Thursday, October 09, 2008

Month Nine

Sheesh. Nine already? You're such a big girl! Yesterday you got a couple nine month shots and I'll be honest, I wasn't very happy with your doctor. The shots weren't so bad but he was a replacement for the fellow you usually see and he wasn't my favorite. I haven't been giving you every single one of the scheduled vaccines, not because I think the pharmaceutical companies are only out for money (which they probably are) and not that I'm not going to have you get most of them eventually, but because I just don't like the idea of your tiny little body getting such huge doses all at once. Just my preference. I guess I was just frustrated with him because he kept calling you a "he", which obviously meant he wasn't reading your chart, he was putting down the nurse who had just taken your size stats and then he was so sarcastic with me about "wanting to leave baby open to danger longer." Seems like he could have shared his concerns with me a bit more respectfully. Next time I'll take you back to the other doctor.

You love anything that involves being outside or with lots of people. The grocery store provides both tons of entertainment for you and lots of oohs & aahs from everyone around you. We walk outside almost every day. To the store, on the biking path, up the big hill (great for Mama's butt) or just around the neighborhood. Next to tubby time, I think it's your favorite.
I don't know what we're going to do this winter. We might have to hang out at the mall to get some exercise and socialization. Mama will just have to leave her purse in the car.

You are crawling all over the place and climbing up and cruising anything and everything. We can't just leave you in one place and walk away anymore--the house is getting more baby-proofed every day. I never before thought about whether or not our trash can had to have a lid on it. It is a good thing that all of our staircases have doors though. We don't need any tumbles on that noggin of yours. You knock it on enough things as it is...

The day that the kitty discovered you could get over to her was a sad day in her furry life. Now she has to sit up high on the furniture or hide in the basement from you. She doesn't mind it when you pet her, but she doesn't like being chased. You also learned to play Babyzilla with your Little People toys. Smash those people, baby girl!

You are finally back to sleeping through the night (mostly) which makes Mama & Daddy very happy indeed. Very. Happy. It is always so intriguing to me how your schedule changes so randomly. You just switched from a 7-7 nighttime to an 8pm-9am nighttime and it works out so much better for everyone! You won't have to go immediately to bed from church on Saturday nights, though Sunday morning will be coming super early for you this week.

You follow me around the house and all over the place. It's so hysterical to see your little personality come out as you want to be with us and help with whatever we're doing. I think Daddy has sent out several emails that you helped him to type.

You love all the food I make you. I've taken to putting pears or bananas into practically everything that I make. You eat your beans & peas & corn now with no fuss at all. Though the sweet potatoes and plain pears are still your #1 fav. It seems like you spend a lot of time every day in your high chair. You do love to eat! Somehow, you're still a 50% baby though, which I am thankful for. You fit all your clothes just when you are supposed to. Except for shoes, of course. Those tootsies of yours are tiny!

Books hold new interest for you. You used to only like the books that had fuzzy patches or something to touch or grab, but now you seem to really enjoy looking at the pictures and turning the pages and hearing the story. Good thing won't run out of books for years!

This month you started clapping and giving fives and learning how to really work some of your toys. You love to play the bongos and shake the shakers and help Daddy strum his guitar. You want to talk on my phone and Basically, you're doing all kinds of stuff now. You have wants and not just needs. You have preferences, likes & dislikes. You are becoming a real little person.

Every day brings a new pile of cuteness. I can't stop kissing your sweet little cheek and holding your tiny little fingers. I love the times of day when I get to cuddle and feed you and just enjoy our quiet time together. I love you my sweet girl.


Jean said...

such a big girl!
cute hair cut too. :)

Hillary said...

What a sweetie! I love her face on the month-to-month couch shot. She's like a teenager: "Aw, Maaaa! Do I HAVE to do this AGAIN?!?!?!"

Jenn said...

I've had endless trouble with my pediatrician and we're probably going to change insurance providers as a result. Somehow they don't seem to realize that as the baby's mother it is YOUR call what will and won't be done to your child.

And I must say, she is SOOOOOO, stinkin' cute. I would love to see here play with my son since they are only a month apart. Expect that he is in the 100+% on everything so he would be a monster compared to her nice 50%.

anne said...

Thanks Jean! I didn't think anyone would notice...

I know Hills! I did figure though that the sleepy face was better than the grouchy one...she wasn't very happy during that photo session.

Well then Jenn, you're just going to have to pop up to MI and we'll play! She's very familiar with little boys who are the same or close age who are much bigger!

Luanne said...

I love the little skirts and matching shoes! Totally cute :)

Luanne said...

BTW, I totally noticed the hair cut too, but we were talking about birth stories and the I got side-tracked...very cute!

anne said...

Luanne...I SO love dressing this kid. Girls rule.

Also, my hair was rather nasty today. I totally didn't thanks! hee hee

Hillary said...

Bahaha! I noticed your hair was really cute, too (really, I did! I'm not just trying to join the party late!) but then I read the comments about a haircut and I thought Jean meant Randi and I was all, "Wow! Jean gets POINTS! I didn't even SEE any hair!" Only just now did I realize it was you. Makes muuuuuch more sense!

Don't you love how I ramble about how dumb I am in your comments? haha!