Monday, October 13, 2008

g What?

We came home the other night to a sweet pile of diapers from a friend. Her son has grown out of them and we got to be the beneficiary of them.

The funny thing is that I was just thinking the other day that some of the diapers baby girl is currently in are not absorbent enough for her. These new ones are perfect and I can add soaker pads if I wanted to.

The best part was that part of the pile was a bag of gdiaper pads, liners and a sweet little cover. I've been curious to try gdiapers for a while now and after using them only a couple times I love them already!

We have been using disposables for nighttime, which is fine, but if I can get away from having to throw anything away, that would be fantastic.

These little guys have a flushable pad. That's right, it is completely flushable. You have to do a little swishing, but it's not a big deal with the little swisher stick. Also, they close in the back so when little fingers start trying to figure out how to undo their diaper, they should have a more difficult time.

I'm totally geeked that as we only need to use one a day, a package will last at least a month and though they are priced at a premium, it won't be as big a deal when I don't need that many. Plus, I can always buy them a little cheaper on ebay...

Hooray for the g!


Jenn said...

I totally need more of an explanation. I was reading up on these and they seemed to be a hassle to me. It was like all of the complex stuff about cloth PLUS the need to repurchase because of the flushable portion.

Mind, we're 100% cloth here at home and my son is a VERY heavy wetter. We use Bum Genius one-size pocket diapers at night and he can make it 12-13 hours without wetting through.

Anyway, what do you mean you need only one diaper a day? Are these diapers supposed to fit till she's potty-trained? How does it work? I'm super curious.

anne said...

If you already do and are happy with cloth, then I wouldn't worry about it. Quite frankly, I haven't ever tried cloth at night...she is a pretty heavy wetter as well and I was mostly concerned about her waking up and needing a change at night when that is the last thing I want to worry about! But, now that you mention it, I might just give it a try...

I say one a day since she has been using a disposable at night.

She's currently in the medium-large size and I think there is one more size. I don't think the pad size changes though, just the cover.

It's basically a cloth cover with a waterproof liner and a flushable pad. So the wash is very minimal as the outer doesn't usually get wet or messy and the junk gets flushed.

For someone who wants a middle ground between all wash and disposables, these would be fantastic. Or for someone who has to go to a laundromat or something...this would be easier as well. These are also more slim & trim than regular cloth. I don't mind the cute little bubble butt, but I know it bugs some people.

Disposables kill me no matter what. I have them as just-in-case for the nursery but still usually send my cloth as well. Cloth still seems to just freak people out for some reason. Hopefully the tide will start turning soon... :)

Whew. My comment is almost as long as my post!

Jean said...

Very nice! cute bubble behind too! :)

Joy said...

I also use cloth diapers and the bubble bum drives me nuts because clothing doesn't fit right. We use disposables at night... cuz we do. My friend uses gdiapers and loves them! she uses washable liners instead of the flushable ones. anyway, go cloth!