Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Joys of Tuesday

Tuesdays are always interesting days for me. I have two jobs: one at a bank and one at our church.

Most of the time I am at the bank and sitting in my little 8x4 cubicle staring at my computer screen for 9 or 10 hours of the day. I eat lunch here, read my email, process my work, edit my blog, etc. It is a very cozy little desk. I have a lamp, lots of pictures of Andy and my kitties, a plant and even a tiny little area rug. I really don't like plain stark cube walls. I must live in color. My last cube had a window looking over downtown. Sigh. I loved that. I'm still trying not to be bitter about when we moved offices back in June...

Anyway, Tuesdays change it up a little bit for me. I am only at the bank for about four hours and then I get to leave that office and spend the afternoon at the church office planning, plotting, organizing, charting music, selecting music, checking equipment, listening to music, etc. Very fun job. My church cubicle is very colorful and fun also. Different lamp, plant, pictures of Andy, area rug, coffee mug and a fish I lovingly named Nero. Plus all of my kid-CDs on my wall. Oh, and I just got new business cards today! Man, I must be slightly important.

I love the short day. Even though it's a full day. I feel like I rush rush rush around at my desk just to go to the church and rush rush rush some more. These are good rushes. The time flies right by and soon I'm home with my to-do list and my TV and my free time. Not necessarily in that order.

Tonight Andy has rehearsal for Sunday with all four bands for the church. He is their full time music director. Usually they have rehearsals on Thursdays, but since that is a holiday this week, it was rescheduled. So, I will have the house all to myself! I believe my brother may be home though. Maybe I'll have him make me dinner. Mac & cheese with tuna sandwiches. Mmmm.


heather said...

A nice little snapshot of your day. I like it.

Kelly Wissink said...

Anne, I have the privilege of sharing your space at the church and just have to say that with all you do, you are an amazing "20 something year old".

Nero keeps my son occupied and your laugh and stories make the day fun!

Keep up the great posts, Anne. What a treat to get a glimpse into your life.