Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Recent Review - Free & Clear

I write a book review for our church newsletter every other month and thought I would start posting them here in the hopes that a. other book folks out there might read the book and b. publishers would start sending me more books to read. This girl likes her books.

With the current financial situation, I thought it would behoove me to read a money management/get out of debt book. I need a good kick in the rear every so often and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Without further ado, here is:

Free & Clear: God's Road Map to Debt-Free Living by Howard Dayton

It seems like financial advice is everywhere these days. We’re all stressed out about the economical crisis and what it is going to do to our monthly budgets. There are books, blogs and articles a-plenty with fantastic suggestions to cut costs and make wiser choices.

However, there is usually more to it than just reading an advice column. In fact, there is more to it than just reading the book I am about to recommend. Fortunately, this book is not only inspiring; it is also loaded with clear, practical steps to financial freedom.

Though a Crown veteran, I am by no means an economical pro. Finances, for me, are something that need to be revisited every few years. Free & Clear was not only thorough enough for someone who is just beginning to search for financial wisdom, but also refreshing for the person who needs a reminder for why they need to stick with God’s money plan.

Yes, God does indeed have a plan for your money. What’s that? It’s all His anyway? Oh yeah. Good point.

I really enjoyed the narrative of this book. There are charts and stats and pages to fill out and great homework, but it tells the story of people who were where you may be and how they were able to push their head above the surface and get to the shore.

It takes more than just a good book to become debt-free. It takes an insane amount of hard work and determination to continue to choose to make wise choices. Free & Clear is a great first step to take you down that path.


Annie said...

Hmmmm...good thoughts...I may just go out and read this book. I could use a kick in the rear every once in awhile myself!

Luanne said...

that was me....not annie :)

Jason said...

Another book this is along this same lines is. "The Total Money Makeover" and "Financial Peace" by Dave Ramsey.

He is a Christian guy that also has a daily radio talk show on Financial counseling that you can find online at

He has revolutionized our budget and lifestyle for the better.