Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It's a Grey Day

Ok, so who else stayed up until 11 last night to see the season finale of Grey's? Did you think it was a good conclusion? I am pretty angry with Derek & Meredith. And so sad for Izzy. Yes, I admit I think about them like real people. I think pretty much everyone acted like an idiot at some point in the episode.

Uh-oh. I just discovered the podcasts...and I am able to listen to them at work. At least my day will go by faster. I get to hang out with them all day. And I'm also currently working on changing my phone's ring tone. To the theme song.

I might be addicted.


kerri anne said...

I did stay up to watch! And I did bawl for fifteen minutes like a huge baby. And when I called Chris crying I was definitely aware that I, too, think of them as real people. And when Denny died, I was upset. And I threw my shoe. And then when I saw Izzy in her dress, on that bed, I totally lost it. Because I'm a wimp. But yeah, Derek and Meredith can just go be lame, because I'm starting not to care about them. But if Izzy is really off the show, I'm going to be seriously sad.
(Ok, end rant. :) Happy Tuesday!)

anne said...

See, I heard that she wasn't going to be off the show but she was quitting the program. Besides, now Alex has a better chance with her since she doesn't work at the hospital and she'll probably still live at Meredith's.

So mad at Mer/Der. Lame is totally right.

Happy Tuesday right back at 'cha!

heather said...

Yeah! so glad to see someone blogging about thsi - i've been dyinig to talk about it all day. hubby and i both stayed up til 11 totally hooked - it was his first episode so i filled him in during the commercials.

i'm so tired of derek and meredith - do the writers/producers really want us sympathyzing with these lamos who can't keep their hands off eachother. and yes, the ending was horrible because by the end i was ceasing to care about der/mer - i cared way more about izzy and sandra oh (whoever...kristen? right?). anywho...

i did like the monologues of each of the interns to the head of the hospital - that was a really cool way to literally say everything that each character is learning/struggling with and wrap it all up at the end of the season - super creative!

Bookworm Kiki said...

I was fairly irritated by the whole show last night. Especially with Izzy. What a dumb, dumb, d-u-m-b girl. I kept waiting for George to clue in to what she was about to do and to jump in there and stop her. I don't care if she threatened to throw him across the room -- if George had manhandled her the way he did with Callie later in the episode, I might not have lost whatever patience I had left for Izzy when she did what she did. I could care less if she's around for next season.

I feel bad for Addison. We've seen this whole thing with Meredith and Derek coming for a long time. Man, Derek is dispicable. And Meredith is such a weak girl. I hope next season they give her more of a spine. She just mopes and whines all the time.

And... poor Doc. That's the only point I felt like crying in the whole episode, when they put him to sleep.

beth said...

Yes, I stayed up to watch too. I ended up going to a co-worker's house...no TV sucks sometimes.

I was mad at Izzy that she could be so careless with Denny's life. Yeah, she thought she knew what she was doing and everything ended up being all right, but it almost didn't. She didn't have the whole picture and was making decisions based on her limited view (hmmm...perhaps a lesson is in there somewhere? :) (I was also ready to mute the TV when she was doing her crazy hysterics. I don't tolerate crazy hysterics well.)

I am mad at Mer/Der as well. Self control, hello! I do not sympathize with them.

I was frustrated with Kristin for awhile...I can't say I would never freeze like that, but there are times when one has to move past themself and really fight for someone else.

And I agree, Heather--I liked the molologues as well. It was good self-actualization for all of them, and a good wrap up. And I gained a new perspective about Kristin after that too.

And I agree that when Doc was put down, that was the only part I was tearing up.

anne said...

Good comments you guys!! :)

I totally agree that Mer needs to grow a spine. And Derek could have very easily stopped looking at her. Just look away dummy. Look. Away. She was doing so good with that table between them and could have just ran away from him. Where did her resolve go!? And Addison is so beautiful and strong and an amazing woman. Derek just is horny and lusty. Mer isn't half the lady Addison is. In spite of her going off at him in front of everyone. Which was pretty funny, by the way! :)

It's funny that you guys say you liked the monologues. Not to say that I didn't...but in the middle of them, I leaned over to Andy and said, "They're totally ripping off Scrubs!" Which they were, but it was obviously less comical. And I do think it was an obvious rip-off, shout-out to Scrubs. But that's me. So I liked the monologues for that reason as well as the excellent dialogue.

Could they have better scripts? I don't think so. Yeah, Izzy drove me nuts too, but that is such great writing. That's real, people. Real.

I can hardly wait for this season to come out on DVD for me to Netflix it. I missed so many episodes! Ok, all the episodes before the Super Bowl.

Oh, and you are all invited over this coming Sunday for the final episode of Desperate Housewives.

Hillary said...

boohoo! I feel so out of the loop. I watched a few eopisodes (like the one where she had her hand on a bomb INSIDE someone's body. Holy cow! I was holding my breath through that whole episode, and I'm not usually one to get that sucked into TV. The commercials would come on and my whole body would relax). But I haven't seen it since that episdoe.

There are about 3 otehr teachers at my school who watch it religiously. It tooke me a while of overhearing their conversations to realize that they weren't actually talking about real people, so you're not alone on that one!

They were all talking about the finale today and I so wanted to know what they were talking about!

Glad you enjoyed! oh, and uh... sorry bout the massively rambling comment! ;)

Jean said...

I read that next season it's being moved to Thursday nights. That's really all I can add comment wise since all I've seen is the 10 minutes of one episode.

anne said...

I heard that also. Kind of sad as I like our Sunday evening ritual.

Krisco said...

I think you are addicted. : )

Good luck on your last days/hours at work!!!

anne said...

You know it. :)