Thursday, February 21, 2008

This & That

Things you can do with a baby strapped to your chest:

Pay bills
Balance checkbook (Has it really been since February first?! Whoops.)
Write thank yous
Send the last few birth announcements
Recycle mail
Print tax documents
Reserve a rental car for Florida (Woo Hoo!)
File and organize important info
Eat breakfast and lunch
Sort your pre-pregnancy clothes that fit from your pre-pregnancy clothes that don't
Sort your maternity clothes that you still want to wear from your maternity clothes that are huge
Laundry--Wash and/or fold
Send emails
Pick up around the house
Listen to music
Drink lots of water
Make a list of what to take to on vacation
Go to the bathroom

Things you cannot do with a baby strapped to your chest:

Make a bowl of cereal. Apparently, you will pour in orange juice instead of milk.
Wash a load of white clothes. Apparently, you will forget to put in the clothes and need to run the wash cycle again.
Feed the cat. The baby would probably fall out as I'd have to bend over so far. No need for that.
Paint my toenails. Needs to get done though, we're going to Florida!


Jen said...

You have got to be the prettiest new mom ever! I can't believe how fabulous you look in your pics with Randall. I need one of those baby harnesses for my little dog, Cody. He always wants to be held, but then I can't get anything done. He's only eight pounds so he would fit just fine in one of those things.

Kristi said...

That is so funny! I remember trying to do things and feeling like "Oh, can't lean that far forward". It does make vacuuming easy! There were a few times that I had one of the kids in the bjorn as I ate and it never seemed to fail that I would spill on the top of their head. Enjoy your trip!

Jean said...

good thing your to do list outweighs your not able to do list. :) I'm sure Cammie will find someone to feed her. :)

Kris said...

Leah is too grabby now to do some of those things...pouring is especially difficult when she is trying to grab the cup, or the pitcher, or the stream of liquid...crinkling paper is another of her favorites. :)

Jessica said...

I have found it impossible to brush my teeth when she is in the bjorn. I don't want to risk getting my spit on her and not in the sink.