Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's Tuesday, but it Feels Like Sunday

Baby is sleeping, (look, see? there she is!) so I'm scrambling to get a blog post in, do the dishes, put away her clean laundry, start another load of poopy laundry (how can such a small person poo so much!?) and do a bunch of work for work.

I have prep for next month to work on, planning for next year to think and write through and reading for a meeting tomorrow. Tomorrow is my first real day of being in the office. Fortunately, it should only be for a few hours. I've had a few Saturday nights of work, but since it's performance-based, and only for about 15 minutes or so, it doesn't feel a whole lot like work.

I'm really looking forward to my few days of working here and there, but also a little anxious. Baby gets her first real babysitting experience tomorrow!

Uh-oh. Sounds like she's stirring. Poor thing has her first cold. Stuffy and snorty and a little bit of coughing. Just makes me feel so bad for her. Here's to another first. But a yucky one.


Cheeky said...

Anne--I'll be thinking of you on your first day back to work. I remember after Liam was born calling my doctor and begging her write me a note letting me stay home for 2 more weeks...and she did!

I'm sending in dinner and them some with Dan tomorrow--something you can take home and heat up and eat so you don't have to worry about dinner.

Hillary said...

Hehehe, so I can't help but wonder how Andy feels about all the pink! (Who cares, it's adorable!)

Good luck with going back to work! I wish I could baby sit for you!

anne said...

Jenna, I can't wait to see what fabulous dinner you cooked up for us! And it's a really good thing that I love my job or I probably wouldn't go back to it. We sure need the money and all, but Dan's lucky I like what I do! :)

Hills, Andy LOVES the pink! He's in touch with his masculinity and proud of his own pink shirts!

I wish you could sit for us too! You're so amazing with kids...

Kris said...

first cold and first babysitter all at once...those were tough firsts even on their own :(
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I hate it when they get little newborn colds. It just breaks your heart. One tip you may not know. Take a few book and stick it under the top of her crib or bassinet matress to elevate it a bit. It helps them breathe a little better.

kerrianne.org said...

That little pink nap-time chair looks so amazingly comfortable. Why don't they make those in adult-sizes?

(She is precious. Here's to hoping she's feeling better before she even has a chance to be sick.)

anne said...

Thanks Jill...I did use that tip. I might raise it even more tomorrow. She's got a humidifier in there as well and she's still got a sad little cough. I heard about some baby Vicks so I'm going to see if I can find that and pick some up tomorrow for her. :( Poor little munchkin.

Kerrianne, it looks like the coziest little bed! They seriously need to make those for grownups. It's basically like a papazan (remember those!?) but covered in soft fabric and with vibrations and music...love it.