Thursday, May 24, 2007

Running and Going Nowhere **Plus! Can You Believe I Wrote Two Posts in One Day!?**

That's what happens when you run on a treadmill. You run and you run but you don't get anywhere. In case you didn't know.

We just bought a used treadmill this week for a great price and I'm very excited to start using it!! I haven't really had a chance quite yet, but I have tried it out enough to know that I love it. It's up in my sewing room/spare bedroom/office and is right in front of the computer so I can watch tv while I run, an important component.

Carbon has a countdown of uses until she has 'paid off' her treadmill and I think that's a fabulous motivation for myself. My husband has declared that I need to set a goal of how many times per week I will use it and if I don't, I will owe him $5. Yikes. I'd better get to it.

The thing is, right now is the perfect time of year to actually be outside being active. It's perfectly warm and breezy and unbelievably beautiful. Michigan doesn't provide many times like this so I'm trying to take advantage of it. In fact, tomorrow I have a lunch meeting with my mentor and I'm riding my bike the two miles to get there.

Which brings me to something exciting for me. I have a mentor! A few months ago, it was brought up to all of us 'younger' staff members that we could select someone else on staff for mentoring meetings. Tomorrow is our first meeting and I am really looking forward to it. This is a woman whom I have admired as long as I have known her. She has the kindest heart, most genuine care for people, and an excessive amount of wisdom. I only hope she can impart a smidge of that onto me.

Fine & Dandy

Thank you all for your good thoughts and advice about the hives! For those of you who have had them before, I'm sorry. Ugh, that was so annoying!

My feet are still a bit itchy. It's as if all the hives just slithered down there and decided to camp out around my ankles. But they're almost gone so I'm really not complaining at all.

Oh, and who is already dreading the six-month wait for LOST!? It's cruelty! I do have to say it was definitely the best season finale of the bunch. Grey's Anatomy was horrible for one, though Desperate Housewives was rather good. The Office was also good, however not as gut-wrenching as last year. I want to be fulfilled with closed story-lines, but also motivated to watch it again next season. DH was perfect, TO was great, while GA was just dreary and depressing. Ah well. At least Hero's is online for my viewing pleasure for this summer.

Let's see...

I have gotten a couple tags for memes lately, but haven't applied myself to working them out. I can never think of any more 'things about me that you don't know'.

So, put a question about me that you don't know in the comments and I'll answer that, k? That'll be more interesting and creative anyway.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Horror of Hives

For the past couple days I have been thinking that I've been getting an awful lot of bug bites.

"Geez, maybe the cats have fleas." I treat the cats, I treat the fabrics, I treat the couches, I wash the sheets. I have changed the sheets at least three or four times this week.

That doesn't help. I'm seriously hating sleeping in my bed. Last night I was awake from 3 to 6 trying to sleep on the bathroom floor and then eventually go down to the couch to watch a movie. My scalp is a mass of bumps and itchiness. My knees are practically one big red blob. My arms and hands are covered in welts, my neck, my thighs, my ears. One of my eyes is half swollen shut.

We go to the doctor today and I'm afraid at first I have chicken pox. It's 'just' hives. I want to rip my skin off of my body, but all I get is a couple little white allergy pills. I've taken an oatmeal bath and coated myself with cortaid.

There's no obvious cause. Maybe it was a flat of flowers I just planted? That's my best guess. All I really know is that it is agony. Good thing I haven't cut my nails lately.

I'm going to be camping on the couch with movies, books and ice cream. Whatever I can find to make me feel a little bit better. You'd think they'd use this as torture in prisons. I'd crack for sure.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

No Excuse Like a Lame Excuse

I've been...busy?

  • getting ready for a garage sale
  • pricing, looting, rummaging, etc.
  • having a garage sale
  • spending garage sale money on a new coffeemaker from ebay for less than half the price
  • potting new plants for the front porch
  • not cleaning the house
  • not doing laundry for two weeks
  • finally getting around to doing laundry
  • needing to do laundry again since I waited so long the first time
  • reading fabulous books but not getting around to writing fabulous reviews for them
  • knowing that reviews should be written
  • regular work stuff
  • extra work stuff including fun events that really tire one out
  • flying to Atlanta for a conference
  • being in Atlanta for a conference
  • trying to catch up on bills and cleaning after being in Atlanta for a conference
  • taking a nap
  • watering my plants
  • feeding the fish
  • petting the kitties
I think that's enough good excuses for now. The kitty is imploring me to take a nap with her. For your entertainment, go here. You can thank me later. We all have to do our part to pass on the funny.