Sunday, February 17, 2008

Walk the Walk: A Post of Randomness

Busy busy dad was in town, plus we went to church two days in a row for the first times since I had the baby. This morning I even got myself and the baby ready, picked up hot chai and made it to church all by myself! In the midst of an unbelievable amount of rain, snow and slush. On time, no less!

I had to lay out our clothes, pack the diaper bag and have everything ready to go last night, but we got the job done!! And golly, she was cute. Is there anything cuter than leopard print on a baby? I think not.

There is nothing better to me than a Monday and tomorrow will be no exception. A quiet day in to rest and recoup from a chaotic weekend.

Tuesday will be a pretty full work day. Also claiming the official 6 week mark with corresponding doctor's appointment. Yikes. How could it really have gone so fast? I'm sure I'm the only one in the house who thinks it went fast, but I'm pretty sure it did.

A week from today we will be in Sunny, Warm Florida. It's to be a short trip, but we'll hopefully get tons of sun regardless! We borrowed a pile of warm weather baby clothes including the tiniest bikini and flip flops. Only one more week forging through the snow and ice.

When we got home from church today we helped our neighbors get their car out of their driveway. We've had so much snow lately that coupled with the excessive rain this morning, the entire street and most driveways became sheer ice, slush and were extremely difficult to maneuver. Andy walked down to help push the car out and quickly called me to come help. I first wondered if I would really be of any use but then found that my assistance was needed in the actual driving.

I'm pretty good in winter weather. Plus, they had a manual transmission with which I am adept. I made quick work of getting that car out and in the process managed to spray everyone with freezing snow. But the car was out. No one gave me a caveat of staying dry.

One last picture that just cracks me up. We swaddle her every night before we put her to bed and she usually prefers it. However, lately we have discovered that she keeps trying to break out of her wrapping. Maybe she is tired of the straight jacket?


Jean said...

How cute, how cute!
Gotta keep an eye on her! If she's breaking out of her straight jacket, who knows what she'll devise next! ;) Though I think her cuteness will override anything she does.

Lisa D said...

Hi Anne

I have been reading your blog since the babe (so cute!!!) was born. We used the same swaddle wrap with Jett. He would somehow bust one arm out the top and we called him "toga boy".

Cheeky said...

We used to roll blankets to put on each side, top and bottom of Liam as well. That crib is SO HUGE when they are so little, I think it helped to zone the area and make it feel a little smaller without him having to be all mummied up.

Dawn said...

Randall's grandpapa John must have been in love with her...
Enjoy Florida!
Happy for you to get some rays and warmth...

Becky D. said...

So looks like Alayna. She has a pink one and is strong enough to get both arms and sometimes her legs out. But she too usually prefers being put to sleep this way!
I'm definitely enjoying being back in the warm weather...goodbye 20 degrees, hello almost 70!! I'm sure at some point we'll all miss the snow...or at least my family will! :)

anne said...

I don't know Becky, you got enough snow that you shouldn't have to miss it until next year!

Lisa, I love "toga boy!" He's getting so big now too, isn't he!?

Do you have pictures of Liam all blocked in, Jenna? Because that sounds hilarious! And you're right, they look so very tiny when they're in the huge crib...

Mrs. E, he did. It was still rather weird all in all, but he did.

Of course it will Jean! Her cuteness will turn us into mush every time...Sigh.

Hillary said...

What?! I totally thought I commented here already!

I know I say this every time, but OH! The CUTENESS! She's getting more and more adorable every day! So much like her momma! :)

Have an awesome time in Florida! I'm jealous! Get lots of sun! :) Look forward to the pictures when you get back!