Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I direct a very unruly (by unruly I mean fun, and really hyper) group of about 25 kid singers. We call them the Half-Notes. They are an absolute riot. It's what I like to call "full-contact worship." Praising God whilst jumping, waving your hands in the air and singing for all you are worth. Probably the most fun part of my job at the church.

I started the group up officially last spring after having had several chaotic events at church when we wanted kids to sing. I would call a bunch of parents and ask if their kids would be willing to sing for a particular service or event. It worked and they were great, but was just a lot more work and not very organized. And I have to be organized!

I decided to go with an audition process and we have regular rehearsals and also very spiffy little matching orange t-shirts. We have had the opportunity with them to sing in public a couple times, at a ministry conference and as often as possible at Ada Bible Church for baby dedications, holidays, etc.

I say all this because our Children's Ministry Christmas event is coming up. It's the big holiday bash party for families. We have story-time with the Christmas story, lots of crafts, making Christmas cookies, have a hay-ride and of course, there is the singing of Christmas carols by all the kids! We have each class perform a couple songs for their parents and this year we are also having the amazing Half-Notes sing and dance a couple songs along with the Andy Ferris Band. :) It's not an event without the band.

Tomorrow night is the first rehearsal for the 1/2 kids. I am a little nervous because there is a lot for them to learn and not a lot of time to learn it all in. But it will turn out fine and they will rock. It is going to be very fun and probably a good bit silly also. But that's how kids are, right?! Not me, though. No silly here. Nope.

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