Thursday, December 01, 2005

"Lost" Review Day

Warning: if you haven't seen this week's episode, read no further!

Man oh man! What a good episode. We are finally finding some things out. Kate definitely has some baggage (though no more than anyone else around the island) and blowing up her house with her father in it was enough to freak out her mother. Though I can't understand why she would turn her daughter in. That wouldn't really solve anything. She could have entirely gotten away with it. But then, she would never have been on the run or gotten on that plane.

Though there are also more questions now than there were before.

In case you didn't notice, Sayid was on the tv getting arrested when Kate was in the army office talking to her dad...
Horse on the Island? Or just a ghost from the past?
Walt is sitting at a computer somewhere? (another hatch site?) Or is it a ruse to lure them out?
Sawyer loves Kate?
Kate kisses Jack...
Jack goes drinking with evil Ana Lucia...
And I still think Eko knows more than he's saying. He's becoming my favorite.
I am wondering how Eko & Ana Lucia fit into everyone else's backstory. And I don't believe we've ever seen Rose in anyone else's flashbacks. Though she and Eko have never had flashbacks either. They have to fit in somewhere because they seem to be becoming bigger characters.

Your favorite parts? Your least favorite? Something you wish they showed?

My fav was the kiss. Not really romantic, but a good smacker, none-the-less.
I wish we got more info about how everyone else was doing. We know that Jin & Sun are back together and happy, but nothing about Claire & over-protective Charlie or about how the new tail-folk are integrating into the rest of the group or any reference at all to the crazy monsters ripping up trees or black haze dragging people into holes in the ground. We really need more information here.

(and Andy wishes me to let everyone know here that he called that it was Walt who would respond on the computer. He believes he should be a writer on the show as he is so intuitive, or at the very least, he should be writing the soundtrack, which that part I don't disagree with at all)

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