Friday, March 28, 2008

I Could Not Be Happier

Do you know what this means!? Can you imagine how it makes me feel!?

This has been a five month project. We usually try to get our home projects done pretty quickly and efficiently, but this was ridiculous. So for it all to get put in this weekend is amazing. Finally.

We have friends in town from New York this weekend and he so very graciously brought his tools and extensive skills to help us out. He even gave up March Madness time to devote to this job!

Andy was super excited to learn a new skill. We've always had someone else install tile but I think if he had to, he could do it next time so long as he got the saw.

I didn't do much of the work...just picking out the tile and sticking up this last tiny piece. Even without the grout, it looks so beautiful. It's like we have a whole new kitchen.


Dawn said...

Nothing like finishing a project...especially one that involves the hub of the house.
Enjoy the time with P&S...and enjoy your new kitchen!!!

P giving up March Madness???????? Un-beave-cleave-able!

Jean said...

yaaaaaayyyy!!!!!!! it looks amazing!!!

anne said...

Mrs. E, I love the Joe reference...Oh Cleavage Joe.

Thanks Jean!! It really does, I can't wait till you can come see it!

Jen said...

That really looks nice. I hope you will post more photos once it is all grouted an everything is back in place- I want to see the finished product.

Stacey said...

Looks fantastic!

Scrapnqueen said...

Beautiful! I love finishing projects. Especially kitchen projects. Unfinished kitchen projects are just way more than annoying.

I hope you are having a good week so far, Miss Anne. Thinking of ya.

Carbon said...

I love me a reno! ESPECIALLY kitchen renos! woot.

anne said...

Carbon, your kitchen reno was amazing!! I don't think mine compares at all! :)

I need a few more odds & ends and then I'll have "finished" pictures.