Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday. A Day for Doing Stuff.

For the last few years, we have been attempting Sabbath. After some time of each of us working more than one job, we were still sure to take one day of the week to rest. We will read, watch movies & snuggle on the couch, or hang out with friends. Sometimes work was involved in our Sabbath, but only if it refreshed us. Like if I wanted to plant flowers or Andy wanted to finish his video game. (Somehow it fits.)

With a baby this isn't quite the same. I can't put her aside to do whatever I want to do for longer than an hour or so. How do I redefine my Sabbath now? Hubby can (and should) still take a day not to work but does my Sabbath now mean I don't do laundry or the dishes one day? Do I take a day away from my computer and emails? Does it mean giving myself permission to take four naps along with the baby? She still needs feeding and changing and soothing, etc.

I never really thought about it until just now.

On Saturday nights, hubby doesn't wake up for any feeding help as he has to get up so early to leave for work on Sunday morning. So baby and I snuggle in late on Sunday morning.

I got laundry, dishes, organizing, tidying and the taxes done today. Praise the Lord for tax returns. Seriously. We'll get some chunks of debt paid off this year. It's not all gone (heavens, I don't think it ever will be with the house and school loans) but it is much more manageable and eases my mind to know it's lower.

Baby discovered the fun of sticking out her tongue and blowing bubbles. I'm not sure she knows it is fun yet, but all the same, it was discovered.

Also, she has now worn her first cloth diaper. I don't have good covers for them yet, so she's not wearing them regularly. However, I have ordered the fabric and snaps needed to make covers as well as more diapers. I'm pretty excited about it. She has enough regular diapers for probably another month, but I'd love to have enough cloth made by then to not have to buy more.

Plus, darn it, isn't she cute!? Her little diaper matches her socks! And me? In my new work uniform of jammie pants and a sweatshirt. Way to be a hot mama. Hey, I put on real clothes and make-up at least once a week. That's good, right?!


Jean said...

You really can't beat matching your socks to your underwear. :) Very cute!

Kids do add a different element to life when trying to take a Sabbath. We've found that having a day of rest is not being busy. Not doing doing doing, but enjoying each other and slowing down for a day to rest our minds and our bodies.

Kris said...

We are still loving our cloth diapers :) Have you found a good pattern for making them? I found a couple, but haven't tried any yet. I'm sure you will post on how it goes! :)