Thursday, December 01, 2005

Notes Can Groove

The 1/2 Note rehearsal was a success! I am quite tired and ready for bed though. Who would have thought I would feel this old already!?

We are only doing three songs with them but there are a lot of words and tons of moving and motions. We mostly worked this week on the motions and getting used to the songs and next week, I'll focus more on them actually singing the right words and maybe even hitting some of the right notes...luckily Andy and most of our leaders will have a mic so that there will be some melody carried here and there! I'm working on getting a spiffy wireless headset mic so that I can run around and do all the motions and singing and announcing and everything with both hands. Otherwise, the kids follow me on the motions and then only do things with one hand if I'm holding a mic. It's rather funny.

One of the songs we are lip synching to. It's a pop boy band type of song with a lot of groove and a ridiculous "white boy" rap. Very silly but loads of fun. I don't think they quite have the idea down yet of what it means to "pretend to sing." I may just tell them to sing out loud, but quietly. It's so funny to watch them just do the "watermelon" type of singing along!

I am definitely not afraid to make a fool of myself...I screw up more than they do most of the time...fortunately with 8 year old, they think I'm cool no matter what. Ha! Who knew!? Almost makes me want a kid...

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heather said...

It is a crazy group to work with - loads of fun! Some of them actually have rhythm - I love it!