Thursday, July 02, 2009

Because I Miss My Baby Girl

Mama said I could have just ONE cookie.

Hi there. I'm cute. And sweet. And full of smiles. And my mama misses me. Sigh. 

Also, randomly and because I loved this picture, I had great flowers this spring. My peonies bloomed so big and bright and beautiful. They were so big I brought in several vases full and still  had to send bouquets home with friends! 

The summer daisies and echinacea and black-eyed-susans are about to bloom as well. But I'm confuse
d by two mum plants. Blossomed already!? Usually my mums don't pop until September at the earliest. Crazy. 

Aaaand one more sweet baby face. With some type of food on it. The girl likes to eat, what can I say. 

Love you, baby girl. Can't wait to be able to hug you again. 


Luanne said...

She is a keeper. Weird about the mums...seriously! And I wish I could have had some of those peony's!! Beautiful!

Hope you can hug soon:)

Kris said...

Glad that your surgery went well, hope your recovery is speedy :)
Here in IN I have to cut back my mums several times from june-augustish, then I let them go and they are awesome.
My Echinacea just started blooming, it is the first year I have had anything good in my 'sunny corner' and I am really excited about them. Black Eyed Susans on the way too!
Hope you get to see your little one soon!

Jean said...

happy saturday and happy get to see your baby girl today! :)

Hillary said...

Anne! So glad everything went well! I can' believe how big your sweet baby girl is getting! In these pictures, she has suddenly changed from baby to toddler! She doesn't have that baby-face anymore! Good gracious! :) She's still just as precious (perhaps even more so!)