Thursday, May 10, 2007

No Excuse Like a Lame Excuse

I've been...busy?

  • getting ready for a garage sale
  • pricing, looting, rummaging, etc.
  • having a garage sale
  • spending garage sale money on a new coffeemaker from ebay for less than half the price
  • potting new plants for the front porch
  • not cleaning the house
  • not doing laundry for two weeks
  • finally getting around to doing laundry
  • needing to do laundry again since I waited so long the first time
  • reading fabulous books but not getting around to writing fabulous reviews for them
  • knowing that reviews should be written
  • regular work stuff
  • extra work stuff including fun events that really tire one out
  • flying to Atlanta for a conference
  • being in Atlanta for a conference
  • trying to catch up on bills and cleaning after being in Atlanta for a conference
  • taking a nap
  • watering my plants
  • feeding the fish
  • petting the kitties
I think that's enough good excuses for now. The kitty is imploring me to take a nap with her. For your entertainment, go here. You can thank me later. We all have to do our part to pass on the funny.


Hillary said...

Good to hear from you!!! Hehe, I JUST sent an email to Sarah this morning - something along the lines of, "Uhhhh... any clue what's happened to Anne?" I was gonna give it a few more days and email Jean - lest I look like a paranoid freak by spazing out too soon. But we were wondering! :)

Yaaaay! Anne's back!!!

Kat said...

I was wondering where you were!!! Sounds like a nice busy time.

Jean said...

I've found even more stuff for another garage sale.... :)

Glad you're back. :)

Anne said...

I AM back Hills-bills. And I have plenty to say. Stay tuned.

Very busy, Kat. Very.

Jean, I'll just have to bring my leftovers over to your place then for when you have yours!

Cheeky said...

OK, I'm befuddled by the coffee maker purchase. Yes, it is dazzling and lovely and red, but weren't you going "off" caffiene?

Ugh--laundry. I have about 4 loads or more to hop to...especially since it looks like rain tomorrow, so I have to do them today in order to hang them out to dry.

See you Sat for the BS!

Anne said...

I'm mostly off. We don't drink anything but half-caf at home, and sometimes just decaf. It's the comfort of it. And I SWEAR that drinking coffee (de or half) tricks me into thinking I should be awake. It's all in your head... :)

I have hanging the laundry line on the list of things to do today. And a lot of loads will be going on around here too!

Anne said...

Oh, plus this coffeemaker has a permanent filter so I'm not using those yucky paper ones! Less waste--YAY!

Hillary said...

Waitin' on the edge of my seat... and not only cause I'm at school sitting on a little kiddie chair! ;)

Scrapnqueen said...

Oh, Miss Anne, when you are done selling all your worldly possessions and gallavanting all over the country, would you be so kind as to be it? That would be good of you.

Dawn said...

Anne you busy buys lady. Thanks for reminder, I too need to do laundry. Ya. Funny link to the cats fave being da biting snakecat! :)

sarah cool said...

that coffee maker is adorable! I want a senseo. but the thought of giving up my coffee maker makes me sad, and I HATE having a ton of kitchen gadgets.

sarah cool said...

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