Saturday, November 19, 2005

Remodeling--Part 2

This year we started off the summer with building a retaining wall for my flower garden. Two hundred bricks, three yards of dirt and many pots of flowers later, we have a stunning little addition to the front of our home. My morning glories grew all over the front of the house this summer. They even stuck their little ivy fingers through our windows and into the front porch! The roses did not blossom after replanting, but by the end of the summer had lots of green leaves again. I am hoping that next year they will be splendid.
Oh this picture makes me smile. Especially now when I know I will not see the beautiful green for many months.

Back into the house we go. The dining room became the next big project. Lots of ripping, busting, tearing, and demolishing. Underneath our very attractive dropped tile we found broken and falling plaster and lathe. The whole ceiling had to come down. And down it came. Breathing was best done outside during those few weeks.

Again, my amazing husband hung new drywall and while he was at it, he decided to install three new electrical outlets upstairs while the access was available! I am ever more impressed with him. We painted the walls two different colors, stained and hung picture rail trim and wha-la! I love my dining room. It is so warm and cozy. Now I just have to get pictures on the walls.

I sometimes get the urge to buy another big old house near us just so we can remodel it and make it amazing. But then my husband shakes me out of my stupor and informs me that we won't. Good man.

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