Saturday, March 01, 2008

Florida, oh warm sunnyness, how I love thee!

We went to the beach. Breakfast at the beach side cafe, (Ok, let's be honest, it was brunch. Who gets up early on vacation? If you do, please don't tell me.)

Could she be any more of a teeny tiny rock star!?

We sat by the pool.

True, this picture doesn't have a pool in it, but this is the "getting ready for the pool" picture, so it works.

Baby met Great Gramma. We discovered that GG was great at burping the baby!

It was a perfect three days. We also went to the orange farm (and of course brought some home!) and just generally relaxed. I totally could have stayed for a month.

Alas, we had to return home. Back to the snow and the ice and going to work. Let's just move to Hawaii.


Jean said...

Looks like you had an amazing trip and she was decked out perfectly! What a great little pick me up in the nice toasty sun.

Anonymous said...

We are trying to plan a getaway to Florida right now. That is the best age to travel with babies cause they just sit there peacefully. We took Lily to Costa Rica when she was 4 months and people thought we were crazy, but she was incredibly easy. Still nursing so I didn't have to pack any food or bottles. Sleeping a lot during the day. We just laid around all day in the sun. Great trip!!

heather said...

so glad you got some good sunshine! we're headed that way this week...soooo need some warmth!

Enroute Blogger said...

Too freaking cute!

Stacey said...

Amazing pictures - she absolutely rocked those sunglasses! So cute!

I'm heading to Florida tomorrow ... In dire need of some warm weather!

Hillary said...


And those sunglasses? Pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen! She's a beach bum already! :)

cindy said...

so glad you had a great time. i love the coloring of the last photo!

Jean said...

Those were my exact thoughts too Hillary! I would love the chance to get some warm vitamin D! :)

Kassi said...

You don't want to live in Hawaii, especially now that you have a little one. The school system is terrible and many of the locals aren't friendly to white people. You are much better off in the land of snow and ice. :)

Okay...Hawaii is beautiful. I just had to throw in some down sides so you don't feel so bad.