)

Well here is my cozy office at home. Before and after, of course. This is our spare room. If you come to visit, this is where you will sleep. It needs to be painted. I don't do very well for very long with a room with white walls. But I haven't decided on a color. Hubby put up curtain rods for me in here so now I just have to pick colors, pick fabric and make some swell curtains. Yay for projects!

The best part about my office is that when I get tired, I can immediately take a nap. Yes, it is splendid.

Oh What a Beautiful Moooorning!

Look at this! My first "free" day and I'm up at eight? Unbelieveable.

We had a wonderful weekend. Friday being my last day, a bunch of my co-workers too me out for lunch. I packed up the rest of my desk and left promptly at five after many goodbyes all afternoon. We relaxed all evening and watched Garden State again and then a few hours of Scrubs. I have a mini-crush on Zach Braff I think.

Saturday I got tons done in the gardens and yesterday we had a huge Memorial-I-Quit-My-Job-Andy-Finished-A-Project-Day Picnic in our park. Since we live in the city we have a teeny-tiny yard. Which is fine, it only takes 8 minutes for our lawn-boy to mow it. However, we live about 50 yards from one of the city parks, so they mow our huge lawn for us! We wheeled the grill down with our coolers, and drinks etc and had a ton of great friends meet us for cooking out, frisbee, tons of food, croquet (which Andy won both games) and sparklers to finish off the evening.

Sunday was an ok day. The services were great in the morning and after the evening service we went out for Chinese and a movie with some friends. (By the way, X-Men is great! The friends that went with us hadn't even seen the first two in the trilogy, but still loved it.)

Now, I love my dad. Really. He's my dad and I do agree that family is "all you have for your whole life." But that doesn't mean I want to be with him. I feel such a weird dichotomy as I feel sorry for him and the horrible choices he has made with his life, but yet also such apathy towards wanting to be around him or have anything to do with him.

Anyway, he and his girlfriend were up for the weekend. Mostly to tour the state but also to stop in and see us and my brother. (who of course really doesn't want to have anything to do with dad) So we went out to lunch with them on Sunday. And it was fine. No horrid arguments, no emotional outbreaks. Just rationalizing. And vowing to "be more social" with us. Whatever that means. And apparently since dad can't be bothered to know our birthdays (Really? Cuz mine is exactly a week before his. Somehow he doesn't remember this? Right.) the girlfriend writes them all down. Because, as we all know, sending birthday and anniversary cards makes up for years of being ignored and living with a woman when one's mother is still alive and kicking. She may not kick very hard, but she can still kick.

Sigh. After an emotional melt-down two weeks ago, I am feeling better about it all. I'm never going to be "ok" with the situation, and I don't think I have to be. I don't think I have to make him a priority in my life. My husband is my priority now and if he tells me not to see my dad, then by golly, I think I will listen. (hey Honey, feel free to tell me this anytime.)

Love you guys. Thanks for letting me vent and let off steam. We'll be back to our regular silly programming soon enough.

It's a wonderful rainy day. I sit in my new little office (pictures of that coming soon also) with the window open watching the raindrops fall onto the roof and light thunder rumbles in the distance. I have my coffee and a very yummy fruity-breakfast-smoothy. I have to go to work for a meeting today. We're meeting at a coffee house. Because that's where all good church meetings happen. Then I have rehearsal this afternoon with my band. I love my kids. They are so great. I love my job.

Thanks for all the well-wishes! I have so many projects and so many things I want to be doing with my new time. This is my fresh start. This is my second chance.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

I Ate it Too!

Today I got a very yummy cake-farewell from my coworkers.

It was a huge yummy cake with big pink flowers and reading: "Mondays at the Beach aren't all that. Best Wishes for your future."

Oh my friends, but you're wrong. Mondays at the Beach ARE all that. I'll be sure to send you pictures too. While you're at your desk in your little cubicle with no natural light and I'm basking in the sun on the sand with a good book. Oh yes. It is going to be all that. And maybe a little bit more.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


It is my last Wednesday at my full-time job. Then tomorrow will be my last Thursday. And after that my last Friday.

I've only been here a year and a half. Which really isn't very long. And much has changed. I've changed positions, cubicles, buildings, coworkers. It's been very slow and it's been very busy. I've been bored and I've really loved my work.

The last bit of time is being spent filing and storing and saving and deleting and cleaning out and tying up all the loose ends, of which there are many.

It's very exciting. Ready to be done. Ready for more time to do the things that really matter to me. I'm working very long hours this week as I only put in two hours on Monday. Getting it all in, getting it all done. But the long hours aren't such a big deal as they're the last long hours here I have.

I've loved it here. I haven't ever had better management. They treat us with respect, like friends, like equal collegues. They pay us well. There is still crazy work drama, but nothing compared to other jobs I have had. I've been assured that there will always be a place for me here and no bridges have been burned. This is so comforting as I move into the arena of "who knows if we will be able to pay our bills."

Let's have lunch sometime. Let's get together for morning coffee. I want to put more time into our friendships. You matter to me and I value what we have here. And not just here: cyber-inter-web-nets, but HERE here. Real coffee, real conversations, real time.

It's almost time.

The Gnight the Gnome was Gnapped

Since I have only a few more days at my job, I have been going through old emails and files and saving things I want to keep personally, filing things for work that need saving here, and so forth.

In doing so, I came across a series of emails from the intial gnome-napping incident. This was quite a morning. In my yahoo inbox was a ransom letter. The type with cut-out letters and everything. We were told that Gary was being held for ransom and that we wouldn't get him back unless he paid up.

I have pasted in those emails from that fateful day. For posterity. For a few laughs. For the heck of it. You might not think it's funny. But really, trust me, it's hysterical. At least to me. And really, all I type here is for my own benefit, right? You're my free shrink.

Ok. Let me set it up. I've gotten the ransom email. I emailed the nappers back to let them know I was hiring a hit-man and they'd better not mess with me. Then I let a few friends know the situation at hand. We were all waiting for the noon hour to see what the gnome-nappers were going to do at that appointed deadline, as I hadn't paid up. The following is an accurate transcription of all that followed. As well as who was doing the talking. Names have been abbreviated to protect the innocent. Except for me. You already know who I am.


The Gnight the Gnome was Gnapped

The time is fast encroaching! I don't know what to do!! Anne

You better start praying and praying hard that they don't de-hat him or worse yet......paint him! JB


But, maybe he'll become famous. Like the Roaming Gnome for Travelocity... EB

(It is now past noon)

So what happened!?!?!?!?! JB

Nothing yet. Pretty pathetic gnome-nappers if you ask me.And they're going to have to answer to me for this crime. And our hitman. Anne

They're probably to Canada by now... EB

They can't hide from us. Anne

Anne, How disasterous! Cowards! Poor Gary ... did these kidnappers leave any clues? You know, statistically speaking, kidnappers are usually intelligent, fairly handsome, and have very nice teeth and abs. Do you know anyone like this? I'm no PI, but I've done some sleuthing in my day. General rule of thumb - start with your immediate friends and family. The worst mistake you can make is to think that the kidnapper is some dummy because, like I said, generally speaking, they're geniuses. Also don't give up hope that Gary is dead - you need to be strong and show resolve. When this makes the national press, you'll have to compose yourself.So stay calm and think about what the kidnappers might possibly want. BH

Hmmmm... You have nice teeth, BH, and you consider yourself a genious. EB

You really think Brad Pitt is the kidnapper--awesome! I'll go on the chase...don't tell DS. JS

No, Brad is too high profile ...as much as I'm sure the snatchers may have his bone structure and weight lifting abilities, I doubt that his position in the lime light is conducive to this type of heist. Noo....hmm ...I'm smelling something much... darker at work here. Yet so... brilliant! It's hard to meld these two worlds of
awe into one person, but that's precisely the challenge with cases such as these. Oh Wait...Eureka! I've had an epiphany. It may not be a single hijacker! Think of it! Oh my...yes, yes...it's all coming together. It's so...obvious! They work as a team. There's no way that that level of sophistication and brilliance can be accounted for in one person. The fact that it appears the Ferrises were home at the time suggests they work in tandem. One distracts, the other snatches. Oh great Zeus, why didn't I see this before!? Anne, we'll get these beautiful, wicked people! Hang in there! BH

I'm right behind you JS! I hope he's wearing his toolbelt! BOH

Okay girls, stop lusting - that's precisely what these criminals want you to do! They want you to get sidetracked so badly you forget you ever had a gnome...or husband for that matter! No, you will resist and be strong! BH

You know, my first thought was that it was one of those evil geniuses. But then when they gave no indication of what they specifically wanted, nor did they tell me what to do with my money. There was a slight clue. Gary was locked in a cat carrier...and chained to a pole in a room that had wood paneling and was most likely a basement, due to the cement floor. I can't think of anyone I know who fits the profile that would have cats and a wood paneled basement though. Good thing we hired that hit-man. Anne

Yeah, I agree with Anne. I think it's more a Brad Pitt in 12 Monkeys type person...SO HOT! Or maybe Fight Club Brad and he was warring with himself on whether or not to do the deed...either way, it was a totally hot heist. JS

You know....I do know someone that has cement floors......wood paneling walls......was at your house this week....but I don't dare put out there whom I think it may be as I don't want something from my house stolen.....i have my opinion though.....JB

Yeah. You'd better be careful, JB One never knows what these type of heinous people are capable of. Anne

Anne, Anne, Anne...don't be a simpleton. Please, you're making too many assumptions here! Only 8% of all heists that fit this profile take place in the criminal's own state or country, let alone their house! Those wood panels and "cat carriers" as you claim (though it looked much more like a Middle Eastern prison to me, or, perhaps, Bangladesh) could easily have been digitally added in later so as to confuse or mislead. The important part is that Gary appeared to be okay and unharmed.Please, leave the thinking to the pros.BH

No, it was a pretty crappy picture taken by an amateur. I don't think this perpetrator would have the ability or know-how to digitally alter it. You forget, I've watched a lot of Law & Order. Anne

Law & Order!? Anne, you do a disservice to those of us in law enforcement! Though just a hobbyist, I still take offense! No, Law & Order is for sissies and Garth Brooks fans. Anne, let me show you my investigative prowess by bringing your attention to the fact that Mr. DS has not been sent this email. Coincidence? I think not. Follow the trail, Anne, follow the trail. BH

I was IM'ing w/ DS earlier. He had to go because he felt as a friend, and someone with a minivan, he was the one most able to gnab Gnary the Gnome. Many various ropes, camoflage fatigues, and silicones can fit in a minivan. EB

Precisely. I'll get on the horn with the NSA and make sure we train satellites on his position. It disgusts me...he buys a minivan and then thinks he owns the world. I already got off the phone with Michael Chertoff from Homeland Security and they have denied an Amber Alert for Gary because he "isn't one of us". Unfortunately this only underscores the need to bring to light the discrimination against gnomes which has become so commonplace. BH

You are digging your hole deeper and deeper BH. I'd stop now if I were you.....You are sounding very defensive in this business.....JB

JB, please STOP!!! Our garden gnome may be next. Oh... Wait... We don't have a garden gnome. So, never mind. You can keep accusing BH. EB

I have a feeling someone is suggesting it is US!? The H’s?! We have cats and wood panelling in our basement... but we don't have cement floors! We have cool tiled floors! With shuffle board! I love Gary! I hope you would NEVER think I would do anything that horrible! Poor Gary. Have you heard anything yet? Is he still alive? BOH

Hey, by the way, BH, how did you see those pictures?? Anne

I monitor a police scanner at work and heard the call come across. So sad. BH

You can "hear" pictures now?! Anne

Anne, you know nothing of the law enforcement world. Of course you can't "hear" pictures. But when a call comes out and I get an IPB on a case, I am given a dossier on the case which includes photos, phone taps, and toilet paper preferences on the criminals. Again, I plead with you Anne, leave the ingestigation to the pros here. BH

I think someone's living in an imaginary world. A world where he is nationally important, has numerous world-renown contacts and is eminently knowledgeable. It's sad really. And the consequences that he will now have to live with. Anne

Let's all dip a handful of cash from the offering at church this week to go toward the "Get Gary Gnome Home" (G3H) fund.JS

Anne, You're playing into their hands like a bug towards one of those blue zapper things! Don't you see!? You've pinned your aggression on your peers, on those who are here to support you. Have the courage, woman,to stand up and take the bull by the horns! Go after them! BH

You forget the hit-man. Anne

The hit man in the mini van? JS

Monday, May 22, 2006

Or So I Thought

Question: What is worse than a case of the Mondays?

Answer: A case of the Mondays with grape pop all over your clothes, keyboard, desk, walls, chair, monitor, phone, lamp, pens. EVERYTHING! Especially when you are wearing light khakis!

I think I just need to go home now. Already. Finally. Please?

Not as smart as he once was...

Hubby had his wisdom teeth out this morning. Since this is my last week at my job, we needed to get him in right away before we didn't have dental insurance anymore. So, out they had to come.

Fortunately for him, he only had two. So unfair. But he did very well and even informed me that he thought the procedure was very interesting. In fact, he was even glad he had been awake for it. Weirdo.

I packed him up on the couch, drugged him well and left him to sleep while I came to work. Hopefully this will be a good break for him for a few days as he has been working crazy all-night hours to get an album finished. Which is amazing by the way. You all will need to pick one up.

My last Monday at work. Whew.

Saturday, May 20, 2006


I was going to clean today. Really.

But do you see how beautiful it is out? Not scalding hot or freezing. Slight breeze. Bright sunshine.

I guess it is just a day that was MEANT for gardening. Flowers and dirt and weeds and pots and seeds and sprouts and rocks and grass: Here I come!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I am having a rather melancholy day today. Thinking about so many thoughts. Hearing sad stories and happy stories.

I'm warm but thirsty. I'm sleepy but wired.

Everything is permeated by the headache.

Maybe it's just PMS. I'm ok with admitting that. I'm in the land of in-between. And that's never fun. It feels like time is rushing past but dragging its feet.

I want to be working at home, but I want to be taking a nap. Maybe I'm a little bi-polar myself.

I'm too focused on me. But I'm thinking about everyone else.

Sometimes I think I'm just too weird. I really want some pineapple.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It's a Grey Day

Ok, so who else stayed up until 11 last night to see the season finale of Grey's? Did you think it was a good conclusion? I am pretty angry with Derek & Meredith. And so sad for Izzy. Yes, I admit I think about them like real people. I think pretty much everyone acted like an idiot at some point in the episode.

Uh-oh. I just discovered the podcasts...and I am able to listen to them at work. At least my day will go by faster. I get to hang out with them all day. And I'm also currently working on changing my phone's ring tone. To the theme song.

I might be addicted.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Where Does Pollen Come From?

I have been remiss in ignoring this question for so long. Heather asked me some time ago and I kept forgetting to work on her answer.

Ah, Heather, this is a very complicated answer. And very frustrating for so many people. Apparently, about 1 in 6 peopls suffer from hay fever associated with pollen in the air. I personally am not an allergy sufferer. How I was blessed with this omission, I don't know, but I'm definitely thankful. Especially that I'm not allergic to cats. But I am off-topic now.

Pollen. Teeny-tiny microgametophytes. Made up of a nucleus of sperm cells and two layers of shell to protect it and located in a part of the plant accessible from the outside. The male part of the plant that is usually blown by the wind or carried by an insect or bird to another plant to be germinated and create a seed for a new plant. The study of pollen is palynology and is a very useful for many other studies.

Pollen is used by bees as food, by plants as a regenerator and by pharmaceutical companies as profit.

The reason that only a part of the general population are affected aversely by pollen is because of certain pollen proteins. Apparently, allergy-sufferers have an immune system that considers these proteins as harmful. Their bodies react by releasing excessive amounts of histamine.
"Histamine causes blood vessels to dilate and become more permeable, so that they
leak fluids that are rich in immune cells. Under normal circumstances, these
immune cells migrate to the site of injury or infection, where they help to rid
the body of harmful invaders. For allergy sufferers, however, pollen triggers a
false alarm, which translates into irritated, dripping nostrils, swollen tissue,
and watery eyes."

Which is why they then take an anti-histamine to reduce the symptoms. And since one in six is a pretty high percentage, that is why the drug companies make so much money!

Allergies are generally inherited from the parents and will continue to be passed on from generation to generation. Fortunately, most people can keep these allergies under control with drugs.

The most common plants to avoid that are high-pollen carriers are ragweed, oak, birch, hickory, pecan, and early summer grasses.

So stock up on your Benadryl and duck when you see the pollen flying!


We all have one. Or had one at some point in our life. We all know one or will be one or already are one. I think Moms are more respected than they used to be. It's a worthy job title to be sure.

I don't usually call mine on mother's day. For many reasons, not the least of which is that she can't answer the phone. That and I don't know how to hold a conversation with her over the phone if I by chance can get someone else to answer her phone.

She used to be a great mom. She used to be the best mom. I remember she was always supportive, she used to send me mail when I was away at Grandma's, she used to cry whenever I'd leave for a week, she taught me how to cook and how to sew and how to love life. I remember great meals, laughing (we both have the loudest laughs ever), playing games, shopping...but I also remember the tears and the frustration and the pain and the suffering.

There are parts of life that I don't think we will ever understand. I don't think we are meant to understand. But are we meant to just accept them? Are we suppose to just sit back and say, "oh well, I guess that's just how it is?" I don't think I will ever accept what has happened to my mother and who she has become. I don't think I have to.

Sometimes I am accepting. But I think those are the times I have just put her out of my mind. I don't let myself think about it too much because then I will plague myself with guilt and sadness. I didn't do enough. I should be with her. I should have made him take care of her. I should do more. I should be better. And some of that is true and some of that is a lie.

It's easier to just put it away from my thoughts. I don't want a replacement mother. I think when someone tries to mother me it only makes me more frustrated and angry. Be my friend, be my relative, be whatever, but don't try to be my mother. I'm not bitter and I'm surprisingly well-balanced. I'm ok being independant. I'm ok depending on my Father. He is dependable and reliable and unconditional. He brought me through this so far and blesses me abundantly above what I feel I deserve.

My dad on the other hand, is a completely different story. He's coming to visit for Memorial Day Weekend and I have no idea what to do with him. And I am not looking forward to it. And my brother plans on skipping town. And I don't know how to explain that to dad. If there's anything I want to put out of my thoughts it's him.

I guess I say all this to remind anyone who has a loving parent to be thankful for them. To let them know how much you appreciate them. To remind yourself how blessed you are. And in return to be the best parent you can be.

Do I even want to be a parent? To take the chance of putting my child through what I went through. To take the chance of passing on a gene to them that would cause such a tragedy.

Ah life. The choices, the heartache, the changes, the continuity, the drama. Life is good in spite of it all. Life is pain. Life is life.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Together At Last

Smacky* and Lily** are finally reunited! After months of Smacky lying in twain*** and Lily occupying the prime spot in the shower, they are back together where they belong.

Tending the garden. Watching out for those unruly children who pick my flowers. Helping Grant with the weeding. Enjoying the sunshine. Golly they're happy little frogs.

Smacky has been super-glued back together. And he's resting against the railing for extra support just in case. I still have to watch out for that paper boy.
Lily is happy just being in the garden. She is my watchfrog against the kids. "Please don't pick the daisies." Pretty please?

And really, is it too much to ask that the neighbor children keep their grubby little hands off of my flowers? Is it? I think not. Does that make me an ogre? I don't plant flowers for them to pick do I? Nope. Sure don't. Mean ol' lady next door. That's me.

--See also:

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I used to be a runner. I loved to run. Everywhere I went I ran. And I was good. In high school, there were a couple years I beat most of the guys.

The first year I had to beg my mother to let me run. My first race, I ran in jeans and whatever shoes I had on. And I won out of my group. (Sorry if you've already heard that story. I know I've told it a million times.) I was built to be a runner. I loved the rush of crossing the finish line. Of getting the medal or the trophy.

But somewhere I quit liking it. Somewhere it became more work than fun. Somewhere it started hurting too much. Now, I'm proud of myself if I can make it a whole mile.

I watch the commercials for Nike or Adidas and think, "Man, wouldn't it be great if I were a runner?" I'd be in shape, healthy and if these women are any indication, happy. I also tell myself that if I just had a treadmill I would run. Pop on the ipod, crank up the tunes and run away.

This weekend there is a big race in town. And it goes right by our house. Well, last year the race went directly past our house. Now it is a couple blocks away. We complain that we have to walk three blocks to go watch it, while by the time they get to us, the runners have gone at least 12 miles.

Tonight I am volunteering at the registration center. I hand out instructions, maps, runners' numbers and their free t-shirt. There are so many people so excited about the race. Ready to go. Ready to beat their best times. Trained. It makes me wish I ran it. It makes me wish I could convince myself to train for it.

It is such an emotional experience for me. Every year I watch them all run by, it brings me to tears. I'm not sure if it's because the runners are in so much pain, or because I envy their dedication or because of the other people who are also cheering for everyone whether they know them or not.

But I'll be out there tomorrow morning in the rain. With my umbrella. And a mug of hot coffee. And I'll cheer for them. And I'll clap and yell as they run by. Because they can do what I can't do. They can do what I won't do.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Friday Eve

One of my last few half days here and half day at the other job. I do like the short day that it makes though. Only a few more hours to go.

I have good meetings planned today. Getting the other job's detailed requirements down. What I want to add to my schedule, how to better do what I am already doing. I'm excited about that as there are so many things that I want to get my hands into.

I'm also going to a local baseball game tonight. And am looking forward to it. Not for the game, of course, but for the hanging out part and for the hot dogs! Somewhere in my life I obtained the disdain for baseball. Which is funny because the man that lives in my basement watches every game he possibly can (on his three tvs) as well as taping several too. And we used to play baseball in the backyard when we were little. Of course, he hit me with the ball a lot. But I don't know if that was just his lack of skill at pitching or if he was just being a brother. And there was the one time I got hit in the head with the bat. Maybe all that is why I don't prefer the sport.

I would join a softball team though. That would be fun. And I would totally be ok with a kid who played. But tonight, I will be happy eating hot dogs and watching all the silly antics that go along with a local game.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Need Something to Talk About

Ok, so here's an interactive blog post.

1. On an ideal "day off" what is the first thing that comes to mind that you would want to do?

2. What is your realistic ideal job? Is it what you are doing now? Something you have done before?

3. What is your favorite cereal?

4. If you ever went back to school (for career or even just to learn), what would you study?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Well boys and girls, it's official. In three weeks from now, I will only have one job.

I can hardly believe it myself. No more running headlong from one side of town to the other and back, trying to cram in as many working hours as possible. More cooking dinner for my family. No more stressful days spent without any actual sunlight. More spending time with friends in the sunshine. Less work, more play. Less money, more frugal. Less better, more best.

I am looking forward to more gardening, more time with my hubby and my friends. I am looking forward to me time: spiritually & emotionally. I am looking forward to working out, playing, studying.

New priorities. New job description. New lifestyle.

It's time for summer.

Of course, I still have three more weeks of my dual role. I will make it through valiently without giving up. These are the hardest weeks. But I refuse to burn bridges and yet still want to go out flaming.
Yes, it is definitely time for summer. Wanna come over? We'll grill, play in the park, sit on the hammock & sip some tea. I want to be tan, I want to feel more alive, I want to grow things. I want to get my house in order; I want to get myself in order. I guess I will still have plenty of work to keep myself busy.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Russian Spies

Just finished a great book today. Nelson Demille is undoubtably in the list of my favorite authors. He writes very intriuging stuff. The novel I just completed was called The Charm School and was all about Russian espionage in the late 80's. He is one of those type of authors that always make me want to learn more about the history of whatever I have been reading. I know very little about Russian history and it is a very interesting part of the world. Their culture, their philosophy, everything they do. It was/is so counter to how we live in our American world. So many things that cause me to think about my culture, my philosophy, what I do.

I am home sick today. It started middle of last week and progressed to where I am not a very pleasant person to be around right now. Well, I'm still friendly, but rather gross I guess.

Anyway, I am about to have a lifestyle shift. That started quite some time ago, but will be coming to a head shortly. It's exciting, but scary at the same time. It's relieving, but more stressful in the same breath. All that has brought me to more closely analyze how and why I live the way I do.

How many of my choices are so purely selfish, I don't even know it myself? Who do I consider when I'm making these important decisions? Am I choosing what I choose to serve myself, to serve my family, to serve my friends, or to serve my Lord? Do I care who I am serving? And if I don't, then what does that mean?

Is it even as big of a deal as I am making it out to be in my head? It's just another step in the road. It's not really that life-altering, is it? For the better. For the best.

Maybe more things in life really are bigger deals than we make them be. How I choose to do the dishes or not. What I choose to watch on tv or not. What I read. What is better? What is best?

Ah yes. Sunshine is better today. Rest is best for my body. I can have both today. But what about tomorrow? My heart needs to be better. My soul needs to be best. My spirit has not had rest though my body has.

So I change. My lifestyle. My schedule. My choices. For the better. For the best.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bathroom Etiquette

Is it ok to talk on the phone when you are in a public restroom? Not just 'in', either but more like 'on'?

I just don't think that it's ok. Would you want to be the friend on the other end of the line? It's bad enough to have to be in there in the first place let alone listen to it if you are cozy at home.

Is everyone with me on this one? Or do you do it?

Besides, everyone else who may be in the room is confused as to whether you are talking to them or not!

Ugh. It just seems like it could wait five minutes. But maybe that's just me...

Happy Day!

We are celebrating this day at our work today. I'd tell you what day we are celebrating, but I know too many people who get into trouble with work-related blogs. So just know that today is a big happy day here!

We got a whole bucket of stuff at our desks this morning. Beach towel, shovel, snacks, beach ball, bubbles...lots of fun little silly things.

And food. Lots of food! I think every department will be having a huge potluck today. It's only 9 and I'm already starving for lunch smelling all these smells!

Speaking of food, I made an amazing pizza last night. Thanks to Marcia, I discovered that there is ready-made pizza crust in the dairy section at the grocery store. I wasn't smart enough to unroll the dough, but instead thought it would be genius to roll it out with a rolling pin. Eh, it was fine. Dough is forgiving. I sprinkled tons of spices on the crust and some Parmesan cheese. Popped it in the oven for a few minutes and then covered it will all kinds of pizza topping goodness.

Sauce first and then a layer of spinach.

Then some cheese. One can't have too much cheese on a pizza.

Red pepper in slices.

Chicken, tomatoes (only on one side so as not to contaminate the hubby), pepperoni and pineapple.

And of course more cheese.

It was so tasty! Big brother even came up from his bat cave to eat with us. It was that good.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I am getting sick. I officially have a runny nose and a sore throat. I would rather not be sick, but I don't believe I am going to be able to avoid it. A girl can always use a day off of work though.

Maybe I should be sick on Friday. That's a really good day to be sick.

Planning on making a pizza for dinner tonight. No, not taking a pizza out of the freezer and putting it in the oven. Actually selecting my own toppings, and making a crust and all the pizza-type things that go into pizza-ing.

We'll see how that goes. This will be my first pizza-ing attempt. Usually I am pretty well able to make about any recipe, but pizza is pretty tricky. I think. It could also be really easy. But the plan is to tell the hubby how very difficult it was and come out with this ultimate amazing pizza and get a good backrub out of the deal.

That's the plan.

Monday, May 01, 2006

A Case of the Mondays

All I want first thing in the morning is my very own perfectly-brewed-by-my-hubby cup of coffee.

Is that really so much to ask? I think not.

This morning we were running a bit late so I started getting the coffee ready. Scooped out the perfect amount into the filter. I was getting out the creamer from the fridge when hubby came down and put the filter into the pot with the water and set it going. He confirmed that I had scooped exactly the right amount. We are both picky about our coffee and I always affirm that he makes it the best.

But alas, tragedy struck our kitchen this morning.* The coffee filter folded over itself. The brew came out practically clear. Sigh. We both had to take in coffee mugs with just creamer in them this morning.

Work coffee isn't so bad. But I was so looking forward to the perfectly-brewed-by-my-hubby cup of coffee.

*In the grand scheme of things, bad coffee isn't really a tragedy. A friend had a horribly fire in her kitchen this weekend, countries are at war with one another, and children are starving to death. I don't want to lighten any of those things. And I really don't feel all that sorry for myself. Just trying to use interesting word analogies, I guess. Just trying to lighten life so that we can laugh at our small irritations and put things in perspective.

Love to all on this gloomy Monday. Quick, somebody cheer me up!