Thursday, December 29, 2005

My Husband

At least I know he loves me! :) He's my favorite...

I wish I could make this my desktop. I know, I'm a sap. What can I say!?

Gary's Adventures 2005

I have finally heard news from Gary! He sent me his pictures in the mail and I just got them last week! He seems to be having a great time and really living it up! I am actually quite jealous as he has been to so many places now that I never have! Man, what a life...

I don't believe I have laughed harder than when I saw all of these pictures. I love my friends...

Why do we "Hang stockings by the fire with care?"

Jean has asked a lovely question.

"I know it's after Christmas, but why do we 'hang stockings by the fire with care'? Why stockings and why the mantel? "

There are several reasons in history that seem to lend to this tradition we have adopted as put down in the well known poem "Twas the Night Before Christmas" by Clement Clarke Moore.

According to Germanic folklore, the god Odin would have a great hunting party each year at Yule. Children would place straw, carrots or sugar in their boots by the chimney for Odin's flying horse Sleipnir to eat as they went by on their way to this hunting party. Odin, being so thankful for this kindness to his horse, would then replace the food with candy or gifts for the children. After the spread of Christianity, this tradition was adopted throughout the region and associated with Saint Nicholas, who also rode around on a horse and was rumored to replace the straw with gifts.

Both Odin and Saint Nicholas were commonly seen as being an old mysterious man with a long white beard. As these traditions changed and moved across countries, when they came to America, it changed from the shoes by the chimney to the stockings or socks by the fireplace and rather than just leaving them on the floor, they were "hung with care" on the mantle.

He has different names in different countries. Sinterklaas is from the Dutch and was a mythical character based on the idea of Saint Nicholas. He rode a flying white horse and was known to have helpers and climb down the chimney to deposit gifts in children's shoes. Britain and the United States took this name and changed it to Santa Claus.

And we still put out a snack for Santa (cookies & milk) and quite often for his reindeer (carrots) and hope fervently for him to replace our offering with gifts and candy. At least I do. :) I was a good girl this year.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Save the World

I just found a spiffy idea from the Complimenting Commentor that I think I will work on.

I have lots of amazing friends who are so good at earth health, preservation, economy and all that and I always wonder how I can really help. I mean, I recycle but I also use aerosol. I buy some organic produce, but a lot of commercial crap. I have my own garden, but I still buy most of my summer veggies. I do however, carpool and drive as little as possible in my little stick-shift economy cavalier! No gas-guzzelers for me. But I know there are so many better things I could be doing.

I also never know what charities to contribute to. I give weekly or monthly to our church (depending on when I remember...I write the check weekly, but sometimes it doesn't make it in for a month...) and have given to a few different other charities, but man, there's just so many out there, it makes it so hard to choose. Plus, I don't set enough aside to designate specifically to good charities.

Ok. So here's the challenge. Collect your change from every transaction, pick it up off the street, take it off your neighbor's desk. (C'mon, it's for a good cause!) Don't use it to buy a mocha (Andy, that means you!), don't put it in for a pop. When you have a good amount, (even $10 is a good amount) take it to the bank or the store and trade it in, write a check and donate it to a charity. You can pick a different one every time, or use the same. Katrina Effort still needs money, United Way is always good (and that way we can gear them up for the next emergency), Red Cross, your local animal shelter, food bank, church, etc.

"Here's the thing. People think that pennies and nickels don't add up. And with one person they don't - much. But with 100 people collecting 100 pennies, that equals $100. And that's just pennies!"

Are you in? I just started a coin jar on my desk.

Froggie Hit & Run

Our poor little frog Smacky has been murdered.

Or at least mutilated.

It's a sad tale, indeed.

We came home from work the other day and he was split in twain. In twain, I tell you!

I'm blaming it on the paper boy.

The thing is, we don't even read the paper. It just piles up on our front porch. My brother says he canceled the subscription since he never has time to read it, but it keeps coming. And coming, and coming. Papers everywhere. It's ridiculous.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Amy's Visiting

And time moves on...

Andy's sister Amy and her hubby Mark were able to spend a little time with us this past weekend. Since he has a teaching job down in Florida, he gets off the prescribed two weeks or so for Christmas holiday. (slight desire to be a teacher brewing) They decided to drive up this year and go to all the required family sites. Stopped first to drop off their kitty with Amy's parents (a kitty who does not travel well at all--barfing, pooping and peeing in her cage) preceding up to Illinois to see Mark's family, then stopping to see us in Michigan. We got them to stay with us for two whole days! Though not nearly enough, in my estimation.

I took Monday & Tuesday off of work (one of my wisest decisions in life) so we could have as much time together as possible. Plus, I didn't think it would really be right to make her just sit around my house while I worked. Plus, I wanted to sleep in. Plus, I had to set up for a girls' Christmas party Monday night and the M Christmas party Tuesday night. Yep. Good decision.

Amy & I got lots of good catching up done, chatting about everything under the sun as I painted one of my rooms, cleaned and finished wrapping presents. We went shopping together which she said she was thrilled about as her husband just isn't quite as much fun to shop with as another girl. And myself especially as I am an amazing shopper. I totally understand--my hubby isn't the most fun to shop with either. I am finally getting used to his 'needs' when it comes to shopping. Get in, get it, and leave. He will then be happy. Bah. Men.

Anyway, we got to bake Christmas cookies, have Christmas morning together with presents, hot coffee, sausages & French Toast, and got in a bit of family game time too. Andy got a gift card to Guitar Center and nothing could be better for him! I got a great new hot pink scarf she knitted for me AND a gorgeous afghan for my room to snuggle in with a book! She knows me too well. It was perfect.

Sadly, we had to bid them off again Wednesday morning. They stayed with other friends Tuesday night and then came back before we had to leave for work on Wednesday for a final hug and goodbye. Sigh.

We're planning on a girls' weekend in Chicago in February with Amy, her mom and me. Then Andy and I are hoping to escape the winter a bit to visit Mark & Amy in Florida in March. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Amazing Malskis

Last night we had a great big ol' dinner party to welcome some friends back to Michigan for a couple weeks. They left our lovely state for the warmer climes of California (slight jealousy brewing) to go to grad school back in the beginning of September and were just able to come back to visit for a week or so now for Christmas. It's always hardest when you have a limited amount of time to visit and you want to be able to see everyone but can't make it everywhere. So we figured we would bring everyone together for one night and make it a little easier on them.

We had about 18 people crammed into our living room & dining room and set up three big tables to seat us all. Everyone brought something tasty to eat and a bottle of wine. I cooked up one chicken for each table so we had half "family style" and half "buffet" serving. The food was excellent and the wine flowed freely. We even had mulled hot wine which was so tasty and festive. Mmm...I need to have that more often!

Andy made up a Dinner Playlist for his ipod and we had a great classy mix that seemed to suit everyone that was there. The 'Garden State' soundtrack always seems finds a way onto our dinner mixes as well as the 'Donnie Darko' soundtrack. Good tunes. "No Bebo," was the only request I heard, and that was already taken care of!

Since it was a Christmas-y party, I made up a bunch of sugar cookies and we had a cookie decorating contest! No fancy decorating tools...just spreading knives, a bowl of colored frosting, sprinkles, nuts, chocolate chips and marshmellos. The results were surprising. We had the 'Big Bang Theory'--a star cookie that looked like it exploded, a Martian complete with a mace and Martian seal, several splendid gingerbread guys and lovely angels, and a spiffy Santa Claus who had sold out to the Levi corporation and was wearing jeans instead of his usual red pants. But the top three winners were: a highly overdecorated Christmas tree, an adorable kitty and a gingerbread man with whitey-tightys. Andy gave the last prize out just for the novelty of seeing frosting underwear. Quite impressive.

The boys seemed to be solving the problems of the world while sitting in our living room sipping wine, while the girls played Catch Phrase and laughed uproariously. Every now and then we would rope a boy into playing with us. We are just so fun to be around!

I love you all and thank God that I have such cool friends. Luke & Nikki, I am so glad to have you around for a little while even though I have to say goodbye again so soon. I can't wait until next month--keeping my fingers crossed that we can visit Cali and get some surfing practice in!

Frog in the Tub

Remember this little guy? Well, now he has a new friend.

Every morning, I get up, shuffle to the bathroom, turn on the heater, turn on the water to the shower, pee, put in my contacts and then I shower. Yesterday, I follow my routine as usual. Except when I opened the curtain to turn on the water, I thought I saw something green. So I put my contacts in right away...looked again (I am really really blind without my contacts) and there she was. The other half to a little froggy family. Smacky now has a friend. I think I'll call her Lily.

Friday, December 16, 2005

What is a Snow "Squall"?

Heather (that's her over there...isn't she cute?!) has asked an excellent question.

This time of year in Michigan, we get snow warnings, watches, showers and "squalls." And it often changes every day .

Snow Squalls are much more dangerous than snow showers. Initially because they are defined as "a brief very intense snow storm with heavy winds and near whiteout conditions." All of those things together make this quite a trecherous condition. A squall also seems to come out of absolutely nowhere, whereas with a snow shower you can see it coming and also still see through the snow--visibility is not so limited. There may even still be blue sky suring a snow squall, but because of the intensity of the wind and snow, you wouldn't ever know it.

The other reason that squalls are so stinkin' dangerous is that once the snow starts falling, people freak out and forget that they have anti-lock brakes, that there are other drivers on the road, and that they will loose control quickly and plow right into the snow bank. Or into another car. Crazy Michigan drivers. You'd think we would have learned by now...

Thursday, December 15, 2005

My Frustration This Year

Christmas... Holiday... Christmas. Holiday. CHRISTMAS. HOLIDAY. CHRISTMAS!!! HOLIDAY!!!

Please, Lord, make it stop!!

I know we all have differing opinions and viewpoints and make different decisions. But this year has been the most frustrating pile of opinions and viewpoints that I have heard. Everywhere you go, everything you hear, everything you see, has this debate. On the news everywhere, on blogs and discussion boards all I hear is how horrible it is that the word Christmas has been changed to Holiday in stores and cards and all over.

I have thought it out.

I don't believe I care what word you use. Regardless of what religion or denomination you are or aren't, I don't believe it matters. We are a nation at war, a country fighting hunger, a church trying to share Good News, and we would rather spend our time arguing about what we want to call this season and who is right or wrong for not saying what WE want them to say. And why WE are offended. Bah. It rather all makes me want to vomit.

Since I am not all that eloquent, I have attached an article from Relevant Magazine which says so much more clearly how I (and I'm sure others) have felt throughout this past month. It's long, but so meaningful and well worth the read.

"I am nearly confident that if Christ were born in 2005 the brief verses
involving the magi in Matthew 2 would read something like this: 'Now after Jesus
was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, magi from the east
arrived in Jerusalem, saying, "Where is He who has been born King of the Jews?
For we saw His star in the east and have come to worship Him." [But those who
believed in the deity of the Messiah prevented the magi from worshipping Him
because they were pagan Gentiles and did not call Jesus the Messiah but rather
by the Greek name, Christ. Frustrated by their blocked attempt to worship the
one who came to bring hope and salvation to all men, they returned to the
The evangelical Christian movement today finds itself deadlocked in
an ideological battle over Christmas. The American Family Association boasts
nearly 3 million members and has an active campaign to put Christmas back into
the holiday shopping season. Bill O’Reilly mentioned on The O’Reilly Factor that
businesses should be thanking Christ for the holiday season that boosts their
sales. Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert has ordered that the Capitol tree be
renamed the "Capitol Christmas Tree" after it was changed in the late 1990s to
the "Holiday Tree." Never before has there been such an overt war against
secularism at the holidays.
Satan is clever, make no mistake. It is possible for us to take our eyes off the deep issue, think we are fighting the good fight, only to discover we have our sights misaligned and are missing the target. Satan spends his time making sure Christ’s birth never gets the attention it deserves. How we play into that process is crucial to the bigger picture of the Church being salt and light to a dark world.

Before Christ was born, the ancient Romans had more holidays than any other culture in history. They were wild partiers who took every opportunity they could to drink, carouse and fornicate. In many ways, their religion was constructed around these opportunities to act like the gods they worshipped. One holiday was the winter
solstice festival, appropriately named Saturnalia after Saturn, the god of
farming. This celebration lasted from the Dec. 17 to Dec. 23 and was filled with
decorating and partying. They even had evergreens that they would chop down and
put up to celebrate the life of trees in the harshness of winter. This holiday
eventually devolved into debauchery—so much so that the word saturnalia came to
mean "orgy." Early Christians coincided Christmas with Saturnalia to avoid
religious persecution.
So where did the gift-giving and Santa Claus come into play? As early as the fourth century, Saint Nicholas, a bishop in modern day-Turkey, was known for a gift-giving lifestyle that benefited those who were impoverished. He once presented three dowries for three poor daughters to avert them from turning to prostitution in order to earn income for their family.
There are also links to German and Dutch folklore that trace back to
Christianity. Eventually, around the 17th century, these tales evolved into the
notion we have today of Santa Claus. It is in the late 1800s that the commercial
appeal of Santa Claus and Christmas took off to the astronomical economic
figures we see today. It appears, unfortunately, that the birth of the Messiah
has mostly played a backseat role to the mythological gods and
While the war we fight is ideological, we have apparently chosen to
fight a battle over semantics instead of lost souls. Whether Christmas (from old
English, meaning "Christ’s Mass") or holiday (also from old English, meaning
"Holy Day") season is employed as the term of choice, Christians appear to have
taken issue with the non-use of the term "Christmas" in stores.
While I don’t have an issue with the auspices of the debate, I think the larger war is left unfought.
Tell me, what relevance does Christmas have to a corporate executive who does not have a faith in Jesus Christ? Further, how do upset Christians appear to that executive when they demand that he recognize a holiday that he doesn't understand or to which he doesn't ascribe? As believers, why would we even want a corporation who cares nothing for the birth of Christ incarnate to capitalize on His observed birthday and name in their holiday advertising? Despite how duplicitous it is for these companies to fail to mention it altogether, it seems heretical for believers to demand that unbelievers trumpet Christ for financial gain.
It is as if the moneychangers returned to the temple demanding this time that the temple, be renamed a market. That idea is horrifying to us, yet we allow the celebration of our Savior's birthday—the entrance of hope into the world and one of the holiest days in all of redemptive history—to remain commercialized and more about what Santa may bring the kiddies than about the hope of salvation to all our weary, wayward souls. We have let Christmas become what it is—an argument over semantics. Well, 'tis the season.
There are people who turn away and turn off the magi of today from worshipping because their corporate creed does not fit our warm, fuzzy sentiments about a holiday whose true meaning we only half-heartedly embrace amid the more tangible celebration of gift-receiving and merrymaking. We should be pointing them to the reason we have to celebrate in the first place!
Christmas is the celebration of the birth of our salvation. Unfortunately,
it’s never been a holiday dedicated solely to its impact on all of humanity.
Much of the debate today centers around the narrow-minded and hypocritical view
some Christians take toward their perceived rights of ownership on the holiday
season. It is almost as if we are trying to be recognized by the world for what
we think, and in doing so, we have distracted everyone from what it is we
My suggestion is humble and simple: instead of worrying over whether we call it a holiday season or Christmas—neither of which is actually historically accurate given, its unholy origins and current forms of celebration—let’s invite everyone we know to be magi, recognizing the star in the east, the Light of our lives, and coming to see and to worship the King wherein we find hope, joy, peace and life to all.
If we are fighting the ideological battle at its root—the heart—then those who disagree with our choice of semantics or holiday displays will discover that the hope we celebrate at Christmas is universal and relevant to all mankind. We will not have to engage in the battles we are in because our message would be more easily embraced this way. Not through attempts to strong-arm unbelievers into a faith they do not yet understand because they have not been invited to come and see the King for themselves. This year, let's show them that Christmas (or the holiday season) is about more than an idealogical battle; it's about a Savior."

Relevant Mag

Cutest Story Ever

If you are in need of a smile this morning, check out Ellen's cute book: The Box. I love it!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Ask Anything

If you haven't noticed yet, I have added a new sidebar and new items on the sidebar to the left.

My recommendations in all forms of media will be forthcoming...but first I'd like to kick off this lovely advice column. I have a very random wealth of knowledge. Health, Budgeting, Gardening, Religion, Dating, Relationships, Animals, History, Music, Movies/TV, etc. And things I don't know, I can very easily find out. I have my sourches.

So, need advice? Have a general question? Ask away and I will be sure to solve the problem! Or at least make a really valient effort at doing so. Post a question here and we'll see what the magic eight ball comes up with!

Monday, December 12, 2005

What City Do You Belong In?

I Belong in London

A little old fashioned, and a little modern.
A little traditional, and a little bit punk rock.
A unique woman like you needs a city that offers everything.
No wonder you and London will get along so well.

Ok, so when are we moving, honey?

Bowing would be appropriate

I have been crowned a Queen by Ellen from The Reign of Ellen ! See for yourself!

All along, I have had a hunch, but now it's proven true. Amy and I have planned for this day for some time. Now we just need to get her crown also.

I think Andy should buy me a tiara to wear around. That would be appropriate.

New & Improved

A huge and hearty thanks to Kelly at Diary of the Nello for redesigning my blog and making it amazing! I am no longer "just like everyone else", but now I have a bit of originality!

Check our her site sometime...she has original t-shirts! I wish I was that clever!

Friday, December 09, 2005

2005 Blogger Awards

I have followed Erin for some time now. I'm what can callously be called a "lurker" or a "stalker," but really I'm just someone else that thinks she's funny and don't want anyone to know how funny I'm not.

But vote for her. Because she is funny.


The Elusive Truffle

I think I just ate the best truffle in the world.

We have an advent calendar from Starbucks that has 24 little drawers in it and in each little drawer is a brightly wrapped truffle. Plus, I just went to a Christmas dinner on Monday night that had truffles and I brought home about four more of them. I have had a truffle every day this week.

The exquisite truffle that I just consumed had a delicate white chocolate shell outside with soft chocolate filling and tiny crisped rice pieces inside. just melted deliciously in my mouth.

Yum, Yum, Yummy. Happy Holidays to my mouth.

Friday Fiver

Friday Fiver

Head to Toes

1. What's on your feet? Black Boots

2. Turn to your right -- what do you see? Myself---in the mirror

3. What is the last thing you ate? Hard boiled egg

4. What can you smell right now? Coffee

5. Do you wear hats? When it's cold or I just feel the need for cuteness

Adult Snow Day

Couldn't we start lobbying for work snow days? It just seems to me that kids shouldn't get to have all the fun all the time. Don't we teach them to share?

There is a school right across the street from my house. And there were no children scurrying in this morning to learn. But I had to shuffle out through the snow to my ice-laden car and plow my way through the snow covered streets.

I think I may start up a petition. The entire city must close down if the schools close down. Or at least we should be able to sleep in until noon.

Thursday, December 08, 2005


Turns out that most kittens born in the United States have ADD. Or ADHD. It's true!

"Los Angeles, Calif. -- Veterinarians across the country are reacting to Monday’s release of a UCLA study claiming that as many as 90 percent of all felines currently being born in the United States will develop Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) during their first month as a kitten. "

I had suspected this before in the several times that I have had kittens in my home, but now it's a scientific fact. I've raised two kittens of my own and fostered seven to other homes. So I know whereof I speak. This new information is so overwhelming, we can't but accept it as fact.

“Our research shows that an overwhelming majority of kittens begin displaying classic symptoms of ADD and ADHD within their first two to three weeks of life, symptoms such as uncontrollable, aggressive hyperactivity, constant squirming and being easily distracted by irrelevant sights, sounds and extraneous stimuli – a ball of yarn or a toy mouse, for example,” said UCLA researcher David Berman, who led the study. “In the past these symptoms have simply been attributed to youth – passed off as cute or playful, instead of being acknowledged as symptoms of a disorder. But we now know that when a kitten is bouncing hastily and randomly between playing with a loose string, chasing a remote controlled car, trying to give the goldfish a heart attack and tonguing herself clean, it’s actually a physical sign of the kitten’s neurotic psychological condition.”

So there you have it. Kittens are officially neurotic as declared by a scientist. Lucky for me, my cats seem to have mostly grown out of this disorder. Every now and then though, it creeps back in. I'll still catch them showing this agressive hyperactivity and uncontrollable squirming. They may never be cured. It may be a life-long struggle.

Read the full article here . You won't believe it either. But it's obviously true.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Just One More Snooze...

Really. That's all I ask.

Ok, so it's usually about 10 or so snoozes.

I have my clock by my bed set 15 minutes fast. It's not really a trick to fool myself with, it's more of a reassuring, "sweet, I have 15 minutes more to sleep," kind of situation. Most of the time, I have to be out of bed by (real time) 7:30. So I set my alarm for (clock time) 7. This means I hit snooze for 45 real minutes. This is the way it must be for me. I have to have my snooze hits.

However, on Wednesdays, Andy has men's group in the mornings so he leaves very early and then comes back to take me into work. I get a theoretical extra half hour to sleep as work is understanding and lets me come in a little late those days due to his group.

Anyway, I have to get up on Wednesday at (real time) 8 am. So I set my alarm for (clock time) 8 am. This means I get to hit snooze for only 15 minutes.

I think I like this situation because I end up getting a whole hour of extra sleep.

Yes, I am a moron. (50 points for whoever gets the clever musical reference)

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I can't paint my nails well for my life.

Really. It's true. I used to be really good at painting my nails. Or at least I used to think so.

And it doesn't always have to be exactly perfect, right? Unless it's bright, bright red! And since it's Christmas, it has to be bright, bright red. But last night it was all over my hands. Well, to be honest, it was this morning too until I peeled and prodded it all off. Not very attractive, I must say.

Toes are one thing, since this time of year, I'm the only one who appreciates how cute they are. And they are definitely cute. Now that I've gotten the extraneous paint off.

This is how exciting my life is right now.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Worse than Cat Claws...

That's the ferocity of my Christmas tree branches this year. Seriously, I have worse scratches after decorating our tree this weekend than anything my cats have ever done. (Granted, they are declawed. But still.) We had to both wear thick snow gloves to put on the lights and ornaments.

We are planning on being first in line the day after Christmas to buy a pre-lit, really nice, we'll-keep-it-forever fake tree. I can't wait!

But we spent all day Saturday listening to Harry Connick sing carols and now the tree is up and decorated and my entire lighted house village is arranged (I haven't gotten all of my houses out in years and we finally have the room and perfect place for them) and my hubby even started buying and wrapping my presents. He doesn't want me to snoop and find them. What he doesn' t know is that I am amazing with scotch tape. Ha ha ha haaaaa!

Yes, I am a snooper. If he says, "Don't look in the backseat, one of your presents is there," I won't do it. However, if he says, "Somewhere in the house there may or may not be one of your presents hidden," then obviously that's a challenge. And I won't lie to him. "Did you snoop and find a present." "Yes. Yes I did." And I will pretend to be surprised when I open it, too.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find anything interesting this year. Either he's getting better at hiding, or I'm getting worse at seeking. And now it's too late. I hate waiting. At least I know all the things "Santa" is giving me. And I know they fit too.

Question of the Week 2

Thank you for playing Monday Madness! Just a few light, happy questions to start the week off in a fun way!

1. I've always been afraid of ________.
2. People should not talk on cell phones while ________.
3. The one thing I look forward to every day is ________.
4. My first meal of the day usually consists of ________.
5. It seems like ________ is a never-ending job.
6. The last time I painted a room in my house/apartment was ________.
7. The next time I paint, I'd like to paint my ________(room) ________ (color).

1. Those freaky muppets on Seasame Street that make phone noises. It's true. I'll admit it. They used to fly in my window to scare me when I was little.
2. In restaurants. Especially while on a date.
3. Coming home to my hubby.
4. Coffee. Sometimes I add a donut or yogurt. Usually only coffee. I know. It's horrid of me.
5. Laundry. Usually it even has a hard time making it down the laundry chute. Then it's lucky if it gets sorted and washed. If it's clean, it's not folded. If it's folded, it's not put away. If it's put away, it's definitely not ironed!
6. Three weeks ago.
7. Dressing room. Pink. :)

Your turn!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Notes Can Groove

The 1/2 Note rehearsal was a success! I am quite tired and ready for bed though. Who would have thought I would feel this old already!?

We are only doing three songs with them but there are a lot of words and tons of moving and motions. We mostly worked this week on the motions and getting used to the songs and next week, I'll focus more on them actually singing the right words and maybe even hitting some of the right notes...luckily Andy and most of our leaders will have a mic so that there will be some melody carried here and there! I'm working on getting a spiffy wireless headset mic so that I can run around and do all the motions and singing and announcing and everything with both hands. Otherwise, the kids follow me on the motions and then only do things with one hand if I'm holding a mic. It's rather funny.

One of the songs we are lip synching to. It's a pop boy band type of song with a lot of groove and a ridiculous "white boy" rap. Very silly but loads of fun. I don't think they quite have the idea down yet of what it means to "pretend to sing." I may just tell them to sing out loud, but quietly. It's so funny to watch them just do the "watermelon" type of singing along!

I am definitely not afraid to make a fool of myself...I screw up more than they do most of the time...fortunately with 8 year old, they think I'm cool no matter what. Ha! Who knew!? Almost makes me want a kid...

"Lost" Review Day

Warning: if you haven't seen this week's episode, read no further!

Man oh man! What a good episode. We are finally finding some things out. Kate definitely has some baggage (though no more than anyone else around the island) and blowing up her house with her father in it was enough to freak out her mother. Though I can't understand why she would turn her daughter in. That wouldn't really solve anything. She could have entirely gotten away with it. But then, she would never have been on the run or gotten on that plane.

Though there are also more questions now than there were before.

In case you didn't notice, Sayid was on the tv getting arrested when Kate was in the army office talking to her dad...
Horse on the Island? Or just a ghost from the past?
Walt is sitting at a computer somewhere? (another hatch site?) Or is it a ruse to lure them out?
Sawyer loves Kate?
Kate kisses Jack...
Jack goes drinking with evil Ana Lucia...
And I still think Eko knows more than he's saying. He's becoming my favorite.
I am wondering how Eko & Ana Lucia fit into everyone else's backstory. And I don't believe we've ever seen Rose in anyone else's flashbacks. Though she and Eko have never had flashbacks either. They have to fit in somewhere because they seem to be becoming bigger characters.

Your favorite parts? Your least favorite? Something you wish they showed?

My fav was the kiss. Not really romantic, but a good smacker, none-the-less.
I wish we got more info about how everyone else was doing. We know that Jin & Sun are back together and happy, but nothing about Claire & over-protective Charlie or about how the new tail-folk are integrating into the rest of the group or any reference at all to the crazy monsters ripping up trees or black haze dragging people into holes in the ground. We really need more information here.

(and Andy wishes me to let everyone know here that he called that it was Walt who would respond on the computer. He believes he should be a writer on the show as he is so intuitive, or at the very least, he should be writing the soundtrack, which that part I don't disagree with at all)

Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I direct a very unruly (by unruly I mean fun, and really hyper) group of about 25 kid singers. We call them the Half-Notes. They are an absolute riot. It's what I like to call "full-contact worship." Praising God whilst jumping, waving your hands in the air and singing for all you are worth. Probably the most fun part of my job at the church.

I started the group up officially last spring after having had several chaotic events at church when we wanted kids to sing. I would call a bunch of parents and ask if their kids would be willing to sing for a particular service or event. It worked and they were great, but was just a lot more work and not very organized. And I have to be organized!

I decided to go with an audition process and we have regular rehearsals and also very spiffy little matching orange t-shirts. We have had the opportunity with them to sing in public a couple times, at a ministry conference and as often as possible at Ada Bible Church for baby dedications, holidays, etc.

I say all this because our Children's Ministry Christmas event is coming up. It's the big holiday bash party for families. We have story-time with the Christmas story, lots of crafts, making Christmas cookies, have a hay-ride and of course, there is the singing of Christmas carols by all the kids! We have each class perform a couple songs for their parents and this year we are also having the amazing Half-Notes sing and dance a couple songs along with the Andy Ferris Band. :) It's not an event without the band.

Tomorrow night is the first rehearsal for the 1/2 kids. I am a little nervous because there is a lot for them to learn and not a lot of time to learn it all in. But it will turn out fine and they will rock. It is going to be very fun and probably a good bit silly also. But that's how kids are, right?! Not me, though. No silly here. Nope.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Coming Soon

"Dark and difficult times lie ahead, Harry. Soon we must all face the choice between what is right, and what is easy."
~~Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

What upcoming films are on your "must see" list? Why are they must see? Is there anything coming out soon that you have absolutely no interest in seeing? Why not? Need a reminder of what's coming out in the next two months? Here are direct links to listings of November and December films.

I have already bought tickets to see Narnia. That is going to be excellent. I have read that series probably 5 times since I was a kid, not to mention the few times that I have had it read to me. I have very high hopes for this film. And I plan to read the book again immediately after watching it.
I think that's it. I saw Harry Potter...loved that. Am already anxiously awaiting the next movie or book. I want to see Walk The Line, but that's also not one I have to see in the theatre, I could rent it.
Oh yeah! RENT! I really want to see that. I have never seen the production of it...Producers! I have to see that too!
Man...I have more on the list than I thought I did. Any more I'm missing!?

Monday, November 28, 2005


So in the past three or four months, I have been to about 5 or more Pampered Chef parties. Could be a bit overkill at this point. I don't believe I will ever need to buy any other kitchen item. Riiiight. (at least that's what I'll tell Andy...heh heh)

Anyway, I had another one last night. Very fun as usual. Good food, good friends, silly party games. I always find it so interesting to meet friends of my friends' that I don't know yet or have heard lots about but never met.

My one job last night was to bring the slicer and help with making the sangria. As I am explaining how best to slice the oranges and to be very careful since the blade is horribly sharp and that, "really you should use the protector guide thingy when slicing so you don't cut yourself...Aaahhh!!!" The yelling was me cutting my thumb way open. Sometimes I am not so bright. No stitches. Just some blood and throbbing. Though now I will be wary of ever slicing again.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Hip Hip


It's done! After three and a half months, my tiny little bathroom is finished! And I love it. Love it, love it, love it. It's so beautiful and exactly what I was hoping it would be.

Andy worked on the trim all day Friday and then we had to pick up one more little piece of wood, paint it and then he finished that today.

He installed the toilet, though we had to run to the hardware store to pick up a new flapper as ours was leaking. New toilet!? Leaking flapper!? That's just ridiculous. Ah well, it was only $57 dollars for the whole toilet. What can I expect?

The sink cabinet is in and steady. He had to do a good bit of finagling to get it to be level, but it is nice and sturdy now. I got new hand towels and soap. The plumber is coming this afternoon to look at one of the handles on the faucet as it was a little bit leaky. And we certainly can't have that.

Mirror is on. Paper holder is on. New matching trash can and light & outlet plates are on. New floor mats. Little shelf for a plant and picture is on. Now I just need to make a curtain for my window. Maybe something striped in white, brown & green to match. I sense a fabric store shopping excursion coming up!

My hubby did such a good job. All I did was tear the old bathroom down and pick out the things I wanted. He did all the work. :) Sometimes it's nice to be a girl.

Amazingly, he was talking yesterday about the projects he wants to do someday in the attic and the basement. He's unstoppable. Though I'm not likely to try to stop him either!

Friday, November 25, 2005

shopping...part deux

I just want to preface this by saying that I am an amazing shopper. Other shoppers, employees, etc--they aren't a bother to me. I know what I want and I go after it. I am also quite good at browsing for a very long time.

I did well on my lunch break. Half an hour and I was out of there! HA!

I am out of work early today...give thanks...and I'm going back for more. This time I have more coupons, more stores and more presents to buy!!


I haven't gone yet today. I am planning on going very soon.

In fact, yesterday I spent much of my afternoon and evening going through the plethera of shopping ads. There are the Thursday sales, the 5-11 sales, the 6-noon sales, the 6-1 sales and the 6-2 sales. After that there are the Friday only and the two-day sales.

I have made my list. I have checked it fourteen times. There might even be a present for you on it.

I'm brave and very patient.

...I'll let you know how it goes...

Thursday, November 24, 2005

things i'm thankful for...

1. Andy--sweetest hubby in the world
2. Warm house full of love and kitties
3. Good job(s)
4. Full tummy of all kinds of thanksgiving goodness
5. My very strange family...even though no one called me to say happy day...I still love them
6. Friends who love me and put up with me in spite of my weirdness
7. Time--and the ability to make the most of each moment
8. Snow (I'll take this off my list in January)
9. Safety, heath, challenges, senses, knowledge, energy and a sense of humor not to take any of it (or myself) too seriously
10. the Lord who has given me all these things!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Joys of Tuesday

Tuesdays are always interesting days for me. I have two jobs: one at a bank and one at our church.

Most of the time I am at the bank and sitting in my little 8x4 cubicle staring at my computer screen for 9 or 10 hours of the day. I eat lunch here, read my email, process my work, edit my blog, etc. It is a very cozy little desk. I have a lamp, lots of pictures of Andy and my kitties, a plant and even a tiny little area rug. I really don't like plain stark cube walls. I must live in color. My last cube had a window looking over downtown. Sigh. I loved that. I'm still trying not to be bitter about when we moved offices back in June...

Anyway, Tuesdays change it up a little bit for me. I am only at the bank for about four hours and then I get to leave that office and spend the afternoon at the church office planning, plotting, organizing, charting music, selecting music, checking equipment, listening to music, etc. Very fun job. My church cubicle is very colorful and fun also. Different lamp, plant, pictures of Andy, area rug, coffee mug and a fish I lovingly named Nero. Plus all of my kid-CDs on my wall. Oh, and I just got new business cards today! Man, I must be slightly important.

I love the short day. Even though it's a full day. I feel like I rush rush rush around at my desk just to go to the church and rush rush rush some more. These are good rushes. The time flies right by and soon I'm home with my to-do list and my TV and my free time. Not necessarily in that order.

Tonight Andy has rehearsal for Sunday with all four bands for the church. He is their full time music director. Usually they have rehearsals on Thursdays, but since that is a holiday this week, it was rescheduled. So, I will have the house all to myself! I believe my brother may be home though. Maybe I'll have him make me dinner. Mac & cheese with tuna sandwiches. Mmmm.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Question of the Week

What is your family's traditional way to spend Thanksgiving day? What was your favorite Thanksgiving?

My family always went to my great-aunt's house. Everyone in my family went. Mother's side, father's side, and everybody who was remotely related to a side somewhere. It was chaos and so much fun!

Now that so many in that family have grown up, I haven't been to a big gathering in some time. My husband and I enjoy quiet Thanksgiving's together, or tag along with someone else who invites us.

My favorite Turkey Day was when I was in Israel. All of the Americans got together as many of the typical dishes as we possibly could (cranberry was strangely difficult to come by) and enjoyed talking about all the things we loved about our country back home.

101 Things About Anne by Andy

1. her name is Anne Ellen Ferris
2. she is kinda short, but I’m so tall that she might actually be average and I wouldn’t know it.
3. she is good at putting other people first.
4. she is a wait ‘till the last minute makeup applier…usually in the car or in the ladies room wherever we go
5. addendum to Anne’s #30…he doesn’t th ink he owns the world…but the nickname is from the moustache. The random right paw salute doesn’t help…
6. she is a better speller than I am
7. she is very organized. I’m not, so perhaps she really isn’t and it’s only in comparison to me. Either way, I’m impressed.
8. she is the messiest neat freak I know
9. she likes to read unless she has to
10. she likes cats.
11. she likes most cute furry creatures, but not as much as cats
12. she is obsessed with shoes. When we have kids we will have to sell enough shoes to make room for the crib
13. she doesn’t like it when I am paying attention to something other than her.
14. which sucks, because I have several hobbies…
15. she is great at speaking exactly what’s on her mind
16. she is awful about speaking what is exactly on her mind
17. she is very outgoing
18. she won’t talk to strangers
19. she likes fun socks and underwear. She will make them match, though no one ever sees (I hope) to make it matter
20. she will have piles of catalogues to look through and feed her (imaginary) materialism, yet will hide the one music gear magazine that I get lest I try and spend unessesary money
21. she has a bad habit of reading over my shoulder as I type
22. she is also terrible about reading books and magazines over my shoulder
23. I can’t stand reading stuff online if she is around since she will keep hitting the scroll button and I will loose my place
24. she is obsessed with cheesy online video games. If only she could be obsessed with the violent ones so I would have a reason to make her stop…
25. we spend lots of time working on budget and financial planning, then use the “if you spend money, I get to also” style of sticking to it
26. she has a very loud laugh
27. if coffee ceased to exist she would die
28. or at least be a very cranky person
29. she loves kids that she can play with and then give back to their parents when she is tired of kids
30. she loves starting projects for me to finish
31. she usually has too much to do
32. she also has too much free time
33. she is very committed to her friends and family
34. she has great taste in pretty much everything: clothes, decorations, music, books, art, etc
35. she know more about cars than I do
36. she can beat you up
37. she will give you a noogie or wedgie depending on how well she knows you
38. she laughs so hard that she has to sit down
39. she laughs so hard she starts crying
40. she cries at most sappy movies and books.
41. she cries when she sees dead animals by the road
42. she cries when I leave town
43. she cries when I come home
44. she is the happiest person I know
45. she listed all these places she swam in…she can’t swim…
46. though she can doggie paddle better than most dogs
47. she thinks dogs are cute, but doesn’t want one
48. that’s ok, since I have enough poop to clean up. The cats, not my wife…
49. I think she has a solid worldview. She knows what she believes but is always learning
50. I think she would get a haircut everyday if it grew fast enough
51. she is a good cook, but rarely has time to employ that skill
52. she is a hard worker for stuff she cares about
53. she is a decently hard worker for stuff she doesn’t care much about
54. she is annoyed by stupid leadership or management
55. good leadership and management motivates her to great ends
56. she is also good at motivating herself. She should be a manager.
57. she cares greatly for other people
58. she desires to follow Christ and is always seeking to know what that means
59. she has a ton of energy
60. she is energetic even when she is tired
61. she tells people that her energy is an act and she does it when she has to, but it’s the real deal. I know, I’ve tried to keep up with her.
62. she loves to garden. A recent development.
63. she is more of a boy than me sometimes in that she will pick up worms and frogs and those things give me the creeps
64. she prefers to listen to music the first time when I’m not there to provide a running commentary/critique.
65. she loves good art that inspires a discussion
66. she loves a good discussion
67. stupid people annoy her
68. which is funny, because she is right about never having road rage and Lord knows how many stupid people there are on the road.
69. she likes to make things pretty
70. it’s a crying shame she has to have a job, since she is so good at so many things she doesn’t have enough time for.
71. she makes the cutest pouty faces
72. she has to wear contacts or glasses
73. when she doesn’t wear contacts or glasses she has to get inches away from something to see it which is very funny to watch
74. she is always a fast driver, even if she’s not in a hurry
75. she is a slow walker
76. she says she’s a fast walker. Yeah, but compared to who? Not to me…hah!
77. she is a good snuggler
78. she is very theatric and steals a show
79. she is more of a rock star in attitude than I will ever be, multiple piercings, tatoos…
80. so’s your face
81. she is a good kisser
82. she is a flirt.
83. but mostly with me
84. she is a great cat petter. She always extracts a purr
85. she is not a big TV watcher, but is addicted to one or two shows each year.
86. she loves swedish fish candy
87. she punches people in the arm
88. sometimes she misses and hits your face
89. can’t say it enough: so’s your face
90. she would make a hot pirate
91. she is quite social and enjoys a large group
92. but also craves her time alone with a book
93. she is a good gift giver, always thinking of something for someone
94. she tries to live out her convictions
95. she is great at bargain shopping and talking people down in price
96. she is totally like a cat in that she will randomly climb into high places, ledges, trees, cliffs over waterfalls. She will also walk right in front of you
97. she likes to be cozy: hammocks, bathrobes, fires and hot chocolate, porches and beaches with ice cream, etc
98. she is more talented than she admits
99. she is really, really hot (even when not a pirate)
100. she is my best friend
101. she is definitly a gift from God

102 Things About Anne by Anne

1. I am a follower of Jesus Christ
2. My husband is a full-time musician. Lucky for us, he even gets paid. He is amazing at what he does. One of those artists that amaze everyone he meets. God gave him a few extra doses of talent.
3. We own three cats: one is black & white and sucks her thumb, one is an orange tabby that styles hair, and the third is a calico that has seven toes on each front paw.
4. I love the snow if I am indoors with hot cocoa and a good book
5. I love laying in the hot sun if I have a fan blowing on me
6. I love the smell of spring
7. My favorite book is Wicked (but that’s really hard to choose and often changes every year!)
8. I will read mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, Christian living, children’s books, adventure, classics, thrillers, non-fiction, reference, but I can’t bring myself to read Christian romance. Not that I care if anyone else does.
9. My mom is 54 years old, has Multiple Sclerosis and lives in a nursing home
10. I am afraid of what will get me in the dark when my eyes are closed.
11. I worry the most about what people really think of me.
12. I need to get rid of those clothes from high school that I am sure I will fit into again but are out of style now anyway, so I don’t know why I bother.
13. What gives me the greatest sense of satisfaction right now is leading elementary kids in worship and teaching them how much fun it is.
14. I need to be a better wife
15. My shoes are like bunnies. They keep multiplying.
16. Garage-saleing is one of my favorite adventures
17. I wish I exercised more
18. I hate exercising
19. I feel like I don’t deserve my husband.
20. Bryer’s Strawberry ice cream is not overrated. In fact, I can think of none better.
21. Coffee is a gift from God. It is possible for me to wake up without it, but may not be pleasant.
22. I am a Harry Potter Fan
23. I spent 3 months in Jerusalem, Israel studying Jewish history, archaeology, Biblical relevancy and Israeli film; I traveled to Petra, Galilee and Tel Burnah and I made amazing friends and memories. I have pictures if you want to see.
24. When I was a kid, I pretty much got whatever I wanted. But I never felt spoiled. I suppose that means I really was.
25. I believe in summer days, laying on a hammock and having a kitty purr on your chest.
26. I am an unabashed fan of everything my husband does. He is my rock star. Other people think he’s a rock star also, but he belongs singularly to me.
27. I say what is on my mind. Sometimes with regret, sometimes just for fun.
28. I took care of my mother all through when I was in high school. I hated people telling me what a good thing I was doing. She’s my mother. That’s just the right thing to do. Putting her in a nursing home was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. And yet it was easy and I was relieved.
29. My invisible friend’s name when I was little was Suzie. I was planning on naming my first child that. I probably won’t.
30. I have a cat whose nickname is “Hitler.” It’s because of the mustache not because of his worldview.
31. I have swum in the Sea of Galilee, the Red Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Dead Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie and Lake Chautauqua. I prefer fresh water to salt.
32. I am of the opinion that Happiness is just another word for Chocolate.
33. I like being short. Except when I’m with tall people. Then I feel small.
34. I wish I could dance.
35. I haven’t acted in a play or musical in years. But I have been Corrie tenBoom, Jo March, Mustardseed, and a host of other small parts. My ideal role would be a leading Jane Austin character. I love all forms of theatre.
36. I met my husband as a member of the musical “HMS Pinafore.” He had to catch me as I fainted when one of the characters ‘swore’ onstage.
37. I can’t draw to save my life. Stick figures are another matter entirely.
38. I change favorite colors with the seasons. Right now it’s green. I am obsessed with green. Maybe because there isn’t any on the trees right now.
39. I love my friends. I know so many cool people that I am amazed every time I see each of them. I don’t think I’m popular (my husband has that covered) but I feel blessed to know so many awesome folks!
40. I want to be a loyal, dependable friend. I want to be trustworthy and honest and forthright. I want to be someone people go to for advice, counsel and a shoulder to cry on. I don’t think I am any of these things yet.
41. I can watch a lot of Law & Order, X-files, Lost, and Felicity.
42. I believe that God created the purr of the kitty to show us what peace really is.
43. I love playing in the dirt. Growing fruit, vegetables, flowers and weeds. I love seeing something I planted months ago produce something beautiful. It almost makes Spring worth the wait. Except then I have to suffer through Winter. Bah.
44. When I was in high school I had a much closer relationship with Christ. Now, I am much more mature but not in as regular of communication.
45. I love learning. I would go to college again if there weren’t homework involved. Random classes too. Languages, cooking, history, art.
46. I hate the time it takes to learn something. I want to know it all right now.
47. I have developed a green thumb in the last two years. Used to be I couldn’t keep a spider plant or simple ivy alive and now I have plants coming out from every corner of my house. Maybe that’s why I like green right now. Huh.
48. I love climbing trees. I don’t care if I ruin clothes, scrape my knees or freak out my husband who is afraid of heights. I will probably be terrified when my kids are just like me.
49. I am the loudest laugher in the room. Sometimes I even fall down laughing so hard; people have stopped to ask if I’m ok. My husband’s favorite trick is making everyone in the restaurant turn around and look at me.
50. I hate cleaning. Dishes I don’t mind. Laundry I can fold while watching TV. But sweeping, dusting, vacuuming…ugh. Just the thought of it all makes me tired.
51. I think my nose is too big. I wish it was cute and pert but it is not. It is large and in charge. I have never embraced this fact. I feel sorry for my future children.
52. I have a tattoo of a teddy bear on my back. His name is Samuel. Why did I get a teddy bear? Beats me. Spur of the moment. I would get another tattoo if I think my husband wouldn’t kill me.
53. I used to love to play in the woods as a kid. I’d catch crawfish and tadpoles in the creek, build dams, create houses out of fallen trees, ride my bike headlong down steep hills, and hike for hours and hours. I was by myself, but never alone or bored.
54. I am afraid I won’t be a good parent because I won’t know how. My mother was sick for most of my teenage years and I don’t feel like I got a chance to learn how to do it right. Maybe that’s why I’m putting it off as long as possible.
55. I am sad when so many Christians give us a bad name. Christ showed love to everyone, why don’t we? I am a believer in His love and life and the restoration of His church.
56. I love to bake and to cook. Sadly, I don’t do it often enough. My crock-pot cries out from the cupboard from lack of use.
57. I wish I could play an instrument better. I have played violin, piano and percussion. But I’m not really great at any of them. I have taken guitar and bass lessons from my husband. But I never practice. I am very impatient with myself.
58. I don’t have to agree with you to get along; I love theological and philosophical discussions that stretch my thinking and my ideologies. I have been put in my place more than once and I’m not afraid to sit there.
59. I used to think bunnies could be pink or purple.
60. I have been married to my husband four times. It’s a great story.
61. Kittens implore me to adopt them. Especially when they have seven toes on their front paws.
62. I will eat almost anything. Except bugs or brussels sprouts or beans (apparently I don’t like things that begin with B…but I like bacon and broccoli and bananas…)
63. I am the financial manager of our household. Not that my husband can’t do it, but we find that I do it better. He’s the artist; I’m the organizer.
64. I am a part of two small groups. One is a women’s group. They are supportive and very challenging, which I love and need. The other is a couple’s group that myself and my husband lead. They are the coolest bunch of people who love learning about God and life together.
65. I don’t shop at Wal-Mart. They once tried to send me to jail over a $50 check. It’s a great story.
66. My recurring nightmare is that all of my teeth are falling out. Every time I have this dream, I am sure that it’s for real.
67. I always read over my husband’s shoulder and then take away whatever he is reading. He hates it.
68. I love budgeting.
69. I dislike sticking to a budget.
70. I make amazing home made salsa from fresh veggies out of my garden. At least it’s amazing to me.
71. I work full-time at a bank in their Commercial Loan Department. Not my ideal job, but strangely fulfilling. The management is great which also makes it worthwhile to me.
72. I work part-time at a church as the kids’ music coordinator. On Sunday’s I get to lead hundreds of elementary students in worship. I love it. My ideal job if it were full-time.
73. I love being served by my husband. He’s the best French toast maker, back rubber, coffee bringer, litter-box changer, chauffeur, tuck-er-in-er a girl could ever hope for or desire. And I don’t deserve him. I can only hope to learn servant-hood from him.
74. I have to do my hair differently every day. Whether it’s parting it on the other side, straightening it, curling it, scrunching it, putting it up—it has to be different.
75. I love to be home alone with my kitties
76. I love to be at a party with all my friends
77. I prefer the party to be at their house
78. I love entertaining at our house
79. I love remodeling. I love taking something and making it better. But I can never do it on my own. My hubby is remarkable in so many ways. He’s been a painter, an electrician, a plumber, a builder and a tiler. So really, I guess he loves remodeling. Though I doubt he would never tell anyone that.
80. I love my fries dipped in my Frosty.
81. I enjoy a good cry. But I usually try to hold it in when other people are around. Must…appear…tough…
82. I am a pretty patient driver. I don’t get mad by other dumb drivers and I don’t believe I have ever had road rage. Though I am the one passing you on the right. Or the left. Or on the shoulder if I have to. But you’ll hardly see me go by. I’m quick. The tickets I have had over the years will attest to my speediness. There are some states and countries I can no longer drive in.
83. My favorite smell is freshly cut grass. Or patchouli incense. Or fresh brownies. Or Andy’s cologne. Or a newly blossomed rose. Or baking bread. Or the smoke from a candle that has just been blown out.
84. My least favorite smell is cat pee. Hands down. Ugh. And with my big ol’ shnoz, I can scope it out from a mile away. This scent is also one of my biggest pet peeves.
85. Ignorance makes me angry. As does apathy. Especially in myself.
86. I used to think I was pretty decent at selecting home d├ęcor. But since one of my best friends is an interior designer, I have lost most of my confidence in that matter. I will now run to her with every question.
87. I like wine and foo-foo alcoholic beverages. I don’t like beer except Corona and I don’t like straight liquor.
88. I used to think I slept with my eyes open. Hey, they're open when I go to bed and open when I get up. It makes sense.
89. My favorite fruit is a pomegranate. It is an adventure in eating and a challenge to conquer. Plus they are very tasty and remind me of my time in Jerusalem.
90. I like to wear makeup. I am pretty confident in my looks, but always like to at least have some lip-gloss on if nothing else is available.
91. I have become very addicted to corny online computer games. Feeding fish, escaping from a locked room, short little adventures. I love it. There are few other things I will stay up past midnight for.
92. I will stay up all night to finish a book I am really into.
93. I love sleeping. Andy says that we won’t get to sleep when we’re in heaven, so we’re doing as much as we can now.
94. I love chick flicks, action movies, sci-fi, thrillers, and classics. I really love movies. I try to stay away from horror. They give me nightmares. That freaky girl from “The Ring” tends to keep me up at night.
95. I had two wedding dresses for two different wedding ceremonies. My mother’s, which we altered, and another that I purchased. Both very different, but I loved them both.
96. Get Fuzzy is my favorite comic. Always funny.
97. Comics are the only part of the newspaper that I read.
98. I don’t really have a favorite flower. I love roses’ scent, daisies’ cheerfulness, mums’ heartiness and how delicate orchids are. I grow as many as I can. Haven’t grown an orchid yet. I have one, but no flowers yet.
99. I speak in my own funny little girly voice when I am on the phone with my husband. I didn’t think of this myself, but my coworkers brought it up…apparently they notice.
100. My CD collection is alphabetized. My DVD collection is ordered by genre (chick flick, action, comedy, etc.) and then actor. My library is organized topically (mystery, christian living, reference, chick lit, history, biography, classics, etc.) and then by author. I like to be able to find things.
101. I like being challenged by work or conversation. I get bored easily.
102. This list was really hard for me. Andy did his on me in an hour and it has taken me three days. Apparently I am not very good at introspection. Who knew.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Remodeling--Part 3

Our current project is the small first floor bathroom. Like I said, it came equipped with only a toilet and a towel rack. (I am of the opinion that those who owned our house in times previous to ourselves were not rocket scientists.) We wanted to have a sink so our guests don't feel quite so weird. We also needed to update the look of the room quite a bit. In taking down the wallpaper and classy wood paneling on the walls, we decided to rip out the half wall and expand the size of the room a couple feet. This was a good decision. Messy, but good.

For a sink, we first thought that the best thing to do would be to get a tiny corner pedestal, but I have always loved vessel sinks and so began my search for the perfect one. Everything I found exceeded our budget by quite a bit. I kept looking on ebay and every possible online store. Then one day while driving home, I passed a potter's shop. "Hmm," I thought. "I wonder if he could make me a sink." In I go and find the coolest Einstein-type eccentric potter fellow. He had actually made a vessel sink before for someone and promised me one in exactly the dimensions I wanted and for less than half of the price of anything I could have found anywhere else. I considered hugging him. But refrained.

The faucet I did buy off of ebay. Struggles and lamentations. But I got it and it's exactly what I wanted. Andy put in all of the pvc piping himself. We have an amazing friend who is a plumber help us with all of the copper piping and plumbing installation. The walls are now painted. The tile is laid (another great friend) and grouted. I need a new toilet since the old one didn't match, and a new door and wood trim. We have the trim and it is cut and just waiting to be painted. The mirror is waiting to be hung and the sink to be attached. Soon and very soon it will be completely done.

Sigh. I think we will take a break for a while.

Next year is new carpeting and fixing cracked plaster in some spots. Maybe painting a few more rooms. But until then, we are just going to cuddle into our snug little house, light some candles to save on gas, and enjoy our home that we have been exceedingly blessed with.

Please come visit. I'll make some brownies, we'll watch a movie. And I'll even let you use my new sink.