Friday, December 09, 2005

Adult Snow Day

Couldn't we start lobbying for work snow days? It just seems to me that kids shouldn't get to have all the fun all the time. Don't we teach them to share?

There is a school right across the street from my house. And there were no children scurrying in this morning to learn. But I had to shuffle out through the snow to my ice-laden car and plow my way through the snow covered streets.

I think I may start up a petition. The entire city must close down if the schools close down. Or at least we should be able to sleep in until noon.


Jean said...

I wish I could agree. My "snow day" would be having Sam in school :). Though I can't complain as I do get a "break" when they're both sleeping. And I had to break the sad news to Sam this morning that he didn't have school. He was crushed. So we played Go Fish to cheer him up.

heather said...

Ahh...what a beautiful idea! I've been a professional in a snow-paranoid state for three years, so this not watching-watching-the-weather-in-anticipation-of-a-snow-day and trudging through the snow for work is ridiculous! I don't even have any boots to wear; I never had to leave the house when it snowed.

Marcia said...

the crazy thing is... my work DOES have snow days!

When we had the snow storm on Wednesday, people were lining up in HR to tell them they had to let us out early - and we got 4 inches. Wimps.

And they did let us out at 4:30... but I had too much work to do, so I stayed until 6.

anne said...

We actually got to leave early on Friday, but not for snow...our main database needed work done on it and most of us can do little to no work without this system. Ah, darn.