Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kashi, How I Love Thee

Kashi, if you'd like to send my child some samples of your fabulous products, we would be more than happy to help her eat them. 

She has recently discovered the joy of a bowl of milk and cereal. She's her Daddy's girl. 

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Love Vinegar

As I have said before, it is berry season. Blackberries grow abundantly in my little backyard and they are sweeter than anything I have ever bought from a store. Just a couple more weeks and we will be able to go blueberry picking. 

Baby girl could eat her weight in berries, but the big problem is the juice. And the subsequent stains on all of baby girl's shirts. Or pants. Or socks. Yeah, this kid is a little messy. Takes right after her mama. 

While many of her outfits are play clothes that she can get dirty in, I still want to be able to get the stains out, but the berry stains were baffling me. You all have probably already figured this out, but I just solved the berry situation. 

Put a pile (not too huge, just enough to cover the stain) of baking soda on the berry mark then douse it thoroughly with vinegar. I generally try to make it bubble up at least twice. Leave it for about 15 minutes, then rinse with cold water and wash in a cold load. If it doesn't come out, try another dose. I find once usually does the trick, but twice will definitely fix it. 

Plus, if it is on white cloth, you can also leave it in the sun to bleach out. Another benefit of line drying. 

This Thursday, I love vinegar & baking soda solutions! What do you love today? 

Friday, July 10, 2009

Strawberry Summer

There's nothing better in the summer than fresh strawberry shortcake. It tastes even sweeter when your baby girl helps you make the biscuits. She poured the flour, baking powder and salt then helped me roll out the dough and cut it into little heart shapes. 

It was so tasty. 

So tasty, in fact, that I might have to eat more tomorrow and the day after and the day after that. 

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

My kid drives me crazy sometimes. We all know the unnecessary whining, the spontaneous tantrum on the floor, the kicking and twisting while trying to change an excessively messy diaper, or the refusal to eat anything but a stick of cheese and a pickle. 

Then there are the sweet times. She runs over to give me a pucker kiss when I ask for one. A great song comes on and she dances in a circle holding hands with her baby doll. The times when a new word comes out unexpectedly and used correctly. Like elbow. Who knew elbow would sound so cute? And truthfully, she points more at her wrist, but it's close. 

But sometimes I am just baffled by this little girlie. I've come to the conclusion that she actually likes napping. If it's just the right time (and I do have to time it perfectly) all I have to do is suggest that it might be nap time and she stands up from playing, waves goodbye to everything (every. thing.) in the room and heads off upstairs. We collect a blanket and a stuffed friend and I plunk her down in the crib and that is that. I think this could be one of my favorite attributes of hers. It's so sweet. 

And yeah, it's also great for getting things done or reading a book. 

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Because I Miss My Baby Girl

Mama said I could have just ONE cookie.

Hi there. I'm cute. And sweet. And full of smiles. And my mama misses me. Sigh. 

Also, randomly and because I loved this picture, I had great flowers this spring. My peonies bloomed so big and bright and beautiful. They were so big I brought in several vases full and still  had to send bouquets home with friends! 

The summer daisies and echinacea and black-eyed-susans are about to bloom as well. But I'm confuse
d by two mum plants. Blossomed already!? Usually my mums don't pop until September at the earliest. Crazy. 

Aaaand one more sweet baby face. With some type of food on it. The girl likes to eat, what can I say. 

Love you, baby girl. Can't wait to be able to hug you again. 

Things I Love Thursday - Drugs, Music, Men

Surgery went well yesterday. I overheard the nurses talking about me while I was recovering and they said it was the usual and I was very healthy and should recover well. All in all, I was only at the hospital for a little over six hours. 

I definitely loved the morphine the most. Not to mention a friend loaded up my ipod with Morphine tunes which were absolutely perfect for recovery. Relaxing, chill and ironic. I also love being on staff with a bunch of great guys who give me great tunes. They are always up on the good stuff. 

I'm down to a lower dose of vicodin. Now, I love me pain meds as much as the next girl, but I hate, hate, hate the dizzy feeling. So I'm on a bunch of ibuprofen with a vicodin kicker. 

God knew what He was doing when He invented drugs. All power to those of you who went without them in labor, but me likee the epidural. My belly is sore and "pinchy" feeling and yet I feel good otherwise. Thank you, prescription AND over the counter pain-killers. Thank you. 

Also, my husband came out of CVS last night with a bag of dark chocolate Ghirardelli squares. He said that was written on my prescription as well. I love that man.