Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday Morning Interview: Bring your own coffee

Jill over at The Diaper Diaries sent me a bunch of great questions…

1. You lead music for the kids which usually involves a lot of actions. I suspect you and Andy also sit at home making up words to "adult" songs. My mom and I used to have a whole routine to "Coming to America" by Neil Diamond. What song desperately is in need of actions to go with it?

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--This is a fun question to be sure…whenever I sing during a “grown-ups” service at church, I always threaten our pastor with doing motions to all the songs! I think he’s always a little nervous that I will actually do it…

There are a lot of good U2 songs that need motions. Really, I could make up something for pretty much any song out there. It’s a gift, I know.

2. You are about to embark on this crazy thing called parenthood. What are you so excited for you can hardly wait?

--Cuddling/rocking/loving, seeing what she looks like, learning what to do and seeing Andy become a dad. He’s going to be amazing.

3. What are you so scared of you wish human gestation was 9 years instead of 9 months.

--Being good at it. I never really enjoyed babysitting growing up unless it was for relatives. Probably because I already had an interest in them, but if it were just for neighbors or something, I usually dreaded it. I’m afraid I won’t like it, afraid that I’ll be horrible at it. I know that’s a typical worry and that everyone says I’ll be fine…but still…

4. Your hubby is quite the rock star. If you and he were to form a band and tour the world, what instrument would you play and what would the name of the band be?

--I think I would play bass. Partially because it’s the easiest (if you want to just get the basics down anyway…to be a “good” bass player it’s more complex…) and partially because Andy says chick bass players are cool…Plus, I already have a sweet bass picked out.

I also might have to snag some lead singer stage time as well…but only on the songs that he writes specifically for my range and which are easy to sing while playing the bass at the same time!

Funny bit of info: we actually have already written one song for my chick rock band. Yes, he would be playing in MY chick rock band. The name of the band? We’ve known that for years: Jezebelle.

5. Ok, lover of cats. I am a dog person myself. The baby is allergic and you are forced to get a different kind of pet (this will never happen, don't panic). What would you get and why?

--First of all, of course this will never happen!! We’ve had enough problems with our poor cats…

I don’t know if we would get anything else. We already have a couple fish, a dog just is too big and too much work for the size of our yard, and any other pet just isn’t as much fun. A pet is for keeping your lap warm when you’re reading a book or sleeping on your feet during the night. They greet you at the door with a purr and a meow and when they run around chasing their tail, their little bell jingles. A pet has genuine care and affection for you, even if only because you feed and love it first. Guinea Pigs? Fish? Turtles? What kind of snuggling can you get out of those? Eh.

I think we’d just wait it out until she grows out of it. We’re assuming that would happen because Andy was that way when he was a baby…so here’s hoping for NO allergies!!

Thanks Jill, for the interview! If anyone wants me to send questions for your own interview, put it in the comments and I’ll send them your way!


Jill said...

Great answers. Can I be in your chick rock band. I love the bass guitar you have picked out. Maybe I could learn drums

anne said...

You have to be really good...and you might have to get a pink drum kit.

Jill said...

Done and done.

Scrapnqueen said...

Re: #3: When it's your own kids, it's totally different. You know what authority you have to enforce the rules, you know what the rules are 'cause you made them, and you're the one who gets all the great hugs and kisses and I love yous at bedtime. We all have learning curves--lifelong ones, I think--but don't worry, "you'll be great at it!"

Love you, beautiful you.

sarah cool said...

I'd like questions from the gloriously pregant ANNE!