Monday, September 03, 2007

Completely Rotten

Spoiled, that is. The in-laws came up this weekend...(hi! I know you're reading this even though you never comment!)...and helped us get a million errands done.

*Fixed the fan in the bedroom (hubby had pulled off the entire chain somehow...not really his fault, I blame the design)
*Took down, painted, and installed new blades on the fan in the baby room. No longer is it tacky, old, or too small!
*Stained all the trim in the baby room. All of the trim in the house had been redone before we bought it, except for this room. Now everything matches and the trim is a lovely dark cherry all the rest!
*Washed all the upstairs windows. (oh how I loathe washing windows.)
*Un-grubbed (not a word, I know, but this is still what happened, it was quite grubby) and un-caulked the tub and then scrubbed and caulked all the seams.
*Made the bed. I never get around to doing that. Anyone else not see the point? I mean, I just get back in it, right?! Though it does look so nice when it's done...
*Caulked the plant window. During which I took all the plants down and tidied them and the window. It's amazing how dirty it gets when there is so much dirt around...
*Bought and built huge shelves and plastic totes for our storage room. Today was spent throwing stuff away, organizing and putting things in appropriate totes and then on shelves.
*Organized and sorted the utility/tool room. You can actually walk in there now. It's a miracle.
*Snuggled the kitties. Even Clara, who doesn't deserve it right now.
*Took us out to dinner, twice.
*Brought baby presents, and a few presents for the new parents.
*Took me maternity-clothes shopping.
*Treated me to a mani & pedi.
*Spoiled us rotten.

This week is a crazy one so it's fabulous to have the house clean now since we'll hardly be around to do any work any other day. Which reminds me, we'd better put away that laundry before bed or it won't get done until next week!


Hillary said...

I am SO with you about the bed-making thing. What's the point???

And uh-oh. Is Clara still leaving presents for you? But she's so CUTE! And naughty. But cute?

And, hehe, I like the dirt = dirty observation. Funny, that!

So I think it's time for some more belly pictures! *grin*

Dawn said...

You are blessed with such in-laws!!

Jean said...

They sure are great people! :) I'm glad you had so much help and got a ton done before the busy week starts.

And your nails? They look fabulous dahling...fabulous.

Kris said...

i dont' know, i feel like i can't leave for work till the bed is made. maybe it is because we just finished our bedroom, and it looks so clean and pretty when the bed is made...
(or maybe i am just delaying going to work?)

cjoy said...

Yeah, I get the bed thing. It does look nice when I make it (during which times I swear I'll do it again every day), but I just mess it up again. Instead I climb in, arrange covers as necessary, sleep, wake up, start over. End of discussion. :)

Jill said...

The only time our bed gets made is when I need to fold laundry. Then I make the bed so I have something to dump everything on. What is the most sad is that sometimes this occurs at 10:00 at night. So there is really no point in that.

Anonymous said...

So glad you got some spoiling in! It's always nice to be pampered for awhile...I know I sure will enjoy it when my parents take me, Hannah and Baby #2 back to NY with them after Brandon deploys!
Glad you were able to have help too in getting lots of stuff done!

Anne said...

(Am behind on the comment replies...)

Hillary--yes, silly Clara. We first thought that it was because she didn't like her litter, but we're wondering if maybe she knows about the baby somehow and is already protesting. We'll see how long she lasts if she keeps that up after the baby's born. Ahem.
And belly pictures? You are so right. Soon.

Dawn, I am and I am thankful. :)

Jean, thank you!! I do have to go get them redone tomorrow after I meet with you to get a bit of a touch up. After all the work I've done Mon through today they do need it!!

Kris, you're delaying work. It's totally a stall tactic... ;) But I will agree, it does always look nicer when it's done!

Thanks Cjoy. Glad to hear you agree!!

Jill, I totally do the same thing!!! It's way easier to fold and sort laundry when you have the whole bed to work on!

Becky, it will be so nice for you to go to NY for a while! When is he deployed again? For how long this time? That just stinks...wish he could stay home with you guys!

Anonymous said...

He deploys the 27th of December and he'll be gone into the first week of May. Not as bad as some military wives have it, but nof un just the same!

Anne said...

Ugh. That's such a long time. If you need another place to visit, you are always welcome up here! :)

Anonymous said...

Actually, I was hoping to swing by your way while I'm up there. I want to see your new baby! I just didn't know how you'd feel about me and two kids (one relatively new itself) crashing at your place. If it would work better, we could get a hotel nearby and just pop in for a visit! I have a cousin in the Cedarville area that is due around the same time as you so I'm planning a trip there before I head home as well. Then when I get back, one of Brandon's cousins will have had a baby in the Atlanta area so we'll scoot over there for a trip. I'm staying in NY from the end of December until the first or second week of February. Let me know if you want us at your house or if you have a recommendation of a hotel nearby. Maybe we can talk about a more definitive date later...after you discover what life is like with a newborn! I can't wait to see you again, though!
Love you,

Carbon said...

uhhhh, can you send your inlaws over here? dang, they rock!

kerrianne said...

"Ungrubbed" is TOTALLY a word. Or, well, it should be. Let's make it one.


(I love English. And parenthetical asides.)

(I'm glad the weekend was so productive. My weekends have consisted mostly of packing, and more packing, and then stressing about how I'm totally not going to do my hair for my own wedding. Because: wind. And the beach. Not so much does the hairstyling stay.)

: )

sarah cool said...

I make my bed every day!!!!!!!!!!!!

:) hehehe...