Sunday, March 23, 2008

Getting Ready

I've been pretty good about getting places on time lately. On a usual Sunday morning, we have to be in to work at church by 8 at the latest. Andy enjoyed his few weeks of going in by himself during my maternity leave because that meant he only had to get up 20 minutes before he left and didn't have to wait for anyone.

BB (before baby) we usually could be ready to go in half an hour. And somehow I thought that adding 15 minutes to our routine would be enough. We only left 15 minutes late today. Which really isn't too bad, but I hate feeling rushed so early on a Sunday. Especially Easter Sunday.

Next week I'll try to add a half hour. I do hate to have to wake the baby up though. She's sleeping so happily and sweetly.

Most of the time I'll take her to church in her jammies and then change her into "real" clothes after we get there. But she was so awake this morning that I figured I'd just get it done. Amazingly, she did not barf all over herself.

I'm at the church right now and it's time to take her to the nursery. It's amazing to listen to all the bands around the building rehearsing. Five different versions of the same songs, sometimes all going at the same time. I'm excited to lead the kids this morning. There were so many people even last night that there was such a great energy in the room and there will only be more today.
May you have an Easter filled with chocolate bunnies, singing, family, beauty, thankfulness and love for your Savior. I think He finds joy in all of those things.


sarah cool said...

Amen! Happy Easter, Anne & family!

Kris said...

yes! getting ready is a bit more complicated...hah.
Happy Easter!