Monday, November 21, 2005

102 Things About Anne by Anne

1. I am a follower of Jesus Christ
2. My husband is a full-time musician. Lucky for us, he even gets paid. He is amazing at what he does. One of those artists that amaze everyone he meets. God gave him a few extra doses of talent.
3. We own three cats: one is black & white and sucks her thumb, one is an orange tabby that styles hair, and the third is a calico that has seven toes on each front paw.
4. I love the snow if I am indoors with hot cocoa and a good book
5. I love laying in the hot sun if I have a fan blowing on me
6. I love the smell of spring
7. My favorite book is Wicked (but that’s really hard to choose and often changes every year!)
8. I will read mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, Christian living, children’s books, adventure, classics, thrillers, non-fiction, reference, but I can’t bring myself to read Christian romance. Not that I care if anyone else does.
9. My mom is 54 years old, has Multiple Sclerosis and lives in a nursing home
10. I am afraid of what will get me in the dark when my eyes are closed.
11. I worry the most about what people really think of me.
12. I need to get rid of those clothes from high school that I am sure I will fit into again but are out of style now anyway, so I don’t know why I bother.
13. What gives me the greatest sense of satisfaction right now is leading elementary kids in worship and teaching them how much fun it is.
14. I need to be a better wife
15. My shoes are like bunnies. They keep multiplying.
16. Garage-saleing is one of my favorite adventures
17. I wish I exercised more
18. I hate exercising
19. I feel like I don’t deserve my husband.
20. Bryer’s Strawberry ice cream is not overrated. In fact, I can think of none better.
21. Coffee is a gift from God. It is possible for me to wake up without it, but may not be pleasant.
22. I am a Harry Potter Fan
23. I spent 3 months in Jerusalem, Israel studying Jewish history, archaeology, Biblical relevancy and Israeli film; I traveled to Petra, Galilee and Tel Burnah and I made amazing friends and memories. I have pictures if you want to see.
24. When I was a kid, I pretty much got whatever I wanted. But I never felt spoiled. I suppose that means I really was.
25. I believe in summer days, laying on a hammock and having a kitty purr on your chest.
26. I am an unabashed fan of everything my husband does. He is my rock star. Other people think he’s a rock star also, but he belongs singularly to me.
27. I say what is on my mind. Sometimes with regret, sometimes just for fun.
28. I took care of my mother all through when I was in high school. I hated people telling me what a good thing I was doing. She’s my mother. That’s just the right thing to do. Putting her in a nursing home was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. And yet it was easy and I was relieved.
29. My invisible friend’s name when I was little was Suzie. I was planning on naming my first child that. I probably won’t.
30. I have a cat whose nickname is “Hitler.” It’s because of the mustache not because of his worldview.
31. I have swum in the Sea of Galilee, the Red Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Dead Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie and Lake Chautauqua. I prefer fresh water to salt.
32. I am of the opinion that Happiness is just another word for Chocolate.
33. I like being short. Except when I’m with tall people. Then I feel small.
34. I wish I could dance.
35. I haven’t acted in a play or musical in years. But I have been Corrie tenBoom, Jo March, Mustardseed, and a host of other small parts. My ideal role would be a leading Jane Austin character. I love all forms of theatre.
36. I met my husband as a member of the musical “HMS Pinafore.” He had to catch me as I fainted when one of the characters ‘swore’ onstage.
37. I can’t draw to save my life. Stick figures are another matter entirely.
38. I change favorite colors with the seasons. Right now it’s green. I am obsessed with green. Maybe because there isn’t any on the trees right now.
39. I love my friends. I know so many cool people that I am amazed every time I see each of them. I don’t think I’m popular (my husband has that covered) but I feel blessed to know so many awesome folks!
40. I want to be a loyal, dependable friend. I want to be trustworthy and honest and forthright. I want to be someone people go to for advice, counsel and a shoulder to cry on. I don’t think I am any of these things yet.
41. I can watch a lot of Law & Order, X-files, Lost, and Felicity.
42. I believe that God created the purr of the kitty to show us what peace really is.
43. I love playing in the dirt. Growing fruit, vegetables, flowers and weeds. I love seeing something I planted months ago produce something beautiful. It almost makes Spring worth the wait. Except then I have to suffer through Winter. Bah.
44. When I was in high school I had a much closer relationship with Christ. Now, I am much more mature but not in as regular of communication.
45. I love learning. I would go to college again if there weren’t homework involved. Random classes too. Languages, cooking, history, art.
46. I hate the time it takes to learn something. I want to know it all right now.
47. I have developed a green thumb in the last two years. Used to be I couldn’t keep a spider plant or simple ivy alive and now I have plants coming out from every corner of my house. Maybe that’s why I like green right now. Huh.
48. I love climbing trees. I don’t care if I ruin clothes, scrape my knees or freak out my husband who is afraid of heights. I will probably be terrified when my kids are just like me.
49. I am the loudest laugher in the room. Sometimes I even fall down laughing so hard; people have stopped to ask if I’m ok. My husband’s favorite trick is making everyone in the restaurant turn around and look at me.
50. I hate cleaning. Dishes I don’t mind. Laundry I can fold while watching TV. But sweeping, dusting, vacuuming…ugh. Just the thought of it all makes me tired.
51. I think my nose is too big. I wish it was cute and pert but it is not. It is large and in charge. I have never embraced this fact. I feel sorry for my future children.
52. I have a tattoo of a teddy bear on my back. His name is Samuel. Why did I get a teddy bear? Beats me. Spur of the moment. I would get another tattoo if I think my husband wouldn’t kill me.
53. I used to love to play in the woods as a kid. I’d catch crawfish and tadpoles in the creek, build dams, create houses out of fallen trees, ride my bike headlong down steep hills, and hike for hours and hours. I was by myself, but never alone or bored.
54. I am afraid I won’t be a good parent because I won’t know how. My mother was sick for most of my teenage years and I don’t feel like I got a chance to learn how to do it right. Maybe that’s why I’m putting it off as long as possible.
55. I am sad when so many Christians give us a bad name. Christ showed love to everyone, why don’t we? I am a believer in His love and life and the restoration of His church.
56. I love to bake and to cook. Sadly, I don’t do it often enough. My crock-pot cries out from the cupboard from lack of use.
57. I wish I could play an instrument better. I have played violin, piano and percussion. But I’m not really great at any of them. I have taken guitar and bass lessons from my husband. But I never practice. I am very impatient with myself.
58. I don’t have to agree with you to get along; I love theological and philosophical discussions that stretch my thinking and my ideologies. I have been put in my place more than once and I’m not afraid to sit there.
59. I used to think bunnies could be pink or purple.
60. I have been married to my husband four times. It’s a great story.
61. Kittens implore me to adopt them. Especially when they have seven toes on their front paws.
62. I will eat almost anything. Except bugs or brussels sprouts or beans (apparently I don’t like things that begin with B…but I like bacon and broccoli and bananas…)
63. I am the financial manager of our household. Not that my husband can’t do it, but we find that I do it better. He’s the artist; I’m the organizer.
64. I am a part of two small groups. One is a women’s group. They are supportive and very challenging, which I love and need. The other is a couple’s group that myself and my husband lead. They are the coolest bunch of people who love learning about God and life together.
65. I don’t shop at Wal-Mart. They once tried to send me to jail over a $50 check. It’s a great story.
66. My recurring nightmare is that all of my teeth are falling out. Every time I have this dream, I am sure that it’s for real.
67. I always read over my husband’s shoulder and then take away whatever he is reading. He hates it.
68. I love budgeting.
69. I dislike sticking to a budget.
70. I make amazing home made salsa from fresh veggies out of my garden. At least it’s amazing to me.
71. I work full-time at a bank in their Commercial Loan Department. Not my ideal job, but strangely fulfilling. The management is great which also makes it worthwhile to me.
72. I work part-time at a church as the kids’ music coordinator. On Sunday’s I get to lead hundreds of elementary students in worship. I love it. My ideal job if it were full-time.
73. I love being served by my husband. He’s the best French toast maker, back rubber, coffee bringer, litter-box changer, chauffeur, tuck-er-in-er a girl could ever hope for or desire. And I don’t deserve him. I can only hope to learn servant-hood from him.
74. I have to do my hair differently every day. Whether it’s parting it on the other side, straightening it, curling it, scrunching it, putting it up—it has to be different.
75. I love to be home alone with my kitties
76. I love to be at a party with all my friends
77. I prefer the party to be at their house
78. I love entertaining at our house
79. I love remodeling. I love taking something and making it better. But I can never do it on my own. My hubby is remarkable in so many ways. He’s been a painter, an electrician, a plumber, a builder and a tiler. So really, I guess he loves remodeling. Though I doubt he would never tell anyone that.
80. I love my fries dipped in my Frosty.
81. I enjoy a good cry. But I usually try to hold it in when other people are around. Must…appear…tough…
82. I am a pretty patient driver. I don’t get mad by other dumb drivers and I don’t believe I have ever had road rage. Though I am the one passing you on the right. Or the left. Or on the shoulder if I have to. But you’ll hardly see me go by. I’m quick. The tickets I have had over the years will attest to my speediness. There are some states and countries I can no longer drive in.
83. My favorite smell is freshly cut grass. Or patchouli incense. Or fresh brownies. Or Andy’s cologne. Or a newly blossomed rose. Or baking bread. Or the smoke from a candle that has just been blown out.
84. My least favorite smell is cat pee. Hands down. Ugh. And with my big ol’ shnoz, I can scope it out from a mile away. This scent is also one of my biggest pet peeves.
85. Ignorance makes me angry. As does apathy. Especially in myself.
86. I used to think I was pretty decent at selecting home d├ęcor. But since one of my best friends is an interior designer, I have lost most of my confidence in that matter. I will now run to her with every question.
87. I like wine and foo-foo alcoholic beverages. I don’t like beer except Corona and I don’t like straight liquor.
88. I used to think I slept with my eyes open. Hey, they're open when I go to bed and open when I get up. It makes sense.
89. My favorite fruit is a pomegranate. It is an adventure in eating and a challenge to conquer. Plus they are very tasty and remind me of my time in Jerusalem.
90. I like to wear makeup. I am pretty confident in my looks, but always like to at least have some lip-gloss on if nothing else is available.
91. I have become very addicted to corny online computer games. Feeding fish, escaping from a locked room, short little adventures. I love it. There are few other things I will stay up past midnight for.
92. I will stay up all night to finish a book I am really into.
93. I love sleeping. Andy says that we won’t get to sleep when we’re in heaven, so we’re doing as much as we can now.
94. I love chick flicks, action movies, sci-fi, thrillers, and classics. I really love movies. I try to stay away from horror. They give me nightmares. That freaky girl from “The Ring” tends to keep me up at night.
95. I had two wedding dresses for two different wedding ceremonies. My mother’s, which we altered, and another that I purchased. Both very different, but I loved them both.
96. Get Fuzzy is my favorite comic. Always funny.
97. Comics are the only part of the newspaper that I read.
98. I don’t really have a favorite flower. I love roses’ scent, daisies’ cheerfulness, mums’ heartiness and how delicate orchids are. I grow as many as I can. Haven’t grown an orchid yet. I have one, but no flowers yet.
99. I speak in my own funny little girly voice when I am on the phone with my husband. I didn’t think of this myself, but my coworkers brought it up…apparently they notice.
100. My CD collection is alphabetized. My DVD collection is ordered by genre (chick flick, action, comedy, etc.) and then actor. My library is organized topically (mystery, christian living, reference, chick lit, history, biography, classics, etc.) and then by author. I like to be able to find things.
101. I like being challenged by work or conversation. I get bored easily.
102. This list was really hard for me. Andy did his on me in an hour and it has taken me three days. Apparently I am not very good at introspection. Who knew.


Jean said...

Anne, you are an amazing woman. For the way God made you. For the awesome friend that you are. For the devoted wife to Andy. For being exactly you. And those are just some reasons why I love you dearly!!! :)

BeckyD said...

I recognized so many of those things you posted! :) I'm glad you sent me this site. It's been so long since I've seen you and almost as long since we talked (at least in person anyway). I'm glad you're doing so good!

anne said...

Becky--I have loved being able to keep up with you and your new baby through your pictures and emails...I'm glad I finally have a way to talk back!

Green said...

My list took me MONTHS. That's M-O-N-T-H-S.

I would really like to read the story of how you got married four times please. Oh, and I would also love to see your pics from Israel. I've never been, but ... I'm jewish so I'm interested?

Brooke said...

This and the one Andy wrote are so great! Yours is so honest and ever so slightly vulnerable. Thanks for sharing.

jessitay_99 said...

Oh Anne...Some things don't change! You are too funny. Congratulations on posting on your blog so often. I have had writer's block since April or May. It was good to find you.:)