Monday, November 21, 2005

Question of the Week

What is your family's traditional way to spend Thanksgiving day? What was your favorite Thanksgiving?

My family always went to my great-aunt's house. Everyone in my family went. Mother's side, father's side, and everybody who was remotely related to a side somewhere. It was chaos and so much fun!

Now that so many in that family have grown up, I haven't been to a big gathering in some time. My husband and I enjoy quiet Thanksgiving's together, or tag along with someone else who invites us.

My favorite Turkey Day was when I was in Israel. All of the Americans got together as many of the typical dishes as we possibly could (cranberry was strangely difficult to come by) and enjoyed talking about all the things we loved about our country back home.


Jean said...

Thanksgiving tradition is eating at my parents house. It was always my whole family (all four of my brothers and me). Now, we still go to my parents house and there's usually at least one other brother there with his family and friends of my parents or our friends that come along (like you and Andy :). No one Thanksgiving has been more memorable than the next. I think this Thanksgiving will be fun driving in the snow (as it is snowing right now) to Lansing.

anne said...

i have to agree that it should be an interesting drive tomorrow...the weather forcast is a bit foreboding!