Wednesday, May 24, 2006


It is my last Wednesday at my full-time job. Then tomorrow will be my last Thursday. And after that my last Friday.

I've only been here a year and a half. Which really isn't very long. And much has changed. I've changed positions, cubicles, buildings, coworkers. It's been very slow and it's been very busy. I've been bored and I've really loved my work.

The last bit of time is being spent filing and storing and saving and deleting and cleaning out and tying up all the loose ends, of which there are many.

It's very exciting. Ready to be done. Ready for more time to do the things that really matter to me. I'm working very long hours this week as I only put in two hours on Monday. Getting it all in, getting it all done. But the long hours aren't such a big deal as they're the last long hours here I have.

I've loved it here. I haven't ever had better management. They treat us with respect, like friends, like equal collegues. They pay us well. There is still crazy work drama, but nothing compared to other jobs I have had. I've been assured that there will always be a place for me here and no bridges have been burned. This is so comforting as I move into the arena of "who knows if we will be able to pay our bills."

Let's have lunch sometime. Let's get together for morning coffee. I want to put more time into our friendships. You matter to me and I value what we have here. And not just here: cyber-inter-web-nets, but HERE here. Real coffee, real conversations, real time.

It's almost time.


heather said...

Woo hoo!!! You go on girl! Your last Wednesday and counting! :)

anne said...

I know!! So...when is our lunch date?

Carbon said...

Well, if we ever plan a trip to the east again, I'll pop by for that coffee :)

But for now, this will have to do. I like mine with a little sweetener, no milk (unless you are serving up flavored coffee whitners... yum) :)

anne said...

There are always flavored coffee sweeteners when I'm serving it up. Would you prefer French Vanilla or Hazelnut? Chocolate too? And how about whipped cream on top? I'm craving a coffee break.

PS: I will likely be going out east in July.

nate said...

Uhm, that's "cyber-intAr-web-nets". Common error, but it will still cost you 10 points. I'm sorry.

And good luck with the work finishing stuff. I think the very last thing you should do there is stand up on your desk, shake up a *THREE*-liter of grape soda and then, thumb slightly off the opening, spray it all over everything like a bottle of celebration champagne. Then say, "So long, suckers!" and run out of the room.

anne said...

Crap. And I was saving up those points to get something good.

Good call on the spraying, yelling, and running away. Though if I did that, they may not ever let me come back. How bout I just hire you to do it for me? All anonymous-like?

nate said...

Hmmm... I have been waiting to pull out my old Batman outfit for a looong time now...

Okay: you've got yourself a deal!

My going rate for the ol' "soda hit n' run" is 50 dollars, but for you, Anne, I'll make it 45.

They'll never know what hit them!

anne said...

Do I get my points back too?

And I hope you have a good mask. That way we can pretend you're Mr. Bale. Course that could be a bad thing too.

Is the bat-suit pleather? Or do you just jave the cape? B/c you really need the whole suit.

PS: are you coming over tonight? B needs a date.

nate said...

Get your points back? Well that's asking a bit much, don't you think?

And no, no pleather here (keyboard still sticky?), sad to say. Mostly just your nylon/plastic variety get-up. Plastic mask. Nylon cape. Birkenstock sandals.

And yeah, I'm planning on it tonight. I'll bring chips. And maybe sour cream.

Jean said...

I'm on for lunch. No coffee though...maybe hot chocolate, depending on the temperature.

No capes Nate. You will regret it. You may get sucked into a jet engine. Or caught on a rocket lifting off. We will never see you again. They are dangerous.

anne said...

Ah yes, of course. White chocolate just for you, my sweet!

Good call on that cape thing. A super-hero can never be too careful. But the bat does need his wings, no?

Hillary said...

You have to come for a holiday to Vancouver, then we can do coffee too! :) Though I'm with Jean... no coffee for me. Maybe chai or hot chocolate!

And yes, I agree, capes are bad. Hehehe.

Carbon said...

Going east. He he he... I'm closer to the west coast thus I said east even though I know Michigan is hardly east coast. Further east than good ole Alberta is but not as west as Hilary in Vancouver is. Good ole geography.

I'll take any of those sweeteners AND the whip cream on top. Maybe with a dusting or cinnamon and chocolate. Hmmmm... yum.

Kim said...

good luck with the coffee thing. too bad you will no longer be paid to blog:!)

anne said...

Ah yes. The Canada Motherland. Right then. Won't be traveling quite that far. I'll just send you a cup in the mail, k? : )

I know're not kidding. Sigh. I am looking forward to being able to blog without getting bothered with work though!

james said...

so this is it...your last few hours at work. its been great working with you. it won't be the same without you. thanks for the coffee breaks, thanks for the small talks, thanks for being anne. i wish you the best and please keep blogging. i need something to do at work.

anne said...

Thanks Noogen. :)