Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Merry Rest

It's bright and sunny in a usually gloomy Michigan. The temperature is over 40 and today we're going to the zoo. Admission is free in the winter and we can walk to the front gate in about 5 minutes.

Christmas yesterday was peaceful. This year we decided not to do many presents for each other due to the expense of the kitchen reno and the upcoming (10 days!!!) baby.

We slept in, then made cinnamon rolls and opened small gifts over breakfast and coffee with my brother. Just the three of us. One last quiet family Christmas. Next year will surely be different!

As per tradition, we watched Elf and then made bread for gifts for the neighbors and Christmas cookies for us.

Dinner was steaks. I marinated them for two days and they couldn't have been more tender and tasty. Brother made macaroni salad and I made a cheesy potato dish. We all ate way too much and then sat around some more and watched a few new movies.

The best part? We have three more days off of work. We'll both do chores and various tasks, but there is very little agenda. A little bit of quiet before our baby storm.

Tomorrow we're getting the car cleaned out, installing & getting the carseat checked and then going out for dinner & a movie. I want to be sure we get in as much date-time as possible while we still can.

Pictures of the kitchen and my belly and other various things will be forthcoming.

In the meanwhile, what was your favorite gift this year? Mine was a fabulous acoustic recording of the Christmas song Andy wrote for me. It made me cry...


Jean said...

happy merry rest to you! yay for 3 days off still and happy zoo walking. :)

hmmm...favorite gift...all were great. I didn't expect anything and was humbly blessed with a new purse, muffin tin from the kids (they pooled their money), sour patch kids, and an ice cream maker. Can't wait to break it out of the box!

Jean said...

OH! and my advent calendar that I love!

heather said...

glad you and andy are getting some good one-on-one time together. enjoy the rest of the time off!!