Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Need Something to Talk About

Ok, so here's an interactive blog post.

1. On an ideal "day off" what is the first thing that comes to mind that you would want to do?

2. What is your realistic ideal job? Is it what you are doing now? Something you have done before?

3. What is your favorite cereal?

4. If you ever went back to school (for career or even just to learn), what would you study?


anne said...

Me first. :)

1. Reading in the hammock. With a kitty. And a mug of coffee. And my hubbers.

Jean said...

1. Get out of the house by myself.
2. I can't think of an ideal job other than staying home with my chillins. I'm doing it now :)
3. Fav. cereal would have to be Crispix.
4. Culinary arts or pottery.

anne said...

2. Music with the Kids. My current part-time job. Ideally someday it would be higher hours part-time. Like say...39.5 hours or so.

cory said...

1. golf
2. current job is perfect - i can't think of another job i'd rather be doing now (currently and integration consultant for which means i help organizations setup and integrate their backend systems with salesforce)
3. i don't eat cereal, but my favorite breakfast food is a bagel with cream cheese.
4. mba

congrats on downsizing to 1 job by the way!

Hillary said...

1. Sleep in! (Does that count?) If not, I'd go hiking or kayaking.

2. I'd be a summer camp counsellor, I think (I've done that before - lots!). Or maybe a missionary! That'd be new.

3. Fave cereal - a good-for-me one: Special K Red Berries. A good-for-my-mouth one: Fruit Loops!

4. I'd LOVE to go to Regent College for seminary. I'd get a Master of Christian Studies in... ??? I dunno yet!

anne said...

3. Good for me cereal--Special K w/ Strawberries
Yummy cereal--Cinnamon Life

Carbon said...

1. Sleep and lounge in bed with no one else around.
2. Toughie. I've changed career paths already but don't love it. I miss science. But anything flexible that lets me put my kids schedules first is really ideal.
3.My new favorite is Triple Berry Oatmeal Crisp.
4. I'm currently taking a break from school. I know I'll probably be one of those lifer students because I have a need to learn. I'd probably like to look into law courses or architecture or psychology. I'm so indecisive it's unbelievable.

Shawn said...

1. Ideal day off definitely includes outdoor activites. Give me a skiboat, warm sunny day, gorgeous lake, and a wakeboard and I am good to go!
2. I don't know that I have an ideal job. I am pursuing the banking thing because I am already in it, but I honestly don't have some dream job that I've always wanted to do. As long as I am making a living I am alright.
3. Cereal.. I love cereal.
Good for me: Special K Vanilla Almond
Baaaaad for me: Golden Grahams
4. If I went back to school I would probably get my MBA and take some more finance classes just to make the whole banking thing a little easier to get ahead in.

anne said...

4. Languages. Cooking. Herbology. World History. Music. Random classes that wouldn't add up to anything other than knowing more things. And going more places.

Bookworm Kiki said...

1. Sleep in, then get out of bed and lounge in the backyard (which would be finished at this point, and assuming it's a hot, summer day) with a book and a cold drink, and watching my cat chase things.
2. Designing ads for print or TV. Preferably for companies I owned so no one would nix them ;) Other than that, something creative that let's me indulge the font junkie in me. Or a writer (if I could be struck by interesting things to write about that people would want to read).
3. Frosted Flakes. They're grrrrrrrrreat!
4. Culinary arts, graphic design, creative writing, film studies.