Thursday, September 27, 2007

I Know I'm Not the Only One

Anyone else excited about Premier Week!? I know I am!!

Heroes on Monday
Grey's Anatomy & The Office tonight. And REALLY. Why did they have to schedule them both at the same time? Why do the executives at ABC & NBC hate me so much? Why?
Desperate Housewives & Brothers and Sisters on Sunday night.

Boy oh boy. Tonight the house is open to watch your choice of show. I don't know what to do. My DVR won't let me tape one and watch another. I think I might be taping The Office on our little tiny bunny-eared tv. Yikes!

Sunday, be ready to come over and start the festivities at 9 sharp!! Popcorn will be hot, buttery and fresh; Kool-aid will be chilled.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday Morning Interview: Bring your own coffee

Jill over at The Diaper Diaries sent me a bunch of great questions…

1. You lead music for the kids which usually involves a lot of actions. I suspect you and Andy also sit at home making up words to "adult" songs. My mom and I used to have a whole routine to "Coming to America" by Neil Diamond. What song desperately is in need of actions to go with it?

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--This is a fun question to be sure…whenever I sing during a “grown-ups” service at church, I always threaten our pastor with doing motions to all the songs! I think he’s always a little nervous that I will actually do it…

There are a lot of good U2 songs that need motions. Really, I could make up something for pretty much any song out there. It’s a gift, I know.

2. You are about to embark on this crazy thing called parenthood. What are you so excited for you can hardly wait?

--Cuddling/rocking/loving, seeing what she looks like, learning what to do and seeing Andy become a dad. He’s going to be amazing.

3. What are you so scared of you wish human gestation was 9 years instead of 9 months.

--Being good at it. I never really enjoyed babysitting growing up unless it was for relatives. Probably because I already had an interest in them, but if it were just for neighbors or something, I usually dreaded it. I’m afraid I won’t like it, afraid that I’ll be horrible at it. I know that’s a typical worry and that everyone says I’ll be fine…but still…

4. Your hubby is quite the rock star. If you and he were to form a band and tour the world, what instrument would you play and what would the name of the band be?

--I think I would play bass. Partially because it’s the easiest (if you want to just get the basics down anyway…to be a “good” bass player it’s more complex…) and partially because Andy says chick bass players are cool…Plus, I already have a sweet bass picked out.

I also might have to snag some lead singer stage time as well…but only on the songs that he writes specifically for my range and which are easy to sing while playing the bass at the same time!

Funny bit of info: we actually have already written one song for my chick rock band. Yes, he would be playing in MY chick rock band. The name of the band? We’ve known that for years: Jezebelle.

5. Ok, lover of cats. I am a dog person myself. The baby is allergic and you are forced to get a different kind of pet (this will never happen, don't panic). What would you get and why?

--First of all, of course this will never happen!! We’ve had enough problems with our poor cats…

I don’t know if we would get anything else. We already have a couple fish, a dog just is too big and too much work for the size of our yard, and any other pet just isn’t as much fun. A pet is for keeping your lap warm when you’re reading a book or sleeping on your feet during the night. They greet you at the door with a purr and a meow and when they run around chasing their tail, their little bell jingles. A pet has genuine care and affection for you, even if only because you feed and love it first. Guinea Pigs? Fish? Turtles? What kind of snuggling can you get out of those? Eh.

I think we’d just wait it out until she grows out of it. We’re assuming that would happen because Andy was that way when he was a baby…so here’s hoping for NO allergies!!

Thanks Jill, for the interview! If anyone wants me to send questions for your own interview, put it in the comments and I’ll send them your way!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Projects Completed

Big Things. Like this summer's endless upholstery of about 20 booths for our 1st Grade classroom. I'm pretty proud of these. They really look amazing. And extra credit to the guy who refinished the wood and built the tables!

Medium Things. Like finishing up the theatre curtains for our 2nd & 3rd Grade classroom.

Little things. Like upholstering trashcan seats for our 4th & 5th Grade classroom and sewing a few flags for our Kindergarten Castle.

Can I just say we have the coolest kids' classes ever!? I remember Sunday school growing up and even though it was in our art room (church+school) it was pretty much a cement-block room. We sat at our little tables and learned our little lesson and sang our little songs. But fun? I don't know if there was much of that other than what we made ourselves trying to stay awake!! Not to knock that type of learning...I will admit that I am sure I learned a lot, but man, to be a kid in our church here? I wish I was in Kindergarten all over again.

I did squeeze in one non-work project recently. This Friday, I'm throwing a shower with a friend for another friend and I just finished her diaper bag. She picked out all the fabrics she liked and I went to work! I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out and I really hope she likes it!

Now I just have to find fabric for my own!

Monday, September 17, 2007

It's Corn that tastes like candy!

Personally, I always get excited at my first bag of candy corn each year. At work on Thursday, a friend was giving out the new candy corn flavored Hershey kisses. Those, I hated. However, I commented (before trying it for the first time) that I loved candy corn and couldn't wait for some. A few hours later, she walked into the office and handed me a bag!

Even better than a bag of candy corn? The candy Pumpkins!

The one candy corn I have never liked is the chocolate ones. I'm not sure why, but for me, the original is what I have to have.

The best part of my own bag of candy corn? Hubby doesn't like it at all so I don't even have to pretend to be willing to share!

Interesting info about candy corn as found on Wikipedia:

1. The National Confectioners Associates estimate 20 million pounds of candy corn are sold each year.
2. Candy corn was first invented in the 1880s by George Renninger and was originally made by hand.
3. October 30th is National Candy Corn Day.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

13 Days Later

This is the first year I have loved fall as thoroughly as I am loving it this year. Granted, it's not officially fall yet, but the summer has been so hot and overwhelming that the cooler air and fresher breezes have invigorated me.

I usually lament the end of the summer, the changing of the leaves, the coming of winter. Yet, there are still so many things I want and need to do during this cooler weather that I am in high anticipation.

We just ordered a load of bricks and dirt. Not a huge project, just a nice tree ring around our one tree by the street. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I am always looking for new places to plant flowers around here! People, the bulbs are all on sale!! I even took pictures this spring so I know where I can plant a few more bulbs in the main flower garden. Plus, there's the bulb forcing that I can do in my dark basement--perfect for late winter and early fall gifts as well as a burst of color and flowery scent in the house!

I have to wait until Wednesday for everything to be delivered...I am so anxious to get started!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Completely Rotten

Spoiled, that is. The in-laws came up this weekend...(hi! I know you're reading this even though you never comment!)...and helped us get a million errands done.

*Fixed the fan in the bedroom (hubby had pulled off the entire chain somehow...not really his fault, I blame the design)
*Took down, painted, and installed new blades on the fan in the baby room. No longer is it tacky, old, or too small!
*Stained all the trim in the baby room. All of the trim in the house had been redone before we bought it, except for this room. Now everything matches and the trim is a lovely dark cherry all the rest!
*Washed all the upstairs windows. (oh how I loathe washing windows.)
*Un-grubbed (not a word, I know, but this is still what happened, it was quite grubby) and un-caulked the tub and then scrubbed and caulked all the seams.
*Made the bed. I never get around to doing that. Anyone else not see the point? I mean, I just get back in it, right?! Though it does look so nice when it's done...
*Caulked the plant window. During which I took all the plants down and tidied them and the window. It's amazing how dirty it gets when there is so much dirt around...
*Bought and built huge shelves and plastic totes for our storage room. Today was spent throwing stuff away, organizing and putting things in appropriate totes and then on shelves.
*Organized and sorted the utility/tool room. You can actually walk in there now. It's a miracle.
*Snuggled the kitties. Even Clara, who doesn't deserve it right now.
*Took us out to dinner, twice.
*Brought baby presents, and a few presents for the new parents.
*Took me maternity-clothes shopping.
*Treated me to a mani & pedi.
*Spoiled us rotten.

This week is a crazy one so it's fabulous to have the house clean now since we'll hardly be around to do any work any other day. Which reminds me, we'd better put away that laundry before bed or it won't get done until next week!