Monday, December 05, 2005

Worse than Cat Claws...

That's the ferocity of my Christmas tree branches this year. Seriously, I have worse scratches after decorating our tree this weekend than anything my cats have ever done. (Granted, they are declawed. But still.) We had to both wear thick snow gloves to put on the lights and ornaments.

We are planning on being first in line the day after Christmas to buy a pre-lit, really nice, we'll-keep-it-forever fake tree. I can't wait!

But we spent all day Saturday listening to Harry Connick sing carols and now the tree is up and decorated and my entire lighted house village is arranged (I haven't gotten all of my houses out in years and we finally have the room and perfect place for them) and my hubby even started buying and wrapping my presents. He doesn't want me to snoop and find them. What he doesn' t know is that I am amazing with scotch tape. Ha ha ha haaaaa!

Yes, I am a snooper. If he says, "Don't look in the backseat, one of your presents is there," I won't do it. However, if he says, "Somewhere in the house there may or may not be one of your presents hidden," then obviously that's a challenge. And I won't lie to him. "Did you snoop and find a present." "Yes. Yes I did." And I will pretend to be surprised when I open it, too.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find anything interesting this year. Either he's getting better at hiding, or I'm getting worse at seeking. And now it's too late. I hate waiting. At least I know all the things "Santa" is giving me. And I know they fit too.


andy said...

that or you found the gifts, but they were so lame you didn't even notice them. look, a pencil!

anne said...

that could very well be. i do need new pencils though.
you're always the most creative gifter! your presents always impress me!
i can't wait for our very own romantic christmas day this year! :)

shelly said...

have you tried looking for receipts? that's what I usually do when I can't locate the actual gifts...oh - and look inside suitcases. that's my fav. place to hide stuff.

anne said...

Genius! Thanks Shelly! Oh, and he told me that he keeps a running list of items he needs to get in his back pocket. I just have to remember to snoop in the pocket at the end of the day...heh, heh.