Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How to Sit in A Chair

Look how cute I am sitting up in my chair!

So proper. So well behaved. I'm not going anywhere, I swear.

Who me?

Wheee! Look, Mama, no hands!

Can you see all my teeth? I have six. I'm probably growing more too. I am SO going to have braces.

OOhhh. Can I have the camera?

Recent Review - Free & Clear

I write a book review for our church newsletter every other month and thought I would start posting them here in the hopes that a. other book folks out there might read the book and b. publishers would start sending me more books to read. This girl likes her books.

With the current financial situation, I thought it would behoove me to read a money management/get out of debt book. I need a good kick in the rear every so often and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Without further ado, here is:

Free & Clear: God's Road Map to Debt-Free Living by Howard Dayton

It seems like financial advice is everywhere these days. We’re all stressed out about the economical crisis and what it is going to do to our monthly budgets. There are books, blogs and articles a-plenty with fantastic suggestions to cut costs and make wiser choices.

However, there is usually more to it than just reading an advice column. In fact, there is more to it than just reading the book I am about to recommend. Fortunately, this book is not only inspiring; it is also loaded with clear, practical steps to financial freedom.

Though a Crown veteran, I am by no means an economical pro. Finances, for me, are something that need to be revisited every few years. Free & Clear was not only thorough enough for someone who is just beginning to search for financial wisdom, but also refreshing for the person who needs a reminder for why they need to stick with God’s money plan.

Yes, God does indeed have a plan for your money. What’s that? It’s all His anyway? Oh yeah. Good point.

I really enjoyed the narrative of this book. There are charts and stats and pages to fill out and great homework, but it tells the story of people who were where you may be and how they were able to push their head above the surface and get to the shore.

It takes more than just a good book to become debt-free. It takes an insane amount of hard work and determination to continue to choose to make wise choices. Free & Clear is a great first step to take you down that path.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Baby Goes Boo

Last weekend we were able to go over to the zoo for the annual Zoo Goes Boo event! I love that we live so close (three blocks!) and it was fun to go for this 'preschoolers only' day. There were tons of super cute kiddos in costumes and of course, we love to see all the animals out and about.

Baby however, didn't enjoy getting into her costume. Oh little bug, you're so cute!

Hay mazes, trick or treating, musical guests...ok, so there was this one guy on a guitar. It sounded like there was a whole band, but it was just him. We kind of chuckled over that. Luckily, he was pretty decent.

"Look, Mama! A lion!"

"Can I go play with the lion? It looks cuddly."

"No? Ah gee."

I can't wait until next week when we get to cash in on all the real treats!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Diary of a Dinner

Um, hello, Mama? I'm waiting for my food, please. Let's go.

I am squishing your head with my teeny tiny fingers.

I'm singing! I'm in my highchair and I'm singing!


Why!? Why is life so cruel? How can dinner be over already!? You people are evil!

What? Like it's my fault I'm so messy? Geez. Can't a girl get a washcloth around here?

Any other caption ideas? This kids' faces just crack me up.

Monday, October 13, 2008

g What?

We came home the other night to a sweet pile of diapers from a friend. Her son has grown out of them and we got to be the beneficiary of them.

The funny thing is that I was just thinking the other day that some of the diapers baby girl is currently in are not absorbent enough for her. These new ones are perfect and I can add soaker pads if I wanted to.

The best part was that part of the pile was a bag of gdiaper pads, liners and a sweet little cover. I've been curious to try gdiapers for a while now and after using them only a couple times I love them already!

We have been using disposables for nighttime, which is fine, but if I can get away from having to throw anything away, that would be fantastic.

These little guys have a flushable pad. That's right, it is completely flushable. You have to do a little swishing, but it's not a big deal with the little swisher stick. Also, they close in the back so when little fingers start trying to figure out how to undo their diaper, they should have a more difficult time.

I'm totally geeked that as we only need to use one a day, a package will last at least a month and though they are priced at a premium, it won't be as big a deal when I don't need that many. Plus, I can always buy them a little cheaper on ebay...

Hooray for the g!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Month Nine

Sheesh. Nine already? You're such a big girl! Yesterday you got a couple nine month shots and I'll be honest, I wasn't very happy with your doctor. The shots weren't so bad but he was a replacement for the fellow you usually see and he wasn't my favorite. I haven't been giving you every single one of the scheduled vaccines, not because I think the pharmaceutical companies are only out for money (which they probably are) and not that I'm not going to have you get most of them eventually, but because I just don't like the idea of your tiny little body getting such huge doses all at once. Just my preference. I guess I was just frustrated with him because he kept calling you a "he", which obviously meant he wasn't reading your chart, he was putting down the nurse who had just taken your size stats and then he was so sarcastic with me about "wanting to leave baby open to danger longer." Seems like he could have shared his concerns with me a bit more respectfully. Next time I'll take you back to the other doctor.

You love anything that involves being outside or with lots of people. The grocery store provides both tons of entertainment for you and lots of oohs & aahs from everyone around you. We walk outside almost every day. To the store, on the biking path, up the big hill (great for Mama's butt) or just around the neighborhood. Next to tubby time, I think it's your favorite.
I don't know what we're going to do this winter. We might have to hang out at the mall to get some exercise and socialization. Mama will just have to leave her purse in the car.

You are crawling all over the place and climbing up and cruising anything and everything. We can't just leave you in one place and walk away anymore--the house is getting more baby-proofed every day. I never before thought about whether or not our trash can had to have a lid on it. It is a good thing that all of our staircases have doors though. We don't need any tumbles on that noggin of yours. You knock it on enough things as it is...

The day that the kitty discovered you could get over to her was a sad day in her furry life. Now she has to sit up high on the furniture or hide in the basement from you. She doesn't mind it when you pet her, but she doesn't like being chased. You also learned to play Babyzilla with your Little People toys. Smash those people, baby girl!

You are finally back to sleeping through the night (mostly) which makes Mama & Daddy very happy indeed. Very. Happy. It is always so intriguing to me how your schedule changes so randomly. You just switched from a 7-7 nighttime to an 8pm-9am nighttime and it works out so much better for everyone! You won't have to go immediately to bed from church on Saturday nights, though Sunday morning will be coming super early for you this week.

You follow me around the house and all over the place. It's so hysterical to see your little personality come out as you want to be with us and help with whatever we're doing. I think Daddy has sent out several emails that you helped him to type.

You love all the food I make you. I've taken to putting pears or bananas into practically everything that I make. You eat your beans & peas & corn now with no fuss at all. Though the sweet potatoes and plain pears are still your #1 fav. It seems like you spend a lot of time every day in your high chair. You do love to eat! Somehow, you're still a 50% baby though, which I am thankful for. You fit all your clothes just when you are supposed to. Except for shoes, of course. Those tootsies of yours are tiny!

Books hold new interest for you. You used to only like the books that had fuzzy patches or something to touch or grab, but now you seem to really enjoy looking at the pictures and turning the pages and hearing the story. Good thing won't run out of books for years!

This month you started clapping and giving fives and learning how to really work some of your toys. You love to play the bongos and shake the shakers and help Daddy strum his guitar. You want to talk on my phone and Basically, you're doing all kinds of stuff now. You have wants and not just needs. You have preferences, likes & dislikes. You are becoming a real little person.

Every day brings a new pile of cuteness. I can't stop kissing your sweet little cheek and holding your tiny little fingers. I love the times of day when I get to cuddle and feed you and just enjoy our quiet time together. I love you my sweet girl.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Apples and Tomatoes and Veggies, Oh My!

Last Sunday we went apple picking. Our first family apple picking event ever. I may have gone once as a kid myself, but I don't frankly remember. I've picked cherries and blueberries and strawberries and a few other things ending with -ies, but no apples.

Anyway, the past few days have been spent working on applesauce, freezing apples to make apple crisp (easier and, in my opinion, better than pie) as well as freezing a bunch of my veggies from our farm share.

I haven't been very good about eating all that we have gotten, but what we haven't eaten, I have been storing away. Kale for lasagna or spaghetti sauces or fruit smoothies, and this week tomatoes and onions and a few other good veggies.

Originally, I was thinking through canning, I have the jars and equipment. Except that after researching I have found a few places that say tomatoes taste better when frozen and frankly, the process is SO much easier I thought I would give it a try.

Ziploc bags full of tomatoes, chopped onions, carrots, broccoli & cauliflower. Not to mention tons of apples and apple sauce!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Some nights are easier than others. It's hard to know when the problem is teething or when it is sleeplessness or when it is hunger. Or just plain anti-sleep baby.

The cry it out Ferber-type method makes some sense to me but doesn't work at all when the baby is crying while sitting up or standing in her crib. I don't think I really want to try. Besides, it usually seems to be possible to figure out what the problem is. Binkie fixes it most easily for restlessness. Orajel fixes it and it's teething. Last step is offering a late-night snack.

Honestly, there is nothing more soothing to ME than snuggling with my jammie-clad munchkin in the rocking chair while she falls back to sleep with her little head on my shoulder. Her soft little cheek against mine.

This morning she slept in though, so I guess I'm just hoping that it will be a repeat show.