Sunday, September 16, 2007

13 Days Later

This is the first year I have loved fall as thoroughly as I am loving it this year. Granted, it's not officially fall yet, but the summer has been so hot and overwhelming that the cooler air and fresher breezes have invigorated me.

I usually lament the end of the summer, the changing of the leaves, the coming of winter. Yet, there are still so many things I want and need to do during this cooler weather that I am in high anticipation.

We just ordered a load of bricks and dirt. Not a huge project, just a nice tree ring around our one tree by the street. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I am always looking for new places to plant flowers around here! People, the bulbs are all on sale!! I even took pictures this spring so I know where I can plant a few more bulbs in the main flower garden. Plus, there's the bulb forcing that I can do in my dark basement--perfect for late winter and early fall gifts as well as a burst of color and flowery scent in the house!

I have to wait until Wednesday for everything to be delivered...I am so anxious to get started!


Jill said...

Just tagged you for my Eat Local Meme. Hope you will participate.

Jean said...

Happy planting!! :)

anne said...

Jill...I am totally in! And no, I can't quite get a whole meal out of my garden. I don't think you're allowed to raise chickens in the city anyway...

Thanks Jean!! It will be happy!!