Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Frog in the Tub

Remember this little guy? Well, now he has a new friend.

Every morning, I get up, shuffle to the bathroom, turn on the heater, turn on the water to the shower, pee, put in my contacts and then I shower. Yesterday, I follow my routine as usual. Except when I opened the curtain to turn on the water, I thought I saw something green. So I put my contacts in right away...looked again (I am really really blind without my contacts) and there she was. The other half to a little froggy family. Smacky now has a friend. I think I'll call her Lily.


Jean said...

i like her painted toenails. how adorable :)

anne said...

I know!! It's the best! :) Her t-shirt says "Don't eat the Daisies." I'll have to be sure to plant daisies next spring!