Friday, December 23, 2005

Amy's Visiting

And time moves on...

Andy's sister Amy and her hubby Mark were able to spend a little time with us this past weekend. Since he has a teaching job down in Florida, he gets off the prescribed two weeks or so for Christmas holiday. (slight desire to be a teacher brewing) They decided to drive up this year and go to all the required family sites. Stopped first to drop off their kitty with Amy's parents (a kitty who does not travel well at all--barfing, pooping and peeing in her cage) preceding up to Illinois to see Mark's family, then stopping to see us in Michigan. We got them to stay with us for two whole days! Though not nearly enough, in my estimation.

I took Monday & Tuesday off of work (one of my wisest decisions in life) so we could have as much time together as possible. Plus, I didn't think it would really be right to make her just sit around my house while I worked. Plus, I wanted to sleep in. Plus, I had to set up for a girls' Christmas party Monday night and the M Christmas party Tuesday night. Yep. Good decision.

Amy & I got lots of good catching up done, chatting about everything under the sun as I painted one of my rooms, cleaned and finished wrapping presents. We went shopping together which she said she was thrilled about as her husband just isn't quite as much fun to shop with as another girl. And myself especially as I am an amazing shopper. I totally understand--my hubby isn't the most fun to shop with either. I am finally getting used to his 'needs' when it comes to shopping. Get in, get it, and leave. He will then be happy. Bah. Men.

Anyway, we got to bake Christmas cookies, have Christmas morning together with presents, hot coffee, sausages & French Toast, and got in a bit of family game time too. Andy got a gift card to Guitar Center and nothing could be better for him! I got a great new hot pink scarf she knitted for me AND a gorgeous afghan for my room to snuggle in with a book! She knows me too well. It was perfect.

Sadly, we had to bid them off again Wednesday morning. They stayed with other friends Tuesday night and then came back before we had to leave for work on Wednesday for a final hug and goodbye. Sigh.

We're planning on a girls' weekend in Chicago in February with Amy, her mom and me. Then Andy and I are hoping to escape the winter a bit to visit Mark & Amy in Florida in March. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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heather said...

Glad you got some good "Amy time" :) Merry Christmas, Anne!