Friday, October 17, 2008

Diary of a Dinner

Um, hello, Mama? I'm waiting for my food, please. Let's go.

I am squishing your head with my teeny tiny fingers.

I'm singing! I'm in my highchair and I'm singing!


Why!? Why is life so cruel? How can dinner be over already!? You people are evil!

What? Like it's my fault I'm so messy? Geez. Can't a girl get a washcloth around here?

Any other caption ideas? This kids' faces just crack me up.


Luanne said...

SOOOOO cute! That was very funny :)

Jean said...

Bwaaa haaa haaa. very appropriate showing "the fang". :)

heather said...

hah! i LOVED that SNL skit "I am squishing your head" - so funny.

Randi just keeps getting cuter and cuter and cuter... I may just have a little boyfriend for her on the way...

Jenn said...

My son gets even messier when he eats. It may be because he has to "help" feed himself. He gets a spoon and I get a spoon and we trade them back and forth as I feed him. And by trade I mean that when I head toward him with my spoon he throws his on the floor and grabs for mine.