Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Love Vinegar

As I have said before, it is berry season. Blackberries grow abundantly in my little backyard and they are sweeter than anything I have ever bought from a store. Just a couple more weeks and we will be able to go blueberry picking. 

Baby girl could eat her weight in berries, but the big problem is the juice. And the subsequent stains on all of baby girl's shirts. Or pants. Or socks. Yeah, this kid is a little messy. Takes right after her mama. 

While many of her outfits are play clothes that she can get dirty in, I still want to be able to get the stains out, but the berry stains were baffling me. You all have probably already figured this out, but I just solved the berry situation. 

Put a pile (not too huge, just enough to cover the stain) of baking soda on the berry mark then douse it thoroughly with vinegar. I generally try to make it bubble up at least twice. Leave it for about 15 minutes, then rinse with cold water and wash in a cold load. If it doesn't come out, try another dose. I find once usually does the trick, but twice will definitely fix it. 

Plus, if it is on white cloth, you can also leave it in the sun to bleach out. Another benefit of line drying. 

This Thursday, I love vinegar & baking soda solutions! What do you love today? 


Luanne said...

Sweet! I have two shirts (one of them mine...oops!) with berry stains on them. I am going to try this!

Jenn said...

Good to know since my son just sat on a blueberry today and he's wearing khaki shorts. Argh!

Also, I've found that changing diapers the day after a berry-gorge is very unpleasant.

staci @ teaching money to kids said...

Amen to the blueberry diaper mess! Do you know if it still works on clothes that have been through the dryer. For some reason, I didn't catch some stains until we were folding them...

MommyAmy said...

Great reminder! I too LOVE vinegar, so many great uses!

Nezzy said...

I love the fact that I was finally successful leaving a comment on your blog. I have enjoyed reading it. God bless and you and your lovely family have a blessed day!!!