Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Some nights are easier than others. It's hard to know when the problem is teething or when it is sleeplessness or when it is hunger. Or just plain anti-sleep baby.

The cry it out Ferber-type method makes some sense to me but doesn't work at all when the baby is crying while sitting up or standing in her crib. I don't think I really want to try. Besides, it usually seems to be possible to figure out what the problem is. Binkie fixes it most easily for restlessness. Orajel fixes it and it's teething. Last step is offering a late-night snack.

Honestly, there is nothing more soothing to ME than snuggling with my jammie-clad munchkin in the rocking chair while she falls back to sleep with her little head on my shoulder. Her soft little cheek against mine.

This morning she slept in though, so I guess I'm just hoping that it will be a repeat show.


Luanne said...

It's ok to snuggle her to sleep once in awhile. You both need that! Maybe if she is taking two naps still, try moving her to a one nap schedule in the early afternoon. She just might not be tired enough these days! Or it could be that she is jealous and wants to watch all the premiers with you this week :)

Hang in there! This too will pass and you will be wishing for it back!

Kris said...

We have also found that if Leah is standing up there is not much chance of her falling asleep on her own. Rarely, anyway.
Isn't it nice though, when you can take a crying baby, fix all her problems, and put her back to sleep? Wish life was always that simple ;)

anne said...

I love my late night cuddle time with Aidan. I also love sleeping, and he is not yet sleeping through the night - sigh. So I just have to enjoy the snuggles for now... :-)

Jean said...

what a sweet picture! :)

heather said...

cuddle away, anne!

oh - and can i say how i couldn't even handle how cute randi was crawling on sunday?! i could watch that all day long. :)

Kristina said...

I love cuddling with my little guy and having him fall asleep on my shoulder. It's the sweetest feeling in the world. And I don't worry about whether it will become a sleep crutch because I just think, "One day, he won't want to do this anymore" so I'm going to cuddle with him all I can while I can ;)