Monday, November 28, 2005


So in the past three or four months, I have been to about 5 or more Pampered Chef parties. Could be a bit overkill at this point. I don't believe I will ever need to buy any other kitchen item. Riiiight. (at least that's what I'll tell Andy...heh heh)

Anyway, I had another one last night. Very fun as usual. Good food, good friends, silly party games. I always find it so interesting to meet friends of my friends' that I don't know yet or have heard lots about but never met.

My one job last night was to bring the slicer and help with making the sangria. As I am explaining how best to slice the oranges and to be very careful since the blade is horribly sharp and that, "really you should use the protector guide thingy when slicing so you don't cut yourself...Aaahhh!!!" The yelling was me cutting my thumb way open. Sometimes I am not so bright. No stitches. Just some blood and throbbing. Though now I will be wary of ever slicing again.


heather said...

Oh No!!! I bet that was an awkward moment at the party! Hope you're doing okay (obviously well enough to type about it...).

anne said...

it was probably rather exciting and dramatic to be sure. "do you need stitches? should i drive you to the hospital?"
"i don't think so, just wrap it quick! eew, i don't want to see it!"
"where's the bandaids? where's the neosporin?"
all this of course while the poor consultant is trying to explain about this lovely chicken dish she's making. ha! apparently, i'm really good at stealing a show.

that one guy said...

show stealer...give it back, right now!