Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Oh What a Beautiful Moooorning!

Look at this! My first "free" day and I'm up at eight? Unbelieveable.

We had a wonderful weekend. Friday being my last day, a bunch of my co-workers too me out for lunch. I packed up the rest of my desk and left promptly at five after many goodbyes all afternoon. We relaxed all evening and watched Garden State again and then a few hours of Scrubs. I have a mini-crush on Zach Braff I think.

Saturday I got tons done in the gardens and yesterday we had a huge Memorial-I-Quit-My-Job-Andy-Finished-A-Project-Day Picnic in our park. Since we live in the city we have a teeny-tiny yard. Which is fine, it only takes 8 minutes for our lawn-boy to mow it. However, we live about 50 yards from one of the city parks, so they mow our huge lawn for us! We wheeled the grill down with our coolers, and drinks etc and had a ton of great friends meet us for cooking out, frisbee, tons of food, croquet (which Andy won both games) and sparklers to finish off the evening.

Sunday was an ok day. The services were great in the morning and after the evening service we went out for Chinese and a movie with some friends. (By the way, X-Men is great! The friends that went with us hadn't even seen the first two in the trilogy, but still loved it.)

Now, I love my dad. Really. He's my dad and I do agree that family is "all you have for your whole life." But that doesn't mean I want to be with him. I feel such a weird dichotomy as I feel sorry for him and the horrible choices he has made with his life, but yet also such apathy towards wanting to be around him or have anything to do with him.

Anyway, he and his girlfriend were up for the weekend. Mostly to tour the state but also to stop in and see us and my brother. (who of course really doesn't want to have anything to do with dad) So we went out to lunch with them on Sunday. And it was fine. No horrid arguments, no emotional outbreaks. Just rationalizing. And vowing to "be more social" with us. Whatever that means. And apparently since dad can't be bothered to know our birthdays (Really? Cuz mine is exactly a week before his. Somehow he doesn't remember this? Right.) the girlfriend writes them all down. Because, as we all know, sending birthday and anniversary cards makes up for years of being ignored and living with a woman when one's mother is still alive and kicking. She may not kick very hard, but she can still kick.

Sigh. After an emotional melt-down two weeks ago, I am feeling better about it all. I'm never going to be "ok" with the situation, and I don't think I have to be. I don't think I have to make him a priority in my life. My husband is my priority now and if he tells me not to see my dad, then by golly, I think I will listen. (hey Honey, feel free to tell me this anytime.)

Love you guys. Thanks for letting me vent and let off steam. We'll be back to our regular silly programming soon enough.

It's a wonderful rainy day. I sit in my new little office (pictures of that coming soon also) with the window open watching the raindrops fall onto the roof and light thunder rumbles in the distance. I have my coffee and a very yummy fruity-breakfast-smoothy. I have to go to work for a meeting today. We're meeting at a coffee house. Because that's where all good church meetings happen. Then I have rehearsal this afternoon with my band. I love my kids. They are so great. I love my job.

Thanks for all the well-wishes! I have so many projects and so many things I want to be doing with my new time. This is my fresh start. This is my second chance.


Amy Swacina said...

Praise God for fresh starts and second chances!!! Where would we be without them? May God bless you in this new beginning for you. I hope we bump into each other at Ada on the 10th.


anne said...

Thanks Amy!! I'll be sure to keep my eyes open! I will be busy as I am doing music and also teaching this summer, but it will be fun! :)

Jean said...

yay for first days. I'm glad you were up at 8!! Now maybe you can spend some of that time with what you've wanting to do at your desk with your study?? :)

I'm glad it went well with your dad and that it's over. Hope your meeting goes well this morning!!

beth said...

Thanks for arranging that great par-tay in the park! I only wished I could have/would have stayed longer... *sigh*

I, too, am glad that things went all right with your dad. Vent away, anytime!

anne said...

I wish you could have stayed longer too, Beth...

You are so right, Jean. I will spend some good time studying in my new office. :) And you'd better hold me to it!

heather said...

fresh start! it sounds like goodness already. glad you feel free to be honest and open. have fun at your meeting - must be difficult to leave your cozy home office to go to a meeting. oh, wait - it's at a cozy coffee shop (which also has windows). sounds like a perfect day.

by the way - the cd sounds GREAT! we love it!! woo hoo!!

Carbon said...

Girl, you should be sleeping in and lazing around for at least a week! Not going gungho on projects and getting up early.

But, its refreshing to see someone with a zest for life that gets up early and looks forward to projects. YAY!!

anne said...

Thanks Heather! Glad you liked it! I'm pretty proud of the hubby for it, I have to say. We're doing one of the songs on Sunday. (aka, you'd better learn track 6...at least the chorus anyway)

Sadly the meeting was cancelled. I was looking forward to a Carmel Macchiato. Ah well.

I know, Maki. I totally should be sleeping in all week. And playing video games. But I still have a stack of movies to watch this week. Don't worry, I'll laze around plenty. :)

Jean said...

I will. :)

Anna said...

What a treat to be a kid in the park with frisbees, friends, and sparklers. Mitch and I had too much fun. Thanks for allowing us to frolic and romp around in your expansive yard.

And by the way, we Do need to go see those pirates, they are sexy...even though they have rotting teeth, gouged-out eyes, and amputated limbs. Aerg!

Kim said...

Oh how the rain can be so comforting. I have a full-size-crush on Zach!

anne said...

Luke, you totally crack me up. I can't wait to hang with your wife this week!!! YAY!!

Anna, it was great, wasn't it? No time limits, just enjoying the day. :) You are welcome to take part in our 'yard' anytime you wish!