Sunday, November 20, 2005

Remodeling--Part 3

Our current project is the small first floor bathroom. Like I said, it came equipped with only a toilet and a towel rack. (I am of the opinion that those who owned our house in times previous to ourselves were not rocket scientists.) We wanted to have a sink so our guests don't feel quite so weird. We also needed to update the look of the room quite a bit. In taking down the wallpaper and classy wood paneling on the walls, we decided to rip out the half wall and expand the size of the room a couple feet. This was a good decision. Messy, but good.

For a sink, we first thought that the best thing to do would be to get a tiny corner pedestal, but I have always loved vessel sinks and so began my search for the perfect one. Everything I found exceeded our budget by quite a bit. I kept looking on ebay and every possible online store. Then one day while driving home, I passed a potter's shop. "Hmm," I thought. "I wonder if he could make me a sink." In I go and find the coolest Einstein-type eccentric potter fellow. He had actually made a vessel sink before for someone and promised me one in exactly the dimensions I wanted and for less than half of the price of anything I could have found anywhere else. I considered hugging him. But refrained.

The faucet I did buy off of ebay. Struggles and lamentations. But I got it and it's exactly what I wanted. Andy put in all of the pvc piping himself. We have an amazing friend who is a plumber help us with all of the copper piping and plumbing installation. The walls are now painted. The tile is laid (another great friend) and grouted. I need a new toilet since the old one didn't match, and a new door and wood trim. We have the trim and it is cut and just waiting to be painted. The mirror is waiting to be hung and the sink to be attached. Soon and very soon it will be completely done.

Sigh. I think we will take a break for a while.

Next year is new carpeting and fixing cracked plaster in some spots. Maybe painting a few more rooms. But until then, we are just going to cuddle into our snug little house, light some candles to save on gas, and enjoy our home that we have been exceedingly blessed with.

Please come visit. I'll make some brownies, we'll watch a movie. And I'll even let you use my new sink.


Jean said...

You are the most adventerous woman I know with all your projects you have done, are doing and will do. i can't wait to see your new bathroom!! :)

anne said...