Monday, November 21, 2005

101 Things About Anne by Andy

1. her name is Anne Ellen Ferris
2. she is kinda short, but I’m so tall that she might actually be average and I wouldn’t know it.
3. she is good at putting other people first.
4. she is a wait ‘till the last minute makeup applier…usually in the car or in the ladies room wherever we go
5. addendum to Anne’s #30…he doesn’t th ink he owns the world…but the nickname is from the moustache. The random right paw salute doesn’t help…
6. she is a better speller than I am
7. she is very organized. I’m not, so perhaps she really isn’t and it’s only in comparison to me. Either way, I’m impressed.
8. she is the messiest neat freak I know
9. she likes to read unless she has to
10. she likes cats.
11. she likes most cute furry creatures, but not as much as cats
12. she is obsessed with shoes. When we have kids we will have to sell enough shoes to make room for the crib
13. she doesn’t like it when I am paying attention to something other than her.
14. which sucks, because I have several hobbies…
15. she is great at speaking exactly what’s on her mind
16. she is awful about speaking what is exactly on her mind
17. she is very outgoing
18. she won’t talk to strangers
19. she likes fun socks and underwear. She will make them match, though no one ever sees (I hope) to make it matter
20. she will have piles of catalogues to look through and feed her (imaginary) materialism, yet will hide the one music gear magazine that I get lest I try and spend unessesary money
21. she has a bad habit of reading over my shoulder as I type
22. she is also terrible about reading books and magazines over my shoulder
23. I can’t stand reading stuff online if she is around since she will keep hitting the scroll button and I will loose my place
24. she is obsessed with cheesy online video games. If only she could be obsessed with the violent ones so I would have a reason to make her stop…
25. we spend lots of time working on budget and financial planning, then use the “if you spend money, I get to also” style of sticking to it
26. she has a very loud laugh
27. if coffee ceased to exist she would die
28. or at least be a very cranky person
29. she loves kids that she can play with and then give back to their parents when she is tired of kids
30. she loves starting projects for me to finish
31. she usually has too much to do
32. she also has too much free time
33. she is very committed to her friends and family
34. she has great taste in pretty much everything: clothes, decorations, music, books, art, etc
35. she know more about cars than I do
36. she can beat you up
37. she will give you a noogie or wedgie depending on how well she knows you
38. she laughs so hard that she has to sit down
39. she laughs so hard she starts crying
40. she cries at most sappy movies and books.
41. she cries when she sees dead animals by the road
42. she cries when I leave town
43. she cries when I come home
44. she is the happiest person I know
45. she listed all these places she swam in…she can’t swim…
46. though she can doggie paddle better than most dogs
47. she thinks dogs are cute, but doesn’t want one
48. that’s ok, since I have enough poop to clean up. The cats, not my wife…
49. I think she has a solid worldview. She knows what she believes but is always learning
50. I think she would get a haircut everyday if it grew fast enough
51. she is a good cook, but rarely has time to employ that skill
52. she is a hard worker for stuff she cares about
53. she is a decently hard worker for stuff she doesn’t care much about
54. she is annoyed by stupid leadership or management
55. good leadership and management motivates her to great ends
56. she is also good at motivating herself. She should be a manager.
57. she cares greatly for other people
58. she desires to follow Christ and is always seeking to know what that means
59. she has a ton of energy
60. she is energetic even when she is tired
61. she tells people that her energy is an act and she does it when she has to, but it’s the real deal. I know, I’ve tried to keep up with her.
62. she loves to garden. A recent development.
63. she is more of a boy than me sometimes in that she will pick up worms and frogs and those things give me the creeps
64. she prefers to listen to music the first time when I’m not there to provide a running commentary/critique.
65. she loves good art that inspires a discussion
66. she loves a good discussion
67. stupid people annoy her
68. which is funny, because she is right about never having road rage and Lord knows how many stupid people there are on the road.
69. she likes to make things pretty
70. it’s a crying shame she has to have a job, since she is so good at so many things she doesn’t have enough time for.
71. she makes the cutest pouty faces
72. she has to wear contacts or glasses
73. when she doesn’t wear contacts or glasses she has to get inches away from something to see it which is very funny to watch
74. she is always a fast driver, even if she’s not in a hurry
75. she is a slow walker
76. she says she’s a fast walker. Yeah, but compared to who? Not to me…hah!
77. she is a good snuggler
78. she is very theatric and steals a show
79. she is more of a rock star in attitude than I will ever be, multiple piercings, tatoos…
80. so’s your face
81. she is a good kisser
82. she is a flirt.
83. but mostly with me
84. she is a great cat petter. She always extracts a purr
85. she is not a big TV watcher, but is addicted to one or two shows each year.
86. she loves swedish fish candy
87. she punches people in the arm
88. sometimes she misses and hits your face
89. can’t say it enough: so’s your face
90. she would make a hot pirate
91. she is quite social and enjoys a large group
92. but also craves her time alone with a book
93. she is a good gift giver, always thinking of something for someone
94. she tries to live out her convictions
95. she is great at bargain shopping and talking people down in price
96. she is totally like a cat in that she will randomly climb into high places, ledges, trees, cliffs over waterfalls. She will also walk right in front of you
97. she likes to be cozy: hammocks, bathrobes, fires and hot chocolate, porches and beaches with ice cream, etc
98. she is more talented than she admits
99. she is really, really hot (even when not a pirate)
100. she is my best friend
101. she is definitly a gift from God


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This is definitely one the the nicest things I've ever read. Good for the two of you!

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