Thursday, December 27, 2007

At the Zoo...

Yesterday was the perfect day to go to the zoo! The sun was shining, the weather wasn't too cold and all of the animals were out and about. Plus, did I mention that the zoo is free in December?

Note that it may not be free next month.

We trudged through the snow in the park over to the zoo and I was surprised to see that there were actually a bunch of people there. Plus, the snack and gift shops were open.

Our zoo is quite small. I think we were really only there for about an hour max and that's with taking time to wander through the indoor exhibits as well. Granted, there were a bunch of outdoor animals that were somewhere inside. Prairie dogs don't really like the snow.

But all of the big cats and the bears were outside. And isn't that really who you go to the zoo to see anyway? We decided that it must have been almost lunchtime because they were all pacing anxiously. The mountain lions were growling and one of the bears was banging on the door to their enclosure.

There is, however, a lot of construction going on at our zoo. This summer they are opening a huge lion exhibit which looks to be pretty sweet. This lion they just purchased from San Diego and he's only two years old. Still looked pretty huge and menacing to me for being so young. Frankly, they all looked like they wanted to eat me.

Next year we are probably going to get a zoo membership. Since it is so close, it will be perfect for getting out of the house with the baby and getting some exercise and sunshine at the park.


Hillary said...

ok, so I have to tell you how excited I am every time I see something in bloglines from you. I'm all "AH! Has the baby come???"

Now that being said, your zoo pictures are pretty sweet! Hooray for living so close to such a cool attraction! :)

anne said...

No baby just me, we'll be sure to post from the hospital! :)

I do love our Zoo!